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Creative Visualization: 

Its an Illusion or some mind trick or Brain washing???

If we look around, we will observe many professionals accomplish something in their carriers primarily because of their ability to think differently or innovatively.Today, every organization has a dream to have workforce that can come up with fresh and better ideas. The most unusual fact about generating ideas is that it doesn’t happen with hard work alone, it desires more than absolute thoroughness. Thus, if you too encounter necessitate of ideas quite often, here are a few guidelines for you:

Immense concentration
It is very important to be completely focused on an issue or a problem to think creatively on it. To ideate well you require extreme deliberation, so dodge interruptions while you get ready to think. Therefore, Search for a quite place and just fasten your mobile to stable your wits.

Elasticity in thought
On occasion, the strange ideas might produce amazing result, so don’t sack a proposal just because it seems peculiar to you, or because it challenges some rigid ideas, instead of that work on them. Also, don’t worry about time restraints while idea generation, as it influences the fineness of your thoughts.

Think simple
When you scrutinize ideas to merge them to get your objective, uphold them uncomplicated. Ideas that fit together in a plain, sound and complementary style can do wonders. Remember, a simple blend of ideas acquires you first-class results and it’s definitely fine innovation.

When you brainstorm on a particular matter with a group of people who propose different suggestions and inputs, it helps you to get new ideas rather easily. Hence don’t restrict yourself, go forward and seek out support from people around you.

Open Mind
It has been rather difficult to think creatively if you are anxious or frequently tense about a particular thing. We advise you to watch a movie or enjoy your favorite songs or have a cup of tea before getting back to work. It will relax your mind and help you to think better.

Your Family , Friends and Staff...Brainstorming
Suggestion Scheme.
Imitate the Industry Leaders or Businesses
Try doing something New
Rewards for Creative inputs
Hire More Interns from different Locations.

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