22 April 2019

Im lovin' it !!

I'm lovin' it!! 

Sounds familiar to your ears? You guessed it right, that's McDonald's. It is the leading global foodservice retailer in the world with 37,000 locations across 120 countries. Whew!! that's huge. It's amazing to see how this brand has been there for decades and has constantly innovated itself and been on top of mind of its customers, be it the die-hard daily ones, frequent or occasional ones.

Image source Mcdonals website 
The first thing that strikes us at McDonald's is the 'Golden Arches' forming the huge M. This has ingrained so much in the customer's minds that when you travel on the highway and you are really hungggrrryy!!! you just look out for the BIG M, isn't it? Not to forget the other brand elements i.e the packaging, the trays, the fries holder etc.they just don't let you slip their name out of your mind. Boy, you are hooked!!
Image source : Google 

As the brand has grown in India for the past 20 yrs, it has localized its signature menu to suit the Indian taste buds and we have adapted it like how!!! Mc Aloo Tikki, McVeggie, McPaneer Tikka, you name it and its there.

So we are talking about McDonald's in India and how can it be left behind when we are in the midst of the most important event happening on our country i.e the  General Elections. I stumbled upon this piece of communication and was pleasantly surprised to see the brand taking an active part in this event. This is a simple piece of innovative communication about our right to vote, right to choose. Vote first, food second. Responsibility first, indulgence later.

What better way to connect with the millennials and first-time voters who love  McDonald's, social media it is!! The video has been doing the rounds on social media and has gone viral on Whatsapp,FB Twitter.Not only did the brand talk to them about their responsibility but also gave them the assurance that they would get what they want only if they exercise their right first. And I am sure that the customers will enter a McDonald's beaming with pride after they have voted and order their favorite and biggest BigMac!!
Let me know what do you think about this piece of communication. I will be back with more brands like these with innovative communication soon. Till then, Im lovin it !

Your critical comments are welcome or write to me at sumkul@gmail.com.

19 April 2019

Why should we be visible everywhere on SMM?

SMM all around us

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is essentially internet marketing. They use the benefits of social networking sites. As a result, it becomes a tool for promoting websites and increasing traffic towards them. Most importantly, it becomes a platform for learning from users’ direct reactions.

Let us first begin with brands and positioning as this is extremely important for marketing.
www.digitalmarketing.ac.in/Social media marketing.jpg

Brand and positioning

A brand is all about positioning. It could be aspirational, quality or price. Is our brand memorable or eminently forgettable? What do we want to convey? Does our online brand make people laugh and enjoy life? Do we wish to share inspirational stories or is your website going to be serious and informative in nature? 

This may sound hard to measure but the human reality is those brand impressions are everything as far as marketing is concerned. The hard facts that are defined by our brand are what digital data tells you.
Is our brand shared more online more than our competitors’ brands?
What are the keywords or hashtags used when it is tweeted or shared on Instagram? What brand content attracts the most traffic?

What is the brand sentiment? Is it positive or negative?
What are the star ratings for the online reviews of our brand?
Brand building is a wonderful asset in the digital world. An asset that is both easy to make but hard to measure. The fact is that each and every discovery of our brand is building a digital imprint of the online world.

In the online world, you need to be everywhere. This really is what capacity building is in the digital world.

Checklist for brand building – Click on each of the following

1.      Submit your Site link on Free Site Link Submission Sites
2.      Article parameters that need to be followed are:
·         Properties – Alt tags of Image
·         Search Description
·         Location (India)
·         Title tag
·         Reference link
3.      Article Submission
4.      Quora (Questioning and Answering)
5.      Forum Submission
6.      Local Classifieds
7.      Social Bookmarking
·         Hoot suite
·         Reditt
·         Digg
·         Sniply
·         Scraper
·         Owler
·         Hubspot

Social Media Posting

These are the platforms we should be visible in
·         Facebook
·         LinkedIn
·         Twitter
·         Pinterest
·         Instagram

·         Whatsapp

Content must be distributed evenly in personal id and groups. It must cover all group dynamics, add tags, keywords, highlights.

