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Captology credibility

Captology: The study of computers as persuasive technologies

What is Website Credibility:

Website Credibilty, Institute of Digital Marketing
Website Credibilty

With ever increasing Global Competition and we spending time to acquire customers, then retain them, So just get  focused  to provide the best experience for your site’s visitors on the grounds of the fierce competition present in this field of activity.
 Facts matter most not  promises,in an online world. web visitors need to Experience that you are trustful and that you intend to keep your promises as you say in your webvertisements.

Credibility is an outcome of multiple complex Processes. Experts categorize them into

"trustworthiness" and "expertise" as the two main components of credibility. At the same time, it is important to differentiate between trust, which is related more to "dependability" and credibility, which is connected to the idea of "believability".  { Ref }

Why does online  credibility  matter?

Credibility is essential in order to make people: register, click on your ads, download software, and eventually, resort to your services. Therefore, website credibility can be identified to some extent with the idea of a successful business. Credibility is vital in order to make users return to your page.

Very few people take credibility for a specialized issue to deal with; they concentrate their attention rather on factors like site design, most of the time resulting in a failure to complete all the requirements for a credible website.

The Prominence-Interpretation Theory, also known as P-I Theory, asserts that a credibility assessment needs two elements: a person who observes an object and reacts through comments about it. What is worth mentioning is that both should exist in order fro a credibility evaluation to take place.

Tips to have for credible website:
Here are some of the most common methods employed by web users in order to make their site more believable; most of them are based on the current trends and partially on the previously mentioned research.

What you should notice is the fact that these steps will help you improve your sales, and will aid you in creating a respectful image in eyes of your visitors.

1. Publish names & photos of real people (Your Actual Team-members)!

this will have the team members a deep sense of belonging & self-respect, and on the other hand, visitors will think higher of your site. 

2. Mention your Full Brick and Mortar Address (Physical)

3. Provide the clients with quick, flexible answers to their needs.

4. Make your site useful to visitors!

5. Publish information that can be easily verified Being sensitive to your  customers   Provide useful information to public, Demonstrate that you care for them, Make a clear distinction between advertisement and content that you provide as People are Smart to sense it.
6. Design  Pleasant and Interactive thats pulling visitor inside, involving them, calling for Action. Make your site accessible, simple domain name that remembers itself, home page should load faster.
7. Regular upgradation of contents, matter, user-friendliness and most important services.
9. Convince satisfied customer to give you a testimonial 

  • Obtain links to your site 
  • Optimize your site for search engines  
  • Give links to credible websites 
  • Display awards that you have had received from the distinguished and reputed third party will Enhance your Image.

Advance Considerations:

What makes online visitors when they land on your webpage (website of Page on social-marketing site)....Get to know the Process and Analytics will help you to refine it

Imitate the strategies being followed by Experts and Market Leaders it will help you a lot as they have done enough research on users evaluation to build their credibility online?

Understand and Adapt relevant factors that influence the design and the considerations and strategies so formulated are they helping You Grow.

How and why the process of evaluating the credibility of Web is different from those of a human face-to-face interaction, or in other contexts offline?

Our Mission at IDM  is to act as a Platform for Promoting research and discussion about the reliability of the Web coupled with Collaboration with academic research groups and industry.

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