24 September 2012

Mobile Training

Does one really need to Learn Mobile Applications vis Trainer or Institute?

Mobile by its very inherent Nature has caught the Limelight of people Globally. Just see the number of Gadgets it has replaced in last 10-12 years.
If you have had any experience reading news about online or online studying lately, then you notice that how everyone is referring to Mobile learning. 

It seems that with the rapid development of the smart mobile phone industry, and the relevant development in product processing, people are getting hooked to the concept that studying need not be restricted to the academic setting but ventured to arena of space, interval.

With 3G and 4G relationships, with wireless sneaking its way into just about every cafe, and with Online connection available on many air carriers (in the days to come), making the  accessibility material — truly — everywhere. 
Let’s take a look at some of the strategies to make Mobile learning a truth. First, the obvious: the iPhone and iPad. Apple’s App Store (available through iTunes) has fairly much cornered the industry — at least for now — on third celebration programs for providing material, whether it’s studying an Amazon publication from the Amazon kindle app or surfing around through a Pearson entertaining written text provided through CourseSmart. It’s such a well-known company that opponents like Search engines and Microsoft have (and are ongoing to develop) their own app shops, Search engines Applications Industry and Ms windows Industry, respectively.

But, as technical author David Flower revealed last year, the “Application-centric” design is not the only choice out there. Yes, it’s practical — the individual browses an app store, creates a choice, has charges billed to a pre-authorized bank cards, and timepieces as the app is instantly downloadable and set up on his or her mobile phone. Simple! This design performs well for organizations like The apple company because it keeps customers dedicated to their store.

But what most of these apps do is simply repackage details that is already available via the Online. For example, need to replenish your prescribed from Walgreens? You can to go to Walgreens’ cellular website (using your smartphone’s internet browser, like Safari) and manage company. Now that website gives you the choice to obtain the “Walgreens App for iPhone,” which does everything you can do on their Mobile website, but all in a completely packed little app that you can tap to release, rather than submitting of social bookmarks a Mobile Website. 

My factor here is that there was already a completely useful cellular website for Walgreens. Why was a individual app even necessary? And does not developing an iPhone app — whether from Walgreens or a large number of other developers — recommend that a Search engines app and a Ms windows Mobile app are near behind? Three apps all to do the same thing? To quotation comedian Eddie Izzard, “No one can stay at that speed!” It’s certainly not the most effective company to be sure. To have to make individual cell mobile phone programs for every type of smart mobile phone would need plenty of lost work when a better choice already exists!
That choice is the Web App. And believe it or not, Web Applications are nothing new. That Walgreens cellular website I just mentioned? A Web app. Need to monitor your investing and stability your checkbook? “There’s a Web for that,” says Flower. Want to perform a activity title to understand songs theory? Yep, there happens to be Web for that, too.

Tricia Duryee outlined in September last season that Apple’s Bob Tasks initially trumpeted the concept of “[building] for the Web,” in other terms, of providing material via the Opera internet browser. But a season later — and now just about exactly two decades since then — he started out the app store and moved our considering to “There’s an app for that.”

But that was two decades ago, and in Online time, that is essentially forever. Apple’s promotion device despite, there is no natural purpose why developers must make individual apps for every foundation that prevails.
Where does that keep cellular learning? Educational developers and academic developers cannot (should not) make themselves to merely one method of distribution. That is, one should not make to providing material via the iPhone at the price of customers of Droids, Blackberries, or Dash Evos. What exactly is most essential is attaining every undergraduate possible using whatever gadgets they select to use.

At one time, to make individual apps for every current and growing cellular foundation would be a remarkable pointless and power. Yes, there are some circumstances where an app indigenous to each program may be necessary. But for the most aspect, providing entertaining material can be achieved with the same primary value for Opera on the iPhone as for Google’s internet browser on the Android — especially with the introduction of HTML5 (which is a conversation for another time.)

In brief, what we teachers should anticipate to see arriving down the pike are new ways of providing material that are internet browser centered and that are easier and more cost-effective to provide. By maintaining work some time to expenses low, we get more material for less money and in shorter interval than we have seen before. And in that, we all advantage.

