21 February 2018

How To Enhance Businesses With Digital Marketing?

How To Grow Businesses With Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a key way of promoting the brands on different online platforms. Many business owners are unaware of where to start from and how to promote their products online. Any offline business that is flourishing, can take advantage from a strong online presence too. Digital Marketing has been proved as a boon for all small and medium businesses. There are several techniques in which digital marketing strategies can help you connect with new customers, generate leads and sell your products more efficiently. Let’s have a glance how digital marketing can be fruitful for your business.

Building Relationships

The very first step for the growth of a business is building relationships. Digital marketing is not just about growing your customer base, rather it is about building a long lasting relationship with your customer on different platforms of social media, blogging and email marketing. You can create page on different social media sites and post on a regular basis about your product. You can use email marketing to offer some exciting discounts to your existing customers on your products and ensure they leave positive reviews on your website.

Targeting Your Audience

Digital marketing has given a powerful way of promoting the products to the targeted audience. You can target your customers from a particular country to a particular city or location. With Internet marketing you can target your marketing directly to those customers who are looking for your products and services. With the help of social media, SEO, web content and online ad resources, you can target your ideal customers.

Digital Marketing Is More Cost-Effective

There are basically two types of marketing. First is traditional marketing and the other is online marketing, (which is also known as Digital Marketing). Traditional marketing is more expensive than online marketing and it is not very targeted. Online marketing is a cost efficient way for businesses to reach natural consumers. With the evolution and change in modern technologies, many business owners are opting for online marketing for the promotion of their products. Online marketing can provides better Return of Investments (ROI) than traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing Delivers Conversion

Marketing products and online services are measured by the percentage rate of incoming traffic converted into leads, subscribers or sales. Without conversion, all your traffic would mean nothing and all your efforts will go in vain. There are several tools and techniques which you can use for online marketing campaigns such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing. These generates quick and effective interaction with the targeted customers and will give results in terms of higher conversion rates.

Digital Marketing in the life of Demonitization

Currency Demonetization will impact Digital Marketing growth in india 

Digital marketing has a bright future in India because of various reasons and demonetisation is an added reason. As this will brings an era of cashless India where digital media is being used for selling, and purchasing. Card or E-wallet play vital roles in marketing sector instead of cash all because of lack of INR currency and its limited ace through bank and ATM. People moving towards Digital India and this is exactly how Digital marketing can be assumed as a great future in In India in coming years.
Impact of Demonetization on Digital marketing

06 February 2018

Best online Courses in Blockchain Globally

Best Blockchain Courses Globally

Blockchain is Rocking Globally thanks to the popularity and efficacy of Bitcoin for making it Viral buzz catching the fancy and attention of masses.

learn more about the technology, understand how it works,  deploy it for a application, client needs or apply it within your own organisation?

learn the fundamentals of blockchain, and over time become an expert at it, consider teaching others about it,

we are listing some of the top courses, training programs, certifications and tutorials available online.

In our next article we will have the classroom courses information shared with you all.


1. Blockchain Certification : IBM Blockchain Foundation for Developers

2. Blockchain Course : Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

3. Blockchain Developer Training : Ethereum Blockchain Developer: Build Projects Using Solidity

4. Ethereum Developer Masterclass: Build Real World Projects

5. Blockchain Developer Training : Getting Started with Ethereum Solidity Development

6. Blockchain Course for Beginners : The Basics of Blockchain

7. Blockchain Certification : Blockchain for Business – An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies

8. Blockchain Certification : Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies – Princeton University

1. Blockchain Certification : IBM Blockchain Foundation for Developers

This highly reputed certification program comes with experienced IBM blockchain developersteaching you concepts and strategies on building blockchain business networks. An ideal choice for software developers who are new to blockchain, this course is taught by Ant Cole, WW Blockchain Enablement at IBM Blockchain and Dave Gorman, Global Blockchain Labs Engagement at IBM Industry Platform. The fact that this training just requires 6 weeks of study with only 2 hours to be dedicated every week makes it an ideal weekend course for those with a full time commitment elsewhere. You will earn a Certificate on successful completion of the course.

