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Get present to the Shifts from ME to We that are Unfolding Rapidly Globally

The newly released Best seller book “Pendulum offers fascinating insights into the surprises and revelations of shifting social trends by renowned Authors  Roy H. Williams and Michael Drew 

“If you're Exploring to understand on why we do what we do, then here is the answer for it

 Roy and Drew both have explored the periodically continual  shifts in society from ancient times to now and created a blueprint of Global Society. 

Their Book is Helping the World decipher the Success of Social media in the Virtual World, Digital Marketing Research helps us to understand our clients, to understand the market, to understand our own motivations enabling firm foothold and Confidence for our Action-Plans.

“How do you predict what kind of society we're in?  How do you know when's the right time to make a difference? their Guide book helps anyone is thinking about

"how to live in the now—and in the future.”
“In t…


Content need not be the King but Quality Content will always be the Emperor.....!!!!

Purpose:Whenever we intend to prepare the content be it a website, article or book, research paper etc we need to know the end Objective of it. What Goal are we going to achieve from it.e.g. To have rich, original, Novel, Interactive (visual+audio) Collaborative Content of vital use for our customers on continual basis for our portal.Target Audiences:   for whom the Article/content is being written. Begin with them in mind. e.g. 1. Students (BE ( IT/CS) , Bsc/MSc (IT/CS) , BCA/MCA, BBA/BBM,  MBA (Mktg/Systems),        2. Professionals:  in sales/Mktg already working in offline or IT professionals who wish to switch             3. Corporates:    ·who intend to hire Digital mktg Employess, Freelancers, Consultants or Companies ·Looking for individuals and organizations for solutions to market their  products/services ·Digital marketing product and services companies. ·Interns and Summer trainees for their ongoi…

Google Hangout

Google Plus Hangouts is a group video conferencing service,  with features that can match professional video conferencing solutions. Starting a Hangout is easy and  free!  with Google+ account. 
After installating  supporting software place your webcam proper position and check the audio inputs up to 10 different users or groups of individuals at one location can join the hangout and multi video chat and collaborate. 
 Innovative case studies for Google Plus Hangouts in education:

Be in 10 Places at the Same Time,  one can invite up to nine additional classes or individuals to participate in the class— perfect for multi-campus institutes where there is perhaps only one teacher for a specialized discipline but a few students in various campuses interested in learning, or for that matter for sick or travelling students who are not able to attend the class. Or for guest lectures, for that matter—it might be cost-prohibitive for small schools to bring in experts for in-person lectures, but j…

Indian Digital-Marketing KPO's

Indiandigital marketing has become an recognized method of promotion both solutions and products via electronic programs created available by impressive designers companies online and other digital resources. 
India is estimated to touch close to Rs 2,000 crore in the next two years.

Google India Rs 850 crore,  is the biggest player even more than any other channel in the country, followed by Facebook, linkedin, Yahoo, Rediff, Indiamart, Indiatimes and sulekha to name the few

This is a simple meaning of the term created available to the average person. In reality, the opportunity of online promotion is not limited to the above mentioned but it also programs to programming like in fax, speech or RSS, podcasts, the ever popular writing a blog, text messages and many others.

Many organizations all around the planet have been recognized to are experts on Look for Motor Marketing also known as SEO. SEO is but one of the many programs that is utilized by the online promotion Market and is widel…

Obama success via Link-spirals

How were Obama & Romney Competing in Digital space

2008 was the hallmark for use of Technology in Politics.Worlds Politicians shifted their attention to Social-media not because they were fancied by it but Politicians understood their presence and engagement with the new breed of citizens via Digital medium is Vital.

One of the finest mix of digital communication channels that even the techo-wizards are wondering TheDigital worldknows of Link wheel a normally used slang in digital-domain for linking their website with their own online properties by wheel-spoke arrangement.
The Secret is now out its not the Link Wheel but Link Spirals that Mr. Obama and his Genius Designed and Executed systematically. Politicians are now devising the Digital strategy as an Integral part of their Campaigns to ensure their win in polls.
Online Consultants have conducted enough Deep Research and have come out with the Best Practices Guide for Politicians going for Polls which enumerates detailed Do's a…

Captology credibility

Captology: The study of computers as persuasive technologies

What is Website Credibility:

With ever increasing Global Competition and we spending time to acquire customers, then retain them, So just get  focused  to provide the best experience for your site’s visitors on the grounds of the fierce competition present in this field of activity.  Facts matter most not  promises,in an online world. web visitors need to Experience that you are trustful and that you intend to keep your promises as you say in your webvertisements.

Credibility is an outcome of multiple complex Processes. Experts categorize them into
"trustworthiness" and "expertise" as the two main components of credibility. At the same time, it is important to differentiate between trust, which is related more to "dependability" and credibility, which is connected to the idea of "believability".  { Ref }

Why does online  credibility  matter?

Credibility is essential in orde…


Currently the market is dominated by three major platforms today are:  iOS, Android and Blackberry. 
Mobile Apps Opportunities
Consumers Choices are varied and keep changing, they want more for less For many organizations that means parallel development on incompatible platforms. For iOS that means  Objective C, for Android and Blackberry it’s Java. One can observe that though Android and Blackberry are both in the Java family, their GUIs are absolutely different.  Q4 release of Windows 8 Mobile is making waves with Microsoft banging for its Presence in the mobile space again. Supporting Windows Mobile would necessitate creating a development team to work in C#, yet another incompatible language.
(BYOD) policy:
An alternative to doing parallel development on multiple platforms is to consider platform independent application development. Today using a combination of HTML5 and JavaScript it is possible to create mobile applications that run natively on nearly every mobile device and do not r…

Mobile marketing

One can consider having a mobile strategy too to promote their  Products  and services, mobile marketing can be a very useful if your target market happens to be mobile  savvy. Business owners are always looking for affordable and efficient methods to improve their profits, this kind of promotion can just be the right choice. Thanks to the mobile technology Compared to the traditional promotion techniques such as using advertisements, paper ads, TV ads etc; using cellular promotion is more useful as well as affordable.

Mobile Apps and Mobile Marketing

The reason for the growing popularity of cellular promotion is that mobile cellphone users have consistently been improving. About 90% of the U.S. Mobile Phone population creates use of SMS/Text. You would be surprised to know that about 95% of all SMS information are study as soon as they are sent. It means that if you would sent out SMS advertising your goods and services, there are 100% possibilities of it being study. This…