Not accidental with the composing of this composing, Pearson has lately launched Pearson LearningStudio Mobile Remedy, a Web App that allows learners to examine qualities and reports, study and publish to conversation boards, and have a dashboard-like perspective across all their programs in the procedure. Our developers are considering forward on this — there is no app to download; accessibility is available on the iPhone, Android, Blackberry mobile phones, etc.; and as new functions and up-dates become available, customers won't have to delay for app up-dates to be accepted by an ├╝ber-store. We end-users make use of Pearson's fast and cost-effective development. Bonus!


Certifications, institute of digital marketingBest SEO Training Institutes Globally?
No one has ever done or dared to ask and/or answer this complex question. Everyone Think...Assumes they are the BEST. is there anyone who has evaluated...Graded the Training Experts Individuals or Institutes?
Google Webmaster Academy is one of the most prominent infosite

The Gap: With the huge rise in Awareness about of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its ever increasing importance,  standards and certification related to it are buzzing in the Digital World.The fact is as of now there isn't any industry-recognized standards or certifications that qualify an individual or entity as an "SEO Certified Professional."
An Opportunity: Though there are numerous well-credentialed establishments who are offering their SEO certification. e.g. 
Bruce Clay, Inc.
 Currently in Marketplace industry central body is SEMPO. They also offer various levels of certification. several universities (online, especially) and SEO agencies the world over are offering numerous certification programs.
 The crucial Issue is --  there are no standards -- so there is no Authentic, Approved  process to qualify someone to teach SEO to the extent that they can certify others in a manner recognized by one industry-governing body.
Bridging the Gap: Additionally, where standards are concerned, part of the difficulty in defining them can be exemplified due to latest launch of Google Instant causing shifts in the SEO curriculum.
So, while certification is not an industry-recognized credential (or even truly a necessity, for that matter), it can still be a very structured and beneficial approach to learning SEO.  standardizing & Certifying SEO with put boundaries across it, Limit it and restrict it to a few Certificate Holders.
Google Adwords Certified Individual  the most common form of Google certification and is the easiest to get.  One  need to do the following in order to become a Google Adwords Certified Individual:
  • Accept & follow the rules of use.
  • Manage at least one Adwords account for 90 days.
  • Have a total spend of at least $1000 (or equivalent local currency) during the 90 day period.
  • Appear & Pass the exam.(  It costs $50 each time you take the exam) 
  • The format for the exam is 100 questions in 90 mins and you need at least 75% to pass.
After clearing Exam one gets a Wonderful badge like this:

Certifications,l institute of digital marketing
Google Adwords Certified Company is basically a company which contains a few certified individuals and has a much higher total spend

  • Have a billing and mailing address.
  • Employ at least two certifies individuals 
  •  you have $ 10k spend over any 90-day period 
  • The benefits are very similar to above, you get an updated badge like this:
Certifications, institute of digital marketing

Google Analytics Authorized Consultant : it's much more like an interview. You need to submit a document detailing all the reasons why you should be an authorized consultant via email to THE GOOGLE. Your email should provide evidence of the following:
  • You offer a range of stand-alone Analytics services including implementation, configuration, training and consulting.
  • 3 verifiable, paid, expertly deployed Google Analytics projects with at least 3 different clients who Google will contact for references. These case studies should show all kinds of things including, interestingly enough, examples where you have customised the GA code for your clients.
  • A proven expertise in web analytics including blogging, speaking or white papers.
  • At least 2 employees who have taken and passed the GAIQ test.
 There are very few authorised companies world wide! In addition to being a member of this exclusive club you get the following benefits:
  • Possible client referrals from Google sales teams
  • Elevated technical support for Google Analytics
  • Listing on the Google Analytics Partner page
  • Invitation to attend annual GAAC summit at Google offices
  • Access to an exclusive GAAC web forum to share ideas and technical tips with Google and other GAACs
  • A fancy badge like this to display on your site:

Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant                             

, your email should display evidence of:
Certifications, institute of digital marketing
  • Having designed and implemented at least 3 verifiable and successful Website Optimizer experiments with 3 different referenceable clients.Google specifically requests that you provide screenshots of the tests you're running so they're looking for quite in-depth references here.
  • Proven expertise including blogging/speaking/white papers etc
  • Providing a range of services dedicated to Google Website Optimizer including setup, training, and consultation.
  • Being willing to attend and pass Google Website Optimizer technical training sessions.
  • commit to launch of 3 Website Optimizer experiments per quarter.
Certifications, institute of digital marketing
  • Elevated technical support
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • A listing on the Website Optimizer Partners page
  • A fancy badge, as always:
So now you know what it means to be "Google Authorized" - and you can safely debunk the myths of being "SEO Google Approved". Also - I'd love to hear from anyone who is an Analytics or Website Optimiser authorized consultant. Are there benefits that aren't listed on the site? Have you seen Google actually pass you any leads?!

Hiring the Right SEO Person/Company

Hiring the Right SEO Person/Company, institute of digital marketing
With the ever growing emphasis  on the internet marketing it has become essential to be modified with the world wide web marketing styles and techniques and to have extensive hands on on the internet marketing technologies .

 After all, the objective is to appear on the major search engine places like google, Google, MSN among others. Most organizations despite being aware of the value of SEO tend to stop their investment techniques on search engine optimization which results in almost no on the internet existence of the organization. One must realize that SEO needs time-money-intelligence investment because the continually changing Algorithms. It is a lengthy process and if one supports with it for years it surely will result in a lengthy lasting profit. 

One must do a thorough analysis on the internet before choosing the a SEO company; generally most of the organizations get drawn to the company that are quick to do or Fly by Night companies. 

It is vital that you comprehend and study the history of the organization, like for how lengthy have they been in the company, which organizations they have worked with and study the recommendations and the reviews of the organization. 

Once you are pleased with their work values and standard, consider the price of the solutions they charge and other benefits that most Look for Web page Search engine optimization organizations provide as a enhance, once you have the quotation, evaluate it with the current marketing price and if possible try to approach a different organizations who guarantees to provide the same solutions. This would provide a better picture to evaluate the price of the solutions that your organizations need. 

Hiring the Right SEO Person/Company, institute of digital marketing

Another critical facet to consider before you sign anything is the number of workers the organization is going to determine your venture because the smaller the workers the more it will take to appear on search engine places.

Once the above are considered and completed move to the technological innovation they would utilize for the marketing of your on the internet site.

It is crucial to a guide analysis about the organization, for example, the authenticity of the organization whether they are authorized according to the government guidelines and are a tax payer or not.Do they Exist in the Physical address mentioned? This helps to build the believe in aspect and gives you the satisfaction that you have a efficient partner to market your organization and assist you in attaining your objective.

#1. Success Stories....Consistency

$20-$50 per hour or a cheaper flat rate per month is not always the best. Before deciding to work with an SEO specialist, you should have a closer look at the kind of experience they carry.  asking them for their portfolio or success stories , previous performance reports will enhance Your decision.
No .of  years of experience in the SEO industry does not ensure about the effectiveness in his/her Results.

#2. Business-Analytics 

SEO requirements vary from one website (or blog) to another what worked well for a particular site may just fall flat for another. Skills and Expertise of  good analytical abilities increases our chances of Success. Ability to study web- site closely (product/service, target market)  and deeply (competition) analyze it to work out an effective search engine optimization strategy.

#3. Extensive Know-How of SEO processes

Search Engines and Google in particular will never ever want any Individual or person to get to know their strengths and weakness so they keep changing Algorithms, the best practices will always continue to change with time.what was valid 2 years back no more hold true.  keeping  themselves abreast of the current developments, trends and upgrades in the industry is the numero uno success formula.

#4. Ability to Do Extensive Research...latest know how

 extensive research is foundation of an effective SEO Strategy, Whether it’s about building links, optimizing the content, finding the right keywords or knowing about the competitors’ strategies,Competitors, Target market trends for a select product/service need to be considered.

