26 June 2018

Data Mining, New Business Tools

A Regional Sales Manager of a FMCG company was worried as their competitor was steadily gaining market share across a range of profitable segments. Despite counter Marketing efforts combined with online promotion and merchandising range sales kept declining.

When the RSM conveyed to his select few group of senior leaders to find the cause or factors i.e. Marketing Intelligence ,  dig into competitors practices, they found the challenge ran deeper than they imagined.

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Summary as follows:
1.   The competitor had made massive investments in it’s ability to collect , integrate and analyse data from each store.
2.   These data was used to run myriad real world experiments.
3.   It had also linked this information to supplier’s database.
4.   This helped them to adjust prices in real time to reorder hot selling items automatically.
5.   This analysis also helped to move slow movers from one  store to another .
6.   Continuous testing , bundling, synthesizing and making information available across the organization was carried out from store floor to CFO’s office.
7.   This made the competitor’s company far nimbler and fast decision  maker , helping it to gain over it’s competitors.

What is Data Mining :

Data Mining refers to the processes and techniques of extracting data patterns to transform into meaningful structure for taking rational business decisions.
It  is cumulation of :

    1. 1.   Machine Learning
    2. 2.   Statistics
    3. 3.   Database Systems.

    Data Mining Objective :  Data mining extracts and forms patterns of knowledge from large data so as to assist business decision.

    Data Mining consists of :

    • 1.   Information collection
    • 2.   Information processing
    • 3.   Artificial Intelligence
    • 4.   Machine Learning
    • 5.   Business Intelligence

    Data Mining is the analysis of “Knowledge Discovery in Database” or KDD.
    Benefits of Data Mining :

    1.   Incremental Revenues : Analyse  the type of products customers have purchased and capitalise on that insight to personalize expense, increase customer loyalty and boost customer lifetime value.

    2.   Improve Brand value : Get feedback on successes and failures of marketing efforts through data mining and take corrective actions.

    3.   Increased Reach : Make the companies outreach the relevant customers with timely and relevant data mining.

    4.   Explore new Markets : use other database to identify potential customers and conduct relevant out reach.

    5.   Trend Analysis : Compare current data to past information to find trends so as take rational business decision.


    RETAIL: 1. Retailers use much of data mining information to make decision on Price, promotions and timings:

    2.   After Data mining they also learn what products sell fast, and might need design / attribute changes.
    3.   Mined data on customer behaviour helps marketing teams appealed promotions to targeted customer groups.

    Ecommerce :


               Ecommerce companies make use of
      information gathered from online purchases and social media habits.
    2        .      Companies tap in to data mining to gain   deeper insights into their                customers.
    3.   Using this technology companies like  Amazon and eBay recommends products
     further and additional sale.

    4.   Policing and Security Agencies :

    1.   Police departments these days use data mining tools to decide where to focus resources.
    2.   The data patterns surges in specific crimes in certain areas are analysed and protective measures taken.
    3.   The data mining tools helps the policing into strategic and scientifically driven practices.
    4.   Local state and federal agencies use data mining in their tracking efforts.

    25 June 2018




    AI is the creation of intelligent machines that works and thinks like humans. To do that it needs to have information about the world that is known and other features like reasoning, problem-solving, perception, learning, planning. It can function intelligently and independently. AI is Machine that solves problems which are done by humans with our natural intelligence.
    • Machine learning - learning about a specific topic and getting all the knowledge about it and be expert in it.
    • Artificial Intelligence - that think like a human, it collects all the information and then react and give the answer after analyzing.

    What is Artificial?

    Which is not human or not natural, something which is made by humans, basically it is not real or original.

    What is Intelligence?

    It is the ability to learn, understand, and deal with situations. It helps to apply the knowledge in the real-life situations. It is the ability of a person for reasoning, problem-solving, perception, learning, planning and analyzing and reacting in that situation.

    Why it is artificial intelligence and not knowledge or wisdom?

    Wisdom is the ability to think and understand, how we use our knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and behaving maturely. Wisdom helps in defining what is true and right (basically ethics).

    Knowledge is the information gained through learning, experience, and reasoning.

    Intelligence is the mixture of both wisdom and knowledge. It has both the qualities like it has the knowledge and the ability to understand and take the right step.


    What is Chatbot?

    It is a tool of AI for business. It is a messaging bot. It is a program that helps to do conversation through messaging. It covers a specific and specialized conversation. It can also be in audio which is converted into text form like Google.

    What are Chatbot benefits?

    • keeping up with recent trends
    • Improved Customer Service
    • Extensive Customer Assistance
    • Always-Available Customer Support
    • Proactive Customer Interaction
    • Increased Customer Engagement
    • Monitoring Consumer Data & Gaining Insights
    • Better Lead Generation, Qualification, and Nurturing
    • Easier Approach to Global Markets
    • Cost Savings
    • Automation of repetitive work
    • Personal Assistant
    • Provides 100% satisfaction to customers
    • 2018 Chatbot Statistics

    What is the user experience?

    The user experience till now is positive from all the information got. The customers are finding it more interactive, the engagement level is increased, the users are finding it more comfortable having a conversation with bots, the bots are giving a better experience to the users. The chatbot is the next revolution in the e-commerce and online field. It can be used in many other ways then it has been used now.

    Types Of Bots

    • Ordering/Booking Bot
    • Feedback Bot
    • Customer Support Bot
    • User Onboarding Bot
    • Event Invite Bot
    • Education/Training Bot

    Two Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots talk and argue with each