21 November 2012


Get present to the Shifts from ME to We that are Unfolding Rapidly Globally

The newly released Best seller book “Pendulum offers fascinating insights into the surprises and revelations of shifting social trends by renowned Authors  Roy H. Williams and Michael Drew 

social-media-strategy,  Institute of digital Marketing

“If you're Exploring to understand on why we do what we do, then here is the answer for it

 Roy and Drew both have explored the periodically continual  shifts in society from ancient times to now and created a blueprint of Global Society. 

Their Book is Helping the World decipher the Success of Social media in the Virtual World,  Digital Marketing Research helps us to understand our clients, to understand the market, to understand our own motivations enabling firm foothold and Confidence for our Action-Plans.

“How do you predict what kind of society we're in?  How do you know when's the right time to make a difference? their Guide book helps anyone is thinking about

"how to live in the now—and in the future.”

“In today's business environment you need to anticipate and understand consumers as never before. You need to drive change and create step-and-repeat processes. the Authors have uncovered the secrets to how society shifts from generation to generation—and why that matters to all of us.”
—and how we can understand not only 

'where we are, but where we're going.”

 book provides insight to social trends that will emerge in the years to come. 

 help you better understand society and social behavior like it has never before been explained. 

 It will open your eyes to exactly what is happening in the world today and how your business must respond. "

 humans swing from selfish to social every generation or so, and civilization swings with us. 

"Times change, but some things remain consistent: People either think of themselves or of others.  their razor-sharp look at cultural shifts over the last 3,000 years (and the next ones too). 
Roy williams popularly known as “the Wizard of Ads”  emphasizes on  “What makes people do the things they do?”  coupled with him is, Michael R. Drew  who is a known Expert for ... increasing sales in a natural manner, and maximizing the depth and longevity of that relationship through its Persona Architecture and Platform Building programs. 


Content need not be the King but
Quality Content will always be the Emperor.....!!!!

Content,  Institute of digital Marketing

Purpose: Whenever we intend to prepare the content be it a website, article or book, research paper etc we need to know the end Objective of it. What Goal are we going to achieve from it.

e.g. To have rich, original, Novel, Interactive (visual+audio) Collaborative Content of vital use for our customers on continual basis for our portal.

Target Audiences:    for whom the Article/content is being written. Begin with them in mind.
e.g. 1. Students (BE ( IT/CS) , Bsc/MSc (IT/CS) , BCA/MCA, BBA/BBM,  MBA (Mktg/Systems),
       2. Professionals:  in sales/Mktg already working in offline or IT professionals who wish to switch    
        3. Corporates:   
·         who intend to hire Digital mktg Employess, Freelancers, Consultants or Companies
·         Looking for individuals and organizations for solutions to market their  products/services
·         Digital marketing product and services companies.
·         Interns and Summer trainees for their ongoing projects.

Content Inventory:
This acts as the data bank for our content plan, It may consists of Books, ebooks, newspaper articles, magazines, online articles etc.
List content to be included in your Web site. For each content item, identify the source for the content. This may include specific documents and/or individuals within your organization who will prepare/create the content.
Content Item
Source/Location of Content/person
Accreditation india/abroad

Testimonials ???

Courses, its contents, manual, study material, ppt , books, videos etc
To many subsections in this
Job section home page
Format for submission and search

Directory home page
Format for submission & search

Training home pages(online/offline)

Newsletter format

Blog home page & contents on it

Contents to be put on face book, twitter, linkedin

Download section

Affiliate section, franchise

Digital Marketing Basket

Skill Based Training

Curriculum – Digital Marketing

Faculty information structure

Online Advertising

Events –our own & market events

Interaction Inventory
List interactive features/forms to be included in your Web site. For each item, identify  the person(s) within your organization that have information needed to create the interaction.

Description/Contact Person
Job section,
 Job seekers’

Directory listing
What will make companies & consultants, freelancers submit their details to our website?

1. Online training module set-up
i.e. configuration and later contents to be uploaded there.links to existing contents

2. getting the existing people who share all over internet globally on various websites to share and upload their contents with us.