Share it with your friends in order to get Likes, Shares, and Comments after the first-degree connection.

Upload the content on blogger and share the link to get it read by the content readers.
Know the influencer(s) in your groups, be it Google+, Facebook or any platform

Refresh your feed in your social media groups to get it liked an get a perfect engagement ratio.

Timings need to be appropriate while posting on any platform.

Leverage Facebook

We often think of many avenues but ignore the ones most visible to us. This is Facebook,  of course. Facebook has billions of users, increasing all the time. As we know, it has the biggest, most demographically varied user base of all social platforms.

It is surely used most often, by most people, for the greatest amount of time.

Many users spend nearly an hour a day on this platform.
It has the biggest audience in the 50 yrs plus age group too.  If you wish to focus on millennials or younger generations, they can be found on Facebook.

As of now, organic reach has dropped off and it’s likely that only 5% of your page following (and these are the people who’ve already shown interest in your brand) will see any of your content. If we are investing in creating valuable blogs, creatives, webinars, etc then they need to be seen.

Boosts can help increase this, but advertising is the only way we can get really targeted, attract new audiences and drive actions.  We will surely get a much better ROI on advertising than just boosting.

Focus on many objectives

Facebook ads focus on a variety of objectives from growing our page following and building awareness to improving engagement and driving website traffic and conversions.  Whatever our business objective may be, Facebook ads can be optimized for it.

Proven value

Many marketing experts use Facebook advertising regularly, which is roughly 3 million businesses.  They focus here as it is possible to get great, proven returns on investment.
The success here can be tracked in detail and directly attributed to advertising activity and this can help in setting budgets and making decisions on where to focus our efforts.

Link with Instagram also

If our audience engages mainly on Instagram, we would need to use Facebook ads to target them. Facebook owns Instagram and if we want to do anything more targeted than a boost we will have to get involved in Facebook ads.

We can even choose to serve ads just to Instagram, so all your ad spend goes to your most valuable platform.
Even if we don’t make the choice, Facebook will start to weight its ads in that direction to get us the best possible return on your investment. If we want to focus on Instagram, we should plan to create our ads to suit that platform e.g. square images, that will look good in people’s Instagram feed, with our messaging in the first line of the copy.
The algorithm will look at our audience and serve ads to those that fit our target in the places that they engage the most.  In the ad launch phase, it will learn, from its testing, which people in the group are responding most positively.  It will then seek out more people that match the target.

B2B targeting

LinkedIn and Twitter are famed for known for being the go-to platforms for B2B audiences yet this same audience is active on Facebook.  It is more likely that people visit Facebook more often and for greater lengths of time.

Video updates

Watch what social media is on youtube as well

Source : Chris Lann

In Sum

Each platform has its own merits. We must leverage it optimally seeing which is best for us. After all, SMM has become very common with the increased popularity of websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Join us. With our experience, we shall guide you in all these areas.

11 April 2019

Grow with AI, SMEs

To grow, we all, especially SMEs can grow only if we embrace AI completely. For, only then we can be relevant in the new digital world.

Image source : engineerbabu.com

Today, AI can enable breakthroughs for SMEs across many departments. Though AI has just come into the world, it has grown so rapidly that it will change the way businesses are managed through the level of technology it provides.

All those who have begun implementing AI into their business workflow and are seeing a considerable improvement in ROI and business turnover. Many however this this is applicable only for big businesses. They think it requires a lot of investment of funds and expertise. This is completely not correct. AI has actually made the system very democratic.

Traditional vs digital marketing

The amount of money people need to spend on digital marketing is much lesser than traditional marketing.

However, because of its longevity, people are accustomed to traditional marketing. We are used to seeing ads in magazines and newspapers, or reading billboards.
The fact is, most of the time, traditional marketing is reaching only a local audience. Even this audience is not fully captured. In traditional marketing is that the results are not easily measured, and in many cases cannot be measured at all.
It is also much more expensive than digital marketing. Further, it is completely static and there is no way one can interact with the audience. One just keeps hoping that they decide to take action.

