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Ekalavya of Digital-Marketing

'Webucation is the next GREAT growth opportunity ... According to Peter Drucker in Forbes Magazine

WEBUCATION is education, Skills  and knowledge imparting via the InternetOnline Training is Normally being called as Home based learning or Self paced Learning
How does Online Learning take place?You will get access to e-learning modules specially developed by domain experts and elearning specialists. We will  Just like classroom programs, your interaction sessions with the faculty will happen every Sat and Sun. We will soon have weekday batches also. This will happen either on a webinar or call conference mode. Popular reasons and some in-famous Things for not opting  ?We've listed down some which we know. If your reason is not among these, you need to get in touch  with us so that we can update this page :) 1 - I Love one-on-one interaction with facultyWe'd like to take this one head on : yes, true that face-to-face interaction is great but our mix of elearning modules (see examp…


Customer is King.......Customer is God

Marketing is evolving faster than we Think of it. Its becoming complex and precise in pace with the Technological changes that are brought forth by Technologies be it in Internet, Mobile, Communication or Conversion.
In 19th century there exist only one word ....SALE which Gradually evolved to Marketing....and Now its What Customer THINKS....Yes thats True Business Entities are going out of the way to know and Understand what goes on in their Minds and Heads of Customers such that they are Fastest in Knowing the needs and preparing Reliable proven structurs in Existence for their BUSINESS to grow and flourish in this COMPETITIVE world.  
Engaging the customer via host of Interactive tools  has given marketers the ability and confidence to foresee beyond the current Paradigms.This has ensured repeat business coupled with Inspiration of  having customers into advocates & Brand Ambassadors on the Social media resulting in Exponential Customer . 
1. …

Decide On The Affiliate Marketing Techniques To Craft More Money

In this day and age, all the people are testing out distinguished ways to earn money with the intention of satisfying their desires in life. Out of the large directories presented to the public, Affiliate marketingis one of the renowned preferences by the populace to earn huge profits. Normally, these types of marketing are carried out by the affiliates who are having a website or a blog. The affiliates will be promoting the products of some prominent firm in the society so as to enhance their sales percentage.

The affiliates or publishers will be promoting the product by means of the links given by the advertisers or the company owners. If anyone had purchased the company’s product by visiting the website of the affiliate, the company will proffer the precise commissions for them.  With the assistance of the Affiliate marketing, the publishers and the advertisers will be getting more earnings in no time. As the publishers are promoting the sales of the advertiser’s company, the adver…

Online-Advertising – The High-Flying Prospect For Enhancing The Life Standards

In these days, nearly everyone is looking for the Internet to procure something which they need. Due to the response for the Internet among the society, almost all the companies have launched their online promotion website with the attention grabbing offers and products. This promotion stratagem comes under the category of the renowned tool for income, Online-Advertising. Online marketing has become the high-flying preferences for the populace who are having fondness in earning profits. This is a sort of promotional opportunities offered by the World Wide Web network to the people.

The Online-Advertising encompasses advertising option such as banner ads, email marketing, classified adverting through online option, advertising through social networking sites and so on. Through the online marketing preference, one can earn money by means of the revenue opportunities accessible to them. Some of the models for acquiring earnings are Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Visitor (CPV), Cost Per Imp…

Social Media Marketing.... Success Stories

Business Growth with LinkedIn