Offline training
Live chat

Shopping cart+ payment gateway
Sale of books, audios, videos, programmes, trainings, softwares and other products

Information Structure: 
How will be thge flow of communication on our website/book
the start....middle...end

Outline of content to be included in our Web site. 
Main headings in the outline should correspond to groups of content that should be available from the home page of our Web site.
We remove all the existing distractions on home page and make it simple for the 3 target market categories…may be we can just make two categories(clubbing students and professionals into one…Think and do whats appropriate and beneficial to us.)
Images on website are good: just need to have more of interactive and eye catching, reduce the TEXT… on home page so the clutter text is not hindrance
to sum up

16 November 2012

Google Hangout

Google Plus Hangouts is a group video conferencing service,  with features that can match professional video conferencing solutions. Starting a Hangout is easy and  free!  with Google+ account. 

After installating  supporting software place your webcam proper position and check the audio inputs up to 10 different users or groups of individuals at one location can join the hangout and multi video chat and collaborate. 

 Innovative case studies for Google Plus Hangouts in education:

Google Hangout, Google Plus, Google, Institute of Digital Marketing
Google Hangout

Be in 10 Places at the Same Time,  one can invite up to nine additional classes or individuals to participate in the class— perfect for multi-campus institutes where there is perhaps only one teacher for a specialized discipline but a few students in various campuses interested in learning, or for that matter for sick or travelling students who are not able to attend the class. Or for guest lectures, for that matter—it might be cost-prohibitive for small schools to bring in experts for in-person lectures, but just about anyone can ask to connect with an expert over Hangouts, bringing a valuable resource into the classroom.

Collaborative Research/ Projects/Events: If you have the need to collaborate or brainstorm with a set of non-residential students around an event or research study after hours, why make them stay on campus when they can easily join the discussion from their own homes? Better still, this is a perfect way to invite a subject matter expert to participate in the discussions without the pain of travelling. What’s more, Google now allows users to add and create docs in Google Hangouts, making it easy to collaboratively edit documents right in the middle of a Hangout!

Campus Previews: Using pre-scheduled Hangouts, admissions counselors can chat with students and discuss what it’s like to attend their college or university. Using the power of smartphones and wireless networks, what’s to prevent your admissions department from conducting a live virtual tour for prospective or confirmed students?

Recruitment Chats: The bane of campus placement cells is companies from across the country unwilling to travel on campus. With Google+ Hangouts, placement departments can set up virtual college job fair, offering Q&A sessions for the admissions process and even highlighting important people on campus like department chairs, and going further, allow for interviews of shortlisted candidates by company personnel without stepping out of their offices!

Virtual Office Hours: As an educator, it can be difficult to schedule face to face time with all your students on campus, but with Hangouts, teachers can designate a time to address individual or class questions and concerns in a once-a-week post-hours session. These can be extended to help sessions to assist students who may need a little extra support in grasping specific nuances of a subject. Review Lectures: If your educators regularly post their teaching videos on YouTube, they can integrate them into a Hangout, and allow the audience to simply re-watch your lecture within the Hangout, pausing for re-teaching or re-emphasizing a specific point.

Career Spotlights: Do you have a close relationship with your students’ parents? You can invite parents who are in particular industries of interest to log on onto a Hangout and host a career spotlight explaining what working in their industries entails. An industry outreach programme with the corporate sector, possibly with alumni placed successfully in these sectors, can achieve the same. Recent graduates can connect with current students through Hangouts, offering personal chats on what life is like after graduation and the specific areas of development for the current batches to be better prepared to address the needs of the industry.

Indian Digital-Marketing KPO's

Indian digital marketing has become an recognized method of promotion both solutions and products via electronic programs created available by impressive designers companies online and other digital resources. 
Indian Online Marketing, Institute of digital Marketing
India is estimated to touch close to Rs 2,000 crore in the next two years.

Google India Rs 850 crore,  is the biggest player even more than any other channel in the country, followed by Facebook, linkedin, Yahoo, Rediff, Indiamart, Indiatimes and sulekha to name the few

This is a simple meaning of the term created available to the average person. In reality, the opportunity of online promotion is not limited to the above mentioned but it also programs to programming like in fax, speech or RSS, podcasts, the ever popular writing a blog, text messages and many others.

