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Let us be absolutely Clear and authentic that the very purpose of we having the website is to make us Grow....either by no of people visiting it ... Knowledge and some basic skills surely helps to have Traffic and make us grow in Business(Products/services)  through our websites.

One can consider it Absurd or  coupled with numerous challenges but just keep your Head open to some of the Ideas that I am sharing here. Just have a look on the right side of  any blog, then you will see ads and billboards, and when someone clicks a purchase through these links the owner of Blog earns some money, which is a basic site monetization. When you click on ads and I earn money, it sounds cool, but it is not easy, but if you do what you know you will not only be able to earn some money, but you will also be able to boost your SEO efforts and reach new heights s organic traffic, let's see how you can achieve.

So what is the basis of monetization with affiliate and AdSense, you need links to your site, link to other Web sites, right? This is a hook ... Still Not Getting It? OK, a link to another Web site if you do it correctly, the connection to the very popular and most important, relevant sites. In some cases, even your website appears on the web pages that refer to it, which usually happens when a new branch or branches, so that your website is equipped with this you get a nice link to your website. It all adds to your profits and traffic.

The bottom line is, affiliate marketing, and various types of advertising on the Internet can have great benefits, but if you are not careful, it could have negative effects in the sense that Google do not look too kindly on paid links, but ultimately, this may the affect the Page Rank is not important, but it will not affect your ranking in SERP.

AdSense is a great way to get some very targeted links to get from your website, but the need to write specific contributions that the right kind of advertising attracts achieve. If you're doing wrong, that the ads I can not matter that your website can hurt.

My personal favorite is affiliate marketing, how to choose what type of products and services that have to your blog or website so that you can basically choose who you link. Even here monetization ratio and SEO work for you, you have a good SEO plan that it should clearly what you want to achieve with a certain type of monetization.

The basic things that you select monetization strategy for your blog or website:

The most important thing you have in mind is and how you expect your visitors to your blog. We have all advanced advertising blindness, so most people just ignore the ads on his blog. The only way to get noticed, advertising, when I was looking for something specific, so that most users, so what is that something specific. Considering my blog, you will see that all the ads a bit of nature from my blog, I have a banner for SEO services, two banners for web hosting, E-mail auto-responder Chimp is a very important tool for internet marketing and web banner for the success and my personal toolbar.

The next step is to consider what is on your blog or Web site design, as appropriate, text ads, image ads, like banners. One must take into account the overall look of your site and how these ads fit into the picture.

The last part has to be considered is what your SEO efforts to influence on the way. You can improve your SEO efforts on links from relevant and popular websites, you the money types that are broadly in line with your overall SEO efforts must be used. Also, what the benefits are few ads on your blog except that it brings what.

What you should focus on how users and their communities, always aim for something that will be useful to offer to visitors. You will never support me banner for improper material e.g. Casino and Forex. You also need to consider location, but falls below the relevant ads in its design. In the end, you probably have to experiment a little to see what is best for your blog. If you try your SEO plan, the best content, services and products for your visitors to make sure you will at some point the right combination to get more income, more traffic and better  position on the search Engines.

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