Key USPs –

– Learn about Blockchain fabric development & architecture

– Get to know how to transform your business using blockchain

– Deep dive into Hyperledger Composer, understand the underlying structures, and use it for a real project

– Learn in a community environment with thousands of other learners so you can discuss, debate and master concepts better

– High course rating of 4.6 out of 5


You can Sign up Here.


2. Blockchain Course : Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

This is one of the best blockchain course, created by George Levy and it will help you demystify the key elements of blockchain and Bitcoin while making you understand how the technology works. This is one quick program that will take under 3 hours to get over.

Key USPs –

– High rating of 4.7 out of 5

– Learn about what is Blockchain and Bitcoin

– Role of Bitcoin miners, How Block Hashes work in a Blockchain

– Value of Blockchain – DAOs and DACs

– Sending and Receiving Bitcoins


You can Sign up Here.


3. Blockchain Developer Training : Ethereum Blockchain Developer: Build Projects Using Solidity

Created by Ravinder Deol and Thomas Wiesner, two renowned experts in this domain, this training is all about building Blockchain projects using Solidity programming. Before you enroll for this course, you should have a basic understanding of either Web Development, JavaScript, Ajax-Requests, AngularJS or other related platforms. Doesn’t mean you need to be an expert in the same. Basic knowledge will be good to go.

Key USPs – 

– Types of blockchain and potential uses of the same

– What are Smart Contracts

– Using MetaMask plugin

– Real time action using Solidity

– Learn how to use Web3 with different projects


You can Sign Up Here.


4. Ethereum Developer Masterclass: Build Real World Projects

Thomas and Ravinder are back with a development project training for Blockchain. This 10 hour course helps you become adept at the programming languages used to create blockchain projects. Most importantly, you will get to create real time projects with the trainers through this program. You should be familiar with Git, HTML, JavaScript and Bootstrap incase you decide to sign up.

Key USPs – 

– Develop using Latest Solidity, Web3js, Truffle, TestRPC and MetaMask

– Basic development knowledge will also do, don’t need to be an expert in the domain

– Thomas and Ravinder have been involved with Blockchain since 2012 and come with multi disciplinary experience with them

– Attendee Raymond Lieu feels “Wow what a course! I’ve learned a lot about how Solidity, Truffle, and Web3 + Javascript work together, building a real project”


You can Sign up Here.


5. Blockchain Developer Training : Getting Started with Ethereum Solidity Development

Sebastien Arbogast is a full stack software developer, consultant and trainer with over 12 years of experience. He teams up with Said Eloudrhiri who’s been working in IT for the last 25 years! With a CV like that, you know you are in the safest of hands. They both have decided to share their knowledge on this subject to help you learn and grow in the field of blockchain and ethereum development using Solidity.

Key USPs –

– Learn to develop a distributed application

– Understand how to write smart contracts and creating a user interface for them

– Learn how to use Metamask

– Deploying a decentralized app to various Ethereum instances (testrpc, private chain, test chain, main net)

– Participant Mohit Shah feels “The course was complete and really good with all the explanations. I had know experience or idea about solidity but this course helped me to really get started with Ethereum DAPP development.”


You can Sign up Here.


6. Blockchain Course for Beginners : The Basics of Blockchain

This is only for those wanting to get an overview and introduction to the world of blockchain. A quick 1.5 hour video training takes you through the fundamentals you need to understand this technology.

Key USPs – 

– You will be able to pen down a piece regarding use cases and industry potential of Blockchain.

– Help your business or your clients get ready for the emerging decentralized economy

– Created by 5 experts on the subject – Tom Serres, Bettina Warburg, John Fitch, Collin Cusce, Tate Ryan-Mosley

– 6,000 + people have already attended the training


You can Sign up Here.


7. Blockchain Certification : Blockchain for Business – An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies

This certification by The Linux Foundation will you learn how to start building blockchain applications with Hyperledger frameworks. You will learn how information is generated, stored, and shared in various blockchains, and also understand how to evaluate whether a blockchain solution is suitable for your business or not. Taught by experts in the domain including Navroop Sahdev, FinTech and Blockchain Entrepreneur and Nathalie Salami Blockchain Attorney.