Many organizations all around the planet have been recognized to are experts on Look for Motor Marketing also known as SEO. SEO is but one of the many programs that is utilized by the online promotion Market and is widely used as well.

Online railway tickets purchase has crossed  Rs 5,500 crore , while that of airline tickets is close to Rs 12,500 crore

SEO is a great strategy to get more visitors to a website being marketed for various requirements. Since the beginning of the Techno Era, our dependency to the globally web cannot be assisted. This makes the World Wide Web become the most highly effective and most widely used method of our moment. In the course of the creating online promotion industry, these organizations were able to equipment up with employees that are experts on all the factors concerning the market itself.

Indian Digital-Marketing KPO's, Institute of Digital Marketing
Indian Digital-Marketing KPO's
A promoters goal is to put you at the top side and to create sure that you are revealed to your focus on audience in whatever industry it is you are managing in. Also to create your existence known to those who seek it online 24 hours a day. Most often than not, individuals of this generation depend intensely online and putting you up on the top side line when they hit search is what they create happen for you.

The solutions provided by numerous Digital-marketing KPO;s  are in following Areas:

SEO or Look for Motor Optimization

This is done by creating websites or resources that has the key words or words in it that hyperlinks to the main website. With this, trips or visitors is increased and the possibility of ending a sale by client's verdict is improved as well. Additionally, the possibility of finding your website through these hyperlinks is brought up and the prospective clients will likely consider it convenient.

Obviously this will send marketing to prospects by delivering materials via e-mail suggesting the service(s) provided and the weblink to the website that serves such. This will focus on mostly those that could not be searching for the products or solutions but may understand it as a need after reading the interaction.

This takes contact with an advanced level. As we know, based on study performed on People in america, about 23% of enough time individuals usually spends online is on Public Social networking websites. This will allow the recommended visibility of the weblink to all ages rationally individuals from all of all ages. This will benefit the company in growing the consumer base by increasing the number of audience.

Paid Look for also known as Pay-per-Click

Indian Digital-Marketing , Institute of digital marketingBecause of the progression in technology not only are these organizations able to obtain real-time reviews of the opinions it also produces a relatively more genuine numbers to reflect on to use as either make use of or a point to improve products or solutions.
Lastly Content Writing to entire Digital-marketing processes being Outsourced to India are making the rounds in News.
M&A , Buy-outs, Partnerships or sale of stake would be a routine affair in this Industry in the days to come.

Bravo India.Get Ready.

15 November 2012

Obama success via Link-spirals

How were Obama & Romney Competing in Digital space

Obama success via Link-spirals, Institute of Digital Marketing
Obama success via Link-spirals
2008 was the hallmark for use of Technology in Politics.Worlds Politicians shifted their attention to Social-media not because they were fancied by it but Politicians understood their presence and engagement with the new breed of citizens via Digital medium is Vital.

One of the finest mix of digital communication channels that even the techo-wizards are wondering The Digital world knows of Link wheel a normally used slang in digital-domain for linking their website with their own online properties by wheel-spoke arrangement.

The Secret is now out its not the Link Wheel but Link Spirals that Mr. Obama and his Genius Designed and Executed systematically.
Politicians are now devising the Digital strategy as an Integral part of their Campaigns to ensure their win in polls.

Online Consultants have conducted enough Deep Research and have come out with the Best Practices Guide for Politicians going for Polls which enumerates detailed Do's and Don'ts.

perfect mix of website-mobile site, Deep integration with all social-media sites, email marketing and online display ads

The Trinity was
1. Customer Acquisition
2. Customer Engagement
3. Customer Analytic's

via website being the central hub of all its activities while its other virtual properties as spokes feeding the hub, later the spokes get transformed as secondary-hubs thereby creating more spokes creating a Whirl around the central HUB.

Lastly to sum up it was all Link wheels intertwined together as spokes and those spokes acting as hub for the wheel.

