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Techniques to reduce expenses in business

Every penny saved is penny Earned....!!!!!

In challenging situations of wobbling economic conditions and Poor Growth one has to be Creative and Innovative in sustaining and Growing Business in troubled times. One of the main issues is creating awareness about your product and services. But, with a little creativity, skill, and by devoting some time, you can effortlessly generate inexpensive promotion tools which can assist you to build a strong relationship with your customer and helps to increase sales. If you are interested to reduce an expense, have a close look on following aspects:
Personalized Emails to existing and Potential Client : You can send  emails to your customers to stay in contact with them. Postcards/sms/ calls can be send to those customers who are non Internet users and email to those who prefer online marketing. You can also put your email in your cards so people can simply get in touch with you through email when they want to.

Networking events: Stand out youself, Take a Initiative to go all out and with a Genuine Smile (people can make out a fake smile) By attending these kinds of events gives ample opportunities to increase your number of contacts as well as helps to distribute business cards. Make a point to attend the maximum events related to your target market to introduce your business to others particularly if you are novice in a business.
Also make sure your Visiting card is Attractive and Professional with times.

Business Cards: The business cards actually work as a small advertisement which represents you in front of your customers. The business cards are still the cheapest and central marketing tool in business today. The Information printed on a card give a quick insight about a person. Hence, it is a simple and faster way to contact and connect with many people. You can also include them in your parcels, cartons and payment receipts so people can easily contact you when they need to.

Free gifts/coupons/discounts: There is maybe nothing more alluring than a complimentary item. When people see a free gifts or freebies, they almost instantly know how they can benefit from that free item. Hence, it is a good idea to promote your business. For example, if you are a dealer of water-purifier then you can always offer a free servicing for 1 to 2 years. People tend to buy an expensive product just to get the free item. Hence if you use these free items smartly, you will surely bring new customers as well as increase in sales in your business.
There are ample other low price marketing strategies you can do to get your business progressing. You can pick any approach that goes well with your company and support your need. By selecting most efficient and suitable strategy can help you to increase your number of customers.

Be the Controversy:
Tough to understand but without damaging your reputation and your goodwill create a controversy by telling something Radical or challenging the top Company or person/celebrity/brand in your Business line.

Notice the Gaps:
are you sensitive to notice some gaps in the existing market-place so if your Awareness is there then get into those Gaps to serve the need of those people and then keep going deeper and wider.

Be found on the Internet:
Its not necessary to have your own website but a facebook page or Google-plus page, social media accounts, videos, blog will help people to find you.

Be Part of Active Groups:
both online and offline Groups of social, cultural and Religious activity help you grow, learn and keep in touch with people.

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