Modern marketing

A primary benefit to using digital marketing is that the results are much easier to measure. Another very important benefit is that the campaign can reach even a global audience. It is also possible to customise a digital campaign to reach a local audience. It is truly a win win situation. Interaction in digital marketing is and reaching an audience is also doable since it makes use of social outlets. Further, the business can get some very valuable consumer feedback easily.
 One of the primary disadvantages to using digital media marketing strategies is that it can take some time to realize measurable success. Still, we must move on.

Moving to digital

The world has now moved into a very digital environment. Not only are magazines going digital, many of us perform many of our daily tasks such as banking online and much of our reading is done on e-readers. Due to the rise of the digital age, it just seems like common sense to invest in a digital campaign.

Even though traditional marketing still has a place, we need to learn digital marketing soon. For in today’s businesses, it is imperative to have a website and use the web as a means to interact with their consumer base. There are some successful traditional marketing strategies, but it is important to take advantage of digital marketing so as to keep oneself updated in today’s world.

Contrary to what many people think, AI can be useful for small companies also. This is because it allows correct use of the data they generate. Due to this, we feel everyone should start thinking about the steps which can allow them to implement AI no matter the size of their business successfully.
We show you some of the advantages of AI for small business owners

1. Highly efficient customer service

It is import to nurture our customers. Very often, businesses fail to give proper support due to human errors. Through AI enabled support services, this would never happen. Further, the risk of human error would be wholly eradicated.

2. Important insights into the competitor’s business process

Studying the competition thoroughly is critical for all businesses. It helps us in understanding market trends and staying competitive. AI helps by providing significant and relevant insights into the business process of one’s competitors.
For instance, there a AI-powered competitive analysis tool called Crayon. It helps track  competitor’s activities across different channels like websites, social media, and web applications. This helps small businesses to get a better understanding of ongoing changes in the competitor’s strategy.

3. Off the rack solutions

Small enterprises can easily deploy off the shelf tools into all elements of their business workflow involving data. These solutions provide not only better insights into the process, but also suggest better solutions for the problem. For instance, AI enabled tools like Monkey Learn uses technologies like entity extraction and sentiment analysis to derive a better understanding of the business. This is extremely easy to integrate.

Another tool worth exploring is the Enterprise Immune System by Darktrace. This  helps companies build their own understanding of what normal human behaviour looks like within an enterprise and detects emerging threats in real time.

4. Transform your marketing process

AI is fundamentally changing marketing from the roots. AI-based advertising platforms have already been deployed by huge companies like Facebook and Google to target specific customer-set who are receptive to their message. This approach is equally applicable for small businesses. By using programmatic advertising, everyone can easily reach a considerably large audience online, which was not possible earlier. It is strongly recommended for small businesses to start leveraging and integrating AI now if they want to reach potential consumers in the future.

5. Cost and Time benefits

The utilization of deep learning by SMEs can end up saving a lot of money spent on employing extra employees or outsourcing for specified projects. Time-consuming work is done quickly and efficiently at the push of a button. This allows employees to be freed up to do creative work that will help the company grow.

In sum

AI is not restricted to large enterprises now. It is an excellent way to achieve tremendous growth for SMEs as well. They help SMEs to effectively delegate conventional tasks to be done by an innovative yet fast approach, making employees free to focus on other resourceful and creative opportunities that can help companies expand.

In the 80s,  there were exceptions and some businesses considered investment in computers for the future of their industry. These were the ones who grew.

The situation regarding implementation of AI is very similar to the above situation.
However, to achieve success with AI, small businesses need to strategize well. Most importantly, they 
need to align applications with their business goals.

Essentially, the AI journey can be prolific for SMEs. They of course need to understand the significance of this emerging phenomenon. After this, they could accordingly prioritize it to achieve long-term and scalable success.

Don't wait. Learn to use AI and digital marketing for success.


AI the new language

It is a reality that most of us shall work with smart machines soon. We cannot ignore this. Let us learn and understand the new world. The sooner we act, the better it would be for all of us.