Captology i.e.website credibility

Captology: The study of computers as persuasive technologies

What is Website Credibility:

Website Credibilty, Institute of Digital Marketing
Website Credibilty

With ever increasing Global Competition and we spending time to acquire customers, then retain them, So just get  focused  to provide the best experience for your site’s visitors on the grounds of the fierce competition present in this field of activity.
 Facts matter most not  promises,in an online world. web visitors need to Experience that you are trustful and that you intend to keep your promises as you say in your webvertisements.

Credibility is an outcome of multiple complex Processes. Experts categorize them into

"trustworthiness" and "expertise" as the two main components of credibility. At the same time, it is important to differentiate between trust, which is related more to "dependability" and credibility, which is connected to the idea of "believability".  { Ref www.avantgate.com }

Why does online  credibility  matter?

Credibility is essential in order to make people: register, click on your ads, download software, and eventually, resort to your services. Therefore, website credibility can be identified to some extent with the idea of a successful business. Credibility is vital in order to make users return to your page.

Very few people take credibility for a specialized issue to deal with; they concentrate their attention rather on factors like site design, most of the time resulting in a failure to complete all the requirements for a credible website.

The Prominence-Interpretation Theory, also known as P-I Theory, asserts that a credibility assessment needs two elements: a person who observes an object and reacts through comments about it. What is worth mentioning is that both should exist in order fro a credibility evaluation to take place.

Tips to have for credible website:
Here are some of the most common methods employed by web users in order to make their site more believable; most of them are based on the current trends and partially on the previously mentioned research.

What you should notice is the fact that these steps will help you improve your sales, and will aid you in creating a respectful image in eyes of your visitors.

1. Publish names & photos of real people (Your Actual Team-members)!

this will have the team members a deep sense of belonging & self-respect, and on the other hand, visitors will think higher of your site. 

2. Mention your Full Brick and Mortar Address (Physical)

3. Provide the clients with quick, flexible answers to their needs.

4. Make your site useful to visitors!

5. Publish information that can be easily verified Being sensitive to your  customers   Provide useful information to public, Demonstrate that you care for them, Make a clear distinction between advertisement and content that you provide as People are Smart to sense it.
6. Design  Pleasant and Interactive thats pulling visitor inside, involving them, calling for Action. Make your site accessible, simple domain name that remembers itself, home page should load faster.
7. Regular upgradation of contents, matter, user-friendliness and most important services.
9. Convince satisfied customer to give you a testimonial 

  • Obtain links to your site 
  • Optimize your site for search engines  
  • Give links to credible websites 
  • Display awards that you have had received from the distinguished and reputed third party will Enhance your Image.

Advance Considerations:

What makes online visitors when they land on your webpage (website of Page on social-marketing site)....Get to know the Process and Analytics will help you to refine it

Imitate the strategies being followed by Experts and Market Leaders it will help you a lot as they have done enough research on users evaluation to build their credibility online?

Understand and Adapt relevant factors that influence the design and the considerations and strategies so formulated are they helping You Grow.

How and why the process of evaluating the credibility of Web is different from those of a human face-to-face interaction, or in other contexts offline?

Our Mission at IDM  is to act as a Platform for Promoting research and discussion about the reliability of the Web coupled with Collaboration with academic research groups and industry.

13 November 2012


 Currently the market is dominated by three major platforms today are: 
  1. iOS, 
  2. Android and 
  3. Blackberry. 
Mobile Development, Mobile Marketing, mobile apps
Mobile Development

Mobile Apps Opportunities

Consumers Choices are varied and keep changing, they want more for less For many organizations that means parallel development on incompatible platforms. For iOS that means  Objective C, for Android and Blackberry it’s Java. One can observe that though Android and Blackberry are both in the Java family, their GUIs are absolutely different. 
Q4 release of Windows 8 Mobile is making waves with Microsoft banging for its Presence in the mobile space again. Supporting Windows Mobile would necessitate creating a development team to work in C#, yet another incompatible language.

(BYOD) policy:

An alternative to doing parallel development on multiple platforms is to consider platform independent application development. Today using a combination of HTML5 and JavaScript it is possible to create mobile applications that run natively on nearly every mobile device and do not require a browser! Of course HTML5 and JavaScript are normally thought of as Web technologies.