#5. Creativity....Communication.....Collaboration

He must be able to guide the designers to have eye catching landing pages.....interactive user interfaces. hence creativity coupled with communication plays a significant role .  Good communication skills help the Individual/Org SEO  to discuss the project scope and its Limitations with Clarity to Investor. 
Collaboration ensures use of API's SEO expert can suggest the Developer/coder to enhance his/her website thereby  enhance the exchange of ideas and improve decision making. So, choose your SEO specialist wisely!
#6. Timeliness/customized service: SEO makes one Experience the term time is money.Being  able to meet the deadlines in a consistent manner ensure credibility. SEO is Natural Process Experts can just add a Little Velocity and Momentum.
#7. Patience:  Search engine optimization is a time-consuming task. You can’t expect to get results overnight or in a few days, it may take weeks or months before results start to come. hurried decisions can spoil even on what they did right. So give yourself adequate time and wait to see the results before making the next move.
#8. Dedication: If the SEO expert does not have the dedication for his work his superficial involvement in the Process will never fetch the required success for his work.
#9. Continual Learning: Its a roller coaster ride process so never ever one single Individual or company is always on the top...a know expert since years...no....The 

15 September 2012


SoLoMo name emerged/derived  from hyperlocal search, the IP mapping of PCs that provides users searching for local information with results in their area. SoLoMo refers to the recently available mobile version of these local search engine results.

The  geo-location technology ( GPS) has come out to be more accurate than local searches on a PC/laptop. This technology has enabled both users & Business owners where they are  ( location) and find Search (information about nearby places). SoLoMo is the evolved, more precise and mobile hyperlocal search.so gaining its importance being an Effective tool. 

The future Development ,production and use will only be of smart devices, SoLoMo is completely transforming Operating. Businesses and consumers are delighted with the integration of social media, geo-location technology, and the use of mobile devices. 

Here and Now: Gone are the days wherein we used to do Market research followed by detailed analysis and then come up with a convincing strategy. SoLoMo not only provides detailed and precise info on demand but also bridges the gap between consumer and retailer with immediate effect. Fancy deals and discount coupons as per their Likes and interest find their way to the customers Mobile. 

SoLoMo services such as Groupon, Foursquare, and GoWalla recognize consumers’ shopping history, brand loyalty, and geographic proximity and provide those consumers with personalized recommendations.

SoLoMo is leading local advertising. Companies are starting to realize that SoLoMo needs to be incorporated into their business strategy. As we become a society more and more reliant on mobile devices, businesses need to become mobile as well. Very soon, a business that is not mobile will be overcome by competitors that are. 

The Exploding SoLoMo:

Facebook – members can check-in using the Places feature
Shopkick – consumers receive offers and rewards customized to the store they walk into
ValuText – consumers receive notifications about sales and promotions happening at their current vicinity
Home Depot, WalMart– make their products 3D on their customers’ smartphones using AR (augmented reality) technology
Starbucks app – people can search for the store closest to their location
Walgreens app – customers check-in and receive discounts, create a shopping list, refill prescriptions, and get reminders to take their medicine. 

Future of SoLoMo Mobile Apps: Business owners are ensuring that their websites are WAP enabled for mobile and engage their potential & current customers via their smartphones. 

How to take advantage of the increasingly active smartphone-using customer base, gain more customers at little cost, and potentially greatly increase revenue with mobile advertising.  Businesses are creating apps that personalize opportunities and customize special offers for individual customers(in case they are old or repeat customers). There is a mad rush to build Mobile Apps to ensure and enhance as well customer engagement and loyalty.

14 September 2012


Creative Visualization: 

Its an Illusion or some mind trick or Brain washing???

If we look around, we will observe many professionals accomplish something in their carriers primarily because of their ability to think differently or innovatively.Today, every organization has a dream to have workforce that can come up with fresh and better ideas. The most unusual fact about generating ideas is that it doesn’t happen with hard work alone, it desires more than absolute thoroughness. Thus, if you too encounter necessitate of ideas quite often, here are a few guidelines for you:

Immense concentration
It is very important to be completely focused on an issue or a problem to think creatively on it. To ideate well you require extreme deliberation, so dodge interruptions while you get ready to think. Therefore, Search for a quite place and just fasten your mobile to stable your wits.