AI is already here

AI is no longer just an abstract concept. It is all over us now. 

Given below is information on how fast sector is growing.In fact, we are already doing this. We must learn how to work with them rather than be ousted by them. For this, we must learn the new language, that of AI or artificial intelligence. 

Image Source : statista

What is AI ?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has often been seen in super-smart humanoid robot form. This is not really what it is today. We need to understand it has grown much beyond this image.

The fact, however is that it is actually implemented as behind-the-scenes algorithms. Most importantly, these can process 'big' data to accomplish a range of relatively mundane tasks far more efficiently than humans can.

As of now, a very small number of people interact with bipedal robots or take a ride in a driverless car. However, our daily lives are increasingly affected by AI systems that can recognise speech or images, or analyse patterns of online behaviour (to detect credit card fraud or serve up appropriate adverts, for example).

This is why the recent boom in this kind of AI is being spearheaded by internet giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Baidu and others. It is also seeing a lot of startup activity.

We must know we need better processors for processors for AI.

Need for processors

We need to know that solving AI-type problems requires, first and foremost, large amounts of processing power.  This is possible even for startups. We teach all startups what to invest in during our courses. 

After all, the new digital world does make it possible for us to go ahead with even a zero budget.

Building a brand with AI

Building a brand that sells is our primary goal! Marketing a business becomes confusing on many occasions when we look out to find the best way to build a brand for us. Here it is important that we understand the digital domain and its pattern.

We live in a DIGITAL world and the very nature of this world is fragile! Changes and upgradation forms the basic properties of this world so it becomes a part of our survival mechanism that we stay updated with the digital trends!

The burden of bringing customers to your business and building roads to your brand can be a scary task. After working with hundreds and thousands of business owners in our various training programs, we found that over 91% business owners find it very difficult to generate regular leads for their business and are hence struggling to grow or in most cases even sustain their business. Therefore, we decided to lay down a one place stop guide of strategies that we can use in the digital world to sky-rocket your business.

We need to understand a new vocabulary to make this possible. With the world becoming extremely digital, we should know all about the digital engagement framework. It is this that helps us identity many opportunities for all organisations to develop the strategies, processes and technologies.

We first need to understand what or who our assets are in the digital world. Saving is a habit most of us are encouraged to have right from childhood.Some of us were more inclined to saving than others. Even when we grew older, we knew we needed to save in order to invest in our future. A home, for instance, is a dream most of us have had. In the area of entrepreneurship, the asset was usually in a start-up venture.

Now, we need to understand the digital world to be able to understand where our assets are. These are naturally quite different from the ones we mentioned earlier.

Assets in the new world

Assets in a digital world are usually hidden and virtual. No one now uses a physical bank passbook. The passbook is now a mobile app where you view your account balances and transfer money from savings to investment accounts. The credit card is now your currency. An online brand is not to be touched but experienced. A brand in the digital world is to be viewed, listened to and shared. 

Our aim,  therefore is to promote this new, democratic world. This is possible only if we are digitally skilled. For this, we need to definitely understand the new language of Artificial Intelligence.

The digitally skilled

If in earlier times, it was the survival of the fittest, now it is survival of the web enabled or digitally skilled. This definitely also includes AI. It does not require too much effort but definitely requires a lot of passion. A passion that never leaves us for this is the world we live in and also the world of the future. Many do not really understand this.

Despite websites being with us for a generation a website is often treated like an online brochure. In fact, for many small and medium businesses they are an afterthought. They are even considered an expense. 

This is the biggest mistake one can do. Most people just design it, set it up and then forget all about it. Just like any presence, it does need to be nurtured. Our website, blog and the online store are your core assets in a digital world. These assets need to be attended to all the time. That can be done easily if we just understand the key processes. 

We at IDM have helped many people achieve this quite effectively. In fact, we are proud to have enabled many people understand this language.  Everyone, right from youngsters to established entrepreneurs have grown further when they are open to learning. After all, growth always happens with openness.