Key USPs –

– This course is suitable for both nontechnical and technical audiences

– You will learn to identify suitable blockchain uses for your business requirements

– You will be guided through implementation of various blockchains

– An eight week course, with a commitment of 3-4 hours per week making it ideal for weekend study as well


You can Sign up Here.


8. Blockchain Certification : Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies – Princeton University

Princeton University brings you this Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Certification Course taught by Arvind Narayanan, Assistant Professor at the University. Spread across 11 weeks, this is ideal for those who want to take it a little slow and understand all about crypto in detail from an academic point of view.

Key USPs – 

– Learn how Bitcoin achieves decentralization

– Learn How to Store, Use and Mine Bitcoins

– Get a Certification from Princeton

– Instructor discusses in detail about the future of Bitcoin , Altcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general

25 January 2018

Artificial Intelligence

Impacts of AI in Marketing Domain

The Mundane routine Jobs are making way for the AI tools coming in the marketing domain. Humans have to up their skills and Learnings from  repetative tasks to Creative and Innovative skills

18 December 2017


Cuisines that were born on the streets were opportunities and ideas for restaurateurs. There are many aspects of street food that are compelling to the restaurateur. Much of the street food offers menu options that are handheld and are quick to eat. Culinary world is expanding its roots from regions to regions allowing its customers a wide range of prospects to choose from. Chefs being the leaders in the community providing its diners a unique food experience and promoting healthy and trending food habits.


Street food is now becoming more social aspect of any community where casual dining is more efficient and preferred way of eating rather than having in same fine dining restaurant with the running classic menu which every diner is well verse with its flavors. Nowadays communities are coming before individual making chefs divert from sticking to the same old original tastes and recipes.

Street food and casual food are having a distinctive approach towards food, amazing diners with a comfort food experience at minimal cost and have wide varieties to look for with makeovers of street food from various regions. Diners are exploring various places and its Food culture, it’s necessary for Chef to get diners eyes on restaurants which bestow on local food and street food taste that match the restaurant standards.


A smart restaurateur or chef can take a new dish and add her own personal touches. For street food, follow the same trajectory by separating the core elements that will make a dish authentic, and the sauces and accompanying vegetables or pairings, which will reflect your own style and concept. 


Restaurants that offer international flavors will take the street food from those particular countries and see which ones fit their own concept the best. Where many restaurateurs can go wrong is in the strategic implementation of a street food menu or in expanding such a selection. Understand the winning principles of seasonal rotation, evolving the selection and gaining valuable customer feedback to enhance it.

16 December 2017

best institute for digital marketing in Mumbai

Which is the Best Institute for Digital Marketing in Mumbai

Find best Digital Marketing Training Course Institutes in Mumbai,Andheri.Compare our syllabus on different training Institutes and centers which are providing training on Digital Marketing course in Mumbai,Thane. Read our given short period and certification courses offered by different web technology training institutes. Send your details to know about total fees cost, duration of course, course syllabus, study materials, faculty experiences. Get best price discount from our DIGITAL MARKETING Training Courses & Classes in Mumbai. click here to know about digital marketing course syllabus
 Visit Khar west ,Vileparle center

·      Digital Marketing Key:

           Introduction to Digital Marketing
·         Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
·         Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
·         Content Marketing
·         Blogging
·         Email Marketing
·         Social Media Marketing
·         Social Media Optimization
·         Social media Analytics
·         Google Analytics Overview
·         Video Marketing
·         Inbound Marketing

best institute for digital marketing in Mumbai thane

25 November 2017

Digital Marketing Course in Khar West

Digital Marketing Course in Khar West

Find best Digital Marketing Training Course Institutes in Khar West,Mumbai. Compare our syllabus on different training Institutes and centers which are providing training on Digital Marketing course in Khar West . Read our given short period and certification courses offered by different web technology training institutes. Send your details to know about total fees cost, duration of course, course syllabus, study materials, faculty experiences. Get best price discount from our DIGITAL MARKETING Training Courses & Classes in Khar West , Mumbai. click here to know about digital marketing course syllabus 

Digital Marketing Course in Khar West