Elasticity in thought
On occasion, the strange ideas might produce amazing result, so don’t sack a proposal just because it seems peculiar to you, or because it challenges some rigid ideas, instead of that work on them. Also, don’t worry about time restraints while idea generation, as it influences the fineness of your thoughts.

Think simple
When you scrutinize ideas to merge them to get your objective, uphold them uncomplicated. Ideas that fit together in a plain, sound and complementary style can do wonders. Remember, a simple blend of ideas acquires you first-class results and it’s definitely fine innovation.

When you brainstorm on a particular matter with a group of people who propose different suggestions and inputs, it helps you to get new ideas rather easily. Hence don’t restrict yourself, go forward and seek out support from people around you.

Open Mind
It has been rather difficult to think creatively if you are anxious or frequently tense about a particular thing. We advise you to watch a movie or enjoy your favorite songs or have a cup of tea before getting back to work. It will relax your mind and help you to think better.

Your Family , Friends and Staff...Brainstorming
Suggestion Scheme.
Imitate the Industry Leaders or Businesses
Try doing something New
Rewards for Creative inputs
Hire More Interns from different Locations.

11 September 2012

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps, institute of digital marketing
Why there is Hype around  Mobile Apps?

 There are approximately 6 billion Smart Phones in the world (more then there are human beings), leads to the irrefutable conclusion that… ‘The Future is  Mobile’.

 Out of 900+ million  users, 300+ million are accessing Facebook via a mobile device, a need, and an opportunity to educate the business community about them. The intention of this post is to simplify Mobile Apps in order for any business owner to be able to make an educated decision on whether the Mobile application market is worth getting into, or not. In the Mobile App realm there are 2 broad kinds of apps: 

Mobile Apps Development 

1. Creative/Unique  Apps:  These are the “idea” apps usually  fresh and innovative. e.g.  Taxi Meter App. This App calculates the fare as you travel between locations.  SIRI, the Iphone’s intelligent personal assistant who is designed to help you get things done simply by asking it. The major disadvantage of conceiving, Designing and Developing an App apps is HUGE. Unique concepts are not everyone's cup of tea coupled with the complex engineering required to deliver these types of apps. Most people make their money by selling the app itself, another large segment monetizes and leverages the viral aspect of these apps. Example – Tiger Woods MySwing – $4.99 on iPhone $9.99 iPad – this has over 80K downloads in each version 

2. Functional Mobile Apps  It offers a functionality or an “augmentation” to an existing business process, either offline or as a web application, and you are building an application to further enhance it, or simply add mobility. we have numerous Functional Apps:  Wellness Apps Google Maps Application, Hotel Apps, Airline Apps, Banking Apps and many more…  a company that already engages with its customers or employees – who are mobile, identify its existing processes and enhance their functionality by building a new and improved app to further develop mobility and efficiency. 

To recognize and materialize this need requires ingenuity and expertise but the delivery of Process Augmentation apps is not a difficult undertaking for the most part. These apps are normally free but some cost from $5-$50+ to download. 

The monetization happens outside the app, essentially through the value enhancement that the app brings to the interaction between the business and the customer/employee. e.g.– Tripadvisor spent more than $200k to build this app, but they give it away for free. The added value this app brings to the users is what constitutes its real worth. The mobile world will continue to change the way we interact, the way we seek and receive information and, ultimately, the way we do business. Before any company decides whether it needs to engage the mobile playing field and develop a mobile application, outlining the specific role and utility of the application in rapport to the business requirements is key to ensuring its success. 

Advantages and Benefits of Mobile Apps. soon we’ll be using phones as

  •  identification
  •  license,
  •  passport,
  •  office pass
  •  as keys to unlock our car & apartment,
  •  as boarding passes and
  •  subway tickets

mobile, by nature, allows brands to  talk to the
right people at the right times in the rigth places

Future of Mobile Apps. these  trends will interact to reshape our lives. Each facilitates the other

content agreements, distribution channels, and strategic partnerships are being created behind the scenes to supply the hardware and software

Brands will create more of their own apps that tap into both geo-location services and social networking. Brands will also continue to increase the relevance of their messaging in traditional mobile ads by using more location targeting and embedding social content and shareability

There is merging of boundaries between mobile, online and TV.