Join us to understand this new world.

06 April 2019

Online courses - is it the future ?

Is everyone going to learn online in the future ? We examine the pros and cons of such a situation.
The technical world today has led to more convenience for people. With just a click of a button, you can uncover fresh information about all kinds of topics and niches. The Internet and the various online courses being offered right now is especially helpful for individuals who want to learn new knowledge and skills, but who unable to leave their homes.
This is now the global trend nowadays, as seen below

Are they always beneficial though ? We examine some pros and cons.

Source : virtualassist.net

Pros of online courses:

1. Study on Your Own Terms
A wonderful advantage of this educational model is that one can get to choose one’s schedule and what days you are available to attend classes.  One can access digital classrooms anytime and anywhere. This allows one to focus on one’s family obligations and career responsibilities. Further, one is given control of how often one wants to meet and how one can deliver the course requirements.
Plus, some courses are as short as one day, which enables the institute to equip the student with the necessary knowledge and skills without requiring too much time.
2. Independent Learning
Different people have different learning styles. These courses provide you with enough freedom to learn the way you want to gain knowledge. The course also allows the student(s) to adjust their study habits in a way that makes it easier for them to understand the topics. Online learning helps students maximize their strengths and improve their weaknesses without too must pressure.
3. Career Advancement
Many professionals are enrolling at digital schools to keep up with the demands of the competitive workplace, especially regarding technology. With the ever-evolving workforce these days, one must prepare onwself for the future. This can be done by investing in gaining more knowledge through online courses that can provide the student with relevant skills.
Given below are some of these skills that are essential for career advancement in the digital age:
Digital Literacy – Everyone must learn the fundamentals of how to navigate through various software and apps. It’s essential if, one wants to work in a marketing agency like theseomarketingcompany.com, that you understand SEO and other digital marketing strategies.
·         Communication – One must learning how to speak and write well. This can help one foster favourable relationships with one;s bosses and colleagues. It’s a crucial skill that one should master.
·         People Management – Being a team player is a necessary skill in the workplace. One must prepare oneself for one’s rise up the career ladder and invest in learning how to be a leader.

Cons of online courses:

These are the disadvantages of online learning:
1. Stigma
Even though this educational model is becoming more popular, some traditional fields of businesses still look down upon online institute graduates. This may be because some companies look for soft skills such as collaboration, and time management which they believe are better developed in a physical classroom setting.
2. Too Solitary
One is solely responsible and accountable for your studies when you enrol for an online course.  One of course, needs great discipline when one is balancing work, family, and studies. The free form nature of this model makes it extra challenging for those students who struggle with executive skills like organization and time management.
To succeed as an online student, you need to be a:
·         Self-Starter – Intrinsically-motivated people succeed in online courses because they have the initiative to get up and do what they have to do without needing external pressures to push them.
·         Independent Learner – This ties closely to being a self-starter because you must know the style that allows you to learn better and use that to your advantage. Some students may miss the traditional teacher-student interaction which is not always possible through online courses.
·         Impersonal – Most of your learning will be done through books and written lectures, so it’s imperative that you must at least be able to tolerate reading for hours on end. Further, discussions will often be done on forums especially on asynchronous classes, which do not expect students to log in at a particular time. That’s why one needs to be able to communicate effectively here.
3. Limited Options
While there are various online courses, not all subjects or topics can be studied online. Some skills ought to be learned through practical methods like the ones needed in trades such as agriculture, carpentry, and machine operation. One needs to check with various institutes for a list of their available subjects.


It is possible to get a degree online. One does, of course need to check the accreditation of the school and read the reviews of students who graduated there.  One can also opt to take a few courses online and to learn new skills at your own pace. Most importantly, one can start building the right foundation for one’s career goals by investing in knowledge. 

We at IDM  have tie ups with credible brand names. Do join us and become part of the future.

24 March 2019

Create your own persona digitally

What really is a persona? It is one’s identity.  It is quite easy to create one digitally in today’s world. It does of course require a lot of planning. To be effective, we need to understand the whole digital world. For this, we have to spend a little time in understanding the new world that we are in now.