An alternative to doing parallel development on multiple platforms is to consider platform independent application development. Today using a combination of HTML5 and JavaScript it is possible to create mobile applications that run natively on nearly every mobile device and do not require a browser! Of course HTML5 and JavaScript are normally thought of as Web technologies.

Using API: developers can write HTML and JavaScript code from the numerous freely available API's of HTML5 that can be packaged to run as a native application on all of the major mobile platforms. These technologies, combined with a powerful mobile JavaScript library like JQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch, make a compelling solution to simplify and standardize mobile development for a variety of platforms.
One of the challenges for new  entrant in the mobile space is deciding which mobile platforms to support/choose
Though HTML 5 is in the pipeline but it still has time for arrival and stabilization followed by acceptance and enough Awareness in the marketplace.
In case of devices issued by organizations (e.g. company issued an iPhone) the problem is relatively easy as the organization easily standardizes on a single platform and single device.
Even organizations that provide devices to employees will find themselves under pressure from the rank and file to allow a Bring Your Own Device to the workplace. e.g. Now Facebook wants all its employees who currently use iPhone to use their OS though not directly but covertly

Mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing, mobile apps, mobile development, mobile,Institute of digital marketing
Mobile Marketing
One can consider having a mobile strategy too to promote their  Products  and services, mobile marketing can be a very useful if your target market happens to be mobile  savvy. Business owners are always looking for affordable and efficient methods to improve their profits, this kind of promotion can just be the right choice. Thanks to the mobile technology Compared to the traditional promotion techniques such as using advertisements, paper ads, TV ads etc; using cellular promotion is more useful as well as affordable.

Mobile Apps and Mobile Marketing

The reason for the growing popularity of cellular promotion is that mobile cellphone users have consistently been improving. About 90% of the U.S. Mobile Phone population creates use of SMS/Text. You would be surprised to know that about 95% of all SMS information are study as soon as they are sent. It means that if you would sent out SMS advertising your goods and services, there are 100% possibilities of it being study. This way you can present your organization or product/service directly to your potential viewers. They will get to study about your goods and services immediately and you will be able to improve your earnings.
Mobile promotion is also very popular because of its cost. As opposed to promotion on TV or radio, using this method of interaction for promotion is much simpler. However, to make use of SMS promotion in the best possible manner, you must come up with an efficient concept. It should be relevant, brief and useful so that you can efficiently connect with your potential clients. If you cannot create an effect cellular promotion concept on your own, you can take professional help. The more efficient your concept is, the higher will be your possibilities of improving your revenue.
The efficiency and cost of mobile marketing is affordable. This is why when you come up with a strategy for your organization do not forget to discover and utilize the choice of mobile marketing as it can give you phones close to them all the time and when your concept gets to them, you will certainly be able to present your organization and goods and services which will in turn help you increase your revenue.
Mobile Marketing Is It Able To Preserve The Economy? Is it possible that mobile promotion could save the economy? Well, not single handedly, it will play a significant move in increasing the size of client expenses. One factor you can say for sure - clients will purchase anything if the price is right. Imagine a gas place that provided discount rates on gas at described times of the day. Think about late night mayhem gas benefits (the name alone would pick up my attention). Say you are resting in bed and get a text that your local community gas place sent out a text stating that they provided a decrease on gas at nighttime. They might result in a traffic obstruction with the number of individuals that will be out there. I see individuals right now generating several prevents out of the way to avoid wasting a cent. Who Should Be Using Cellular Marketing? Any company with a client platform can make use of the power of mobile promotion. Consider the before that you individually purchased something. It can be anything, from the detergent that you use, to the washing laundry detergent. Think about where you purchased it from. Now think about all of the companies around you where you may have obtained the very same factor from. The bottom line is individuals do company with the ones that provide them the most value. By taking advantage of Cellular Marketing you are including value to your company for your clients. Your clients will be able to get core details, provides, and other provides that they would others sensible not have entry to if they didn't opt-in to your mobile promotion list.
will soon have featured articles on the following too
  1. Mobile Trends
  2. Mobile campaign ROI
  3. Mobile strategy