TV and Social Media will fuel an explosion in tools, technologies &
platforms for interaction and research.“Social commerce”  to be careful not to tip the balance of engagement toward marketing if there is too much focus on selling instead of delivering an experience

Social media can be used to kick start conversations, build awareness and trial; sampling and couponing have tremendous popularity within fan pages while sneak previews/special offers can spur sales for new products online before they even reach traditional shelves.

08 September 2012

Disadvantage of Tech use by Terrorists.

Learning from India

Hamas has a Twitter Account
The recent Happenings in Assam, India is a Learning for entire world of how the False rumors of Muslim revenge attacks that was fueled by threats posted on social media websites and spread through text messages.coupled with Misleading cellphone text messages and other social media messages being circulated on Aug. 15, with warnings that Muslims would attack students and migrants from northeastern India.

 Threatening text messages also warned that northeastern Indian migrants would face reprisals if they had not left the area resulted in the exodus of over a lakh of students and professionals towards their home town. Helpless Govt could do very little and that too Late.

90 percent of organized terrorism on the Internet is occurring on social media websites.
“The most advanced of Western communication technology is, paradoxically, what the terror organizations are now using to fight the West,” Weimann said

Indian Government sources said the online content was prepared in Pakistan before July 13, and that digital media were used to rapidly spread “threats and counter-threats far and wide in India”. Over 200 URLs (uniform resource locator), the bulk of whose origin was traced to Pakistan, were identified by NTRO and shared with the Computer Emergency Response Team
International groups that have been declared terrorist organizations in the West, such as al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah, have shifted their recruitment to social networks like Facebook and Twitter to attract members across borders and gather intelligence, "Today, about 90 per cent of organized terrorism on the internet is being carried out through social media. By using these tools, the organizations are able to be active in recruiting new friends without geographical limitations," said Gabriel Weimann, of the University of Haifa.( who did over 10+ yrs of research online and has numerous proofs of it)
"The social media is enabling the terror organizations to take initiatives by making "friend" requests, uploading video clips and the like and they no longer have to make do with the passive tools available on regular websites."  Aside from recruitment, Facebook is being used by these organizations to gather military and political intelligence, Weimann said.
"Many users don't even bother finding out who they are confirming as 'friend' and to whom they are providing access to a large amount of information on their personal life. The terrorists themselves, in parallel, are able to create false profiles that enable them to get into highly visible groups," he said.
For example, a statement from Lebanon has stated that Hezbollah is searching for material on the Israeli army's Facebook activity. Countries such as the U.S., Canada and the U.K. have instructed their military personnel to remove personal information from Facebook in case al-Qaeda is monitoring it, said Weimann.
These groups are also openly using social media as a platform to share "professional" information, he added, pointing to an exchange found on the open, non-coded forum belonging to Hamas's military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades: "I have a kilogram of acetone. I want to know how to make an explosive with it to blow up a military jeep." Another member promptly provided the instructions.
"The most advanced of Western communication technology is, paradoxically, what the terror organizations are now using to fight the West," Weimann said.
"Established terrorist cells have found social media to be a useful communication tool - Facebook, Twitter," News.com.au quoted by Mr. Paterson.
"Facebook can be a recruitment tool (but) Twitter is more for operational communication," he added. Paterson stressed that social media has also encouraged the rise of home-grown terrorism, particularly among 'disaffected loners sometimes on the margins of society,' adding that Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik is a prime example.
He also pointed out that in democratic countries where internet censorship is seen as an 'infringement of freedom of information' or a breach on civil liberties, stopping terrorists from communicating on social media is difficult.
 Kholmann, has enough proofs to illustrate Internet continually becoming ever more potent tool for “soft” psychological warfare – militants boasting of accomplishments and creating the Hype, Excitement amongst the fundamentalist to join their Bandwagon. i.e. while he was alive, American cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki preached heated inducements to jihad from Yemen. His Talks were fiery, exciting, and that too in English.Another Best cited Example is that of  Colleen who became (in)famous by her new adopted character “Jihad Jane,” and was eventually charged with conspiracy to commit murder and support of terrorists.