It has never been easier to share our story. The digital media has made it so simple. However, we must know this is to be done constantly so that we are known all over the internet. How do we do this?

Image source : businesstocommunities.com


The best product or service in the world is of no use without getting it out there to connect with your audience. For this, we need to identify who our audience is and then move forward.

Here's the good news.
It's never been easier to get your message out to reach to everyone.  And it only gets easier as technology continues to advance.


It has never been easier to get your story noticed by people.

Still, though it has never been easier to get your story out there, here's the bad news.
It's never been harder to get people to listen or to care.

Nobody will care about your brand or marketing unless it speaks to them.
As almost everyone is telling their story online, you have to come up with a better strategy.
We know there is no sure path to marketing success, but the one sure path to failure is not having a strategy.

Once you have a real strategy that has been thought about completely, you have a chance of building a story online that will connect with your audience.


For this, first of all we need to understand everything about our audience, who are essentially both current and potential customers.

The fact is social media is about connecting with the people in our niche customers, potential customers, people who are interested in what we do or who share similar interests and circles and in the digital world, hubs with you. It’s about building relationships and networking, not direct selling, although selling usually that does come as a result.

The one way to protect our reputation online and also build content is allow place for more branding.
There are many websites out there where you can list your business locally and these listing will show up in the search engines.

The profile sites give us a chance to talk about our business and also gives us an opportunity to include our logo. This is quite powerful, and if we can get our profile on as many websites as we can then we increase our chance locally of gaining a number of new clients to our website. This in turn should result in more profits.

Here is a list of profiles sites we recommend you sign up for:
Go out there online and let the whole world know about you and your business.

Never stop growing the network (networking)

Expand the network of contacts and potential clients. Ask the best, most powerful, most influential friends or business associates to introduce the business to the five people they think we should meet to expand our business. Speak to all the contacts online on plans and future goals, tell them about why our business is special and ask for their advice. It is amazing how these new contacts pay off ten-fold with recommendations to us for new business and innovative ideas we had not thought of. 

Network the networks (networking) 

Network with friends and then request them to network with their friends. There’s power in numbers. Utilize this network to get the word out to your people who know people who know people. Don’t spam but give a personal touch.

Someone ultimately knows someone that can help you out...and believe it or not...they will want to. When networking, we should not focus on getting a referral or lead. Instead, the focus should be on helping others. If you help them first, for instance, by adding value to their life/ business, they’ll help you later.

Commitment with clients 

The difference between a successful company and an ordinary one usually boils down to an owner’s commitment to building (and sustaining) relationships with clients and prospects. It is of course very important to keep up traditional communication and PR. However all business owners should also be extending their relationships through online forums – website, blogs, and social networks. In the online world especially, conversations are happening all around you – are you listening, are you participating?

Become a thought leader? Be visible!

Listen. Listen, listen

Find your ideal clients. Then start following them! Spend a lot of time listening to them and their thoughts. By doing this, you’ll be amazed what they will tell you about their concerns, their ideal products, and their current frustrations with their vendors. This is indeed a great way to get open honest market research. This is easily possible now in the online world. 

Become an influencer

An influencer is someone who influences others. With a good digital marketing presence and strategy, you could aim for this yourself. For, having done all of this, you can indeed be an influencer yourself in the digital world.

Build a convincing strategy

A convincing marketing strategy you can use to sell your service or product is by telling true, credible stories. This is completely free in the online world. Earlier, it needed a physical book publisher, editing, distribution and so on but in the online world, all this is completely free. This needs to include awesome facts and incidents involving the product we are involved in. We can give specific and practical examples of what you have accomplished for clients. Stories could be written using real-life examples of projects we completed, specific problems we solved or successes we achieved. If our business is a start-up, create a realistic scenario about how we would help your ideal client overcome a typical challenge.

This could be related through articles, blog posts, public speaking or by publishing a special report. One needs to be constantly at it, though. 

There are many such options in the online world.

Join us to understand how to enter this world.