12 September 2013

Effects of PC & Console games on Kids and their future { Generation Next }

Interviewer : What are your hobbies ?
Candidate{obese} : Cricket , Basket ball , Football ,Volleyball etc .I play all sorts of sports.
Interviewer : Are you really a sportsman ?
Candidate{obese} : Ohh! yes sir I have all my game saved on my "PC"
'Interviewer Faints'
The society might face such a problem as more and more kids are getting attracted towards PC games and other games online because of which they have started ignoring outdoor sports and other social activities.
These games are so addictive that people end up playing the same game throughout the day. Spending many hours in front of the monitor and not going out enough could also cause social problems thus resulting in them becoming shy and introvert. Though the games do provide certain benefits , the question is how much and is it really worthwhile.
In few years the society is going to face such a serious problem , where the playgrounds will be alloted to the builders and youngsters would be breaking records in online games.
As scientists says "We humans do have a tail bone but no tail, that is just because it is not used" , similarly in few decade human would have only 4 fingers without a 'pinky' as it is not used at all for any kind of a physical activity".

                                                                                                                      - Abhishek Sheth

Mobile Trends 2013

Bright Future Lies Ahead…

Mobile continues to be a key and growing strategy for many companies as browsing information, shopping and networking all go mobile. The growing percentage of internet traffic from various devices by itself should be convincing for marketers to increase their mobile marketing budget. As the technology becomes more and more advanced,
Vaibhav Kubadiamarketing will become more integrated and real-time and marketers have much to look forward to in 2013 and beyond. So there is no doubt that 2013 will be another booming year for the players in mobile system.
The marketing expression has changed with the introduction of innovative digital marketing techniques. With great presence of smartphone utility businesses have made smartphones & tablets as their core business branding and marketing strategy.
People are increasingly choosing to surf the web, not with a laptop or desktop, but via their smartphones or tablets, or both. Consumers are spending more media time on mobile web and apps than any other traditional mediums. This signifies that brands have to embrace mobile & 2013 will see more smartphones and more tablets with exciting innovations.

As mentioned in the statistics of 2013 edition of the TomiAhonen Almanac, the revenue generated by mobile industry in 2012 was more than $1000 billion alone from the services like voice calls, messaging and data services. These statistics show that mobile industry has become one of the largest revenue generating industries.

With an optimistic eye towards the future, here are few key mobile trends for marketers to grab opportunities in the coming year:
  • Emergence of new mobile Oss like Ubuntu is said to launch its mobile OS and Mozilla will be launching another smartphone OS later this year.
  • With the rise of Smartphone utility, businesses have made mobile ads as their core business branding and marketing strategy by offering special discounts, mobile coupons, mobile shopping etc. with targeted advertising. This trend will further grow in 2013 with retailers looking at new ways to attract and retain customers.
  • Social media integration also assists in converting prospects to leads.
  • Consumers are increasingly & more commonly using smartphones to access local information such as restaurant searches, ATMs, Fuel stations etc. This trend will continue to expand to other services as well.
  • Most of the devices have a GPS transmitter and can track where users are when they post online. This offers huge opportunity for targeted marketing based on their travel and location patterns.

We are shifting to a mobile first world i.e. always connected and never before have advertisers been this close to so many consumers who reach for their mobile device first and last order of the day – we sleep with our phones close by, and keep them on and in our pockets throughout the day, 7 days a week.
2013 is time to test and learn and to embrace mobile strategies throughout the purchase funnel. Target, engage, showroom, drive action, convert, improve, repeat!

Engagement of mass to their smart phones especially teenagers: http://ijustdid.org/2013/09/understanding-the-millenials/#!


                                                      BLOGGING TRENDS 2013

As blogging started, it was mainly a platform for personal expression. A blog was meant to be an online diary or a journal for those who wanted to express themselves online. Over the years it has emerged as one of the most powerful means of sharing information on the internet. Blogging has emerged as a specialized industry in itself and is increasingly being used by individuals and enterprises for establishing and enhancing their online presence.
Blogging trends can shows how many people read your posts, how people responded to your posts, and whether or not readers share your content with others, hence business owner who uses blogging to communicate with customers must be aware of current trends.

In-Depth Content - It’s no longer enough to only give importance to technical search engine optimization or write one-paragraph posts that don’t provide any detail about your topic. If you want people to share your content, you must write in-depth posts that demonstrate your expertise. In-depth posts that explain your thoughts will help you get more customers than short posts that barely provide precise information about the topic. If you’re not sure what to write about, try writing top 10 lists, summarizing recent news in your field and explaining how it will affect your customers or reviewing books relevant to customer’s interests.

Analytical Targeting -The use of advanced analytics to increase visibility in every area of blogging has gone from being an optional technique to an absolute must. The use of quality content posts shaped by analytics feedback is a path to marketing success. Insights into your audience demographics and their unique tastes gathered by Google Analytics and other platforms can help any blog to find an edge in an increasingly crowded market.

Mobile And Social Bond - Mobile Internet traffic has grown from immensely over years. To put it simply, people are increasingly choosing to surf the web, not with a laptop or desktop, but via their smart phones .The use of mobile devices to consume blog content online is on the rise.

Info-graphics - Content is not just the words you write in your posts. The term also refers to pictures, and other methods of communicating information to your readers. The truth is most people don’t want to read a block of text that is not supported by the inclusion of a picture. Try creating infographics and adding them to your posts. Infographics are just visual representations of data. They can be charts, graphs, or pictures that you have edited to include text. These graphics make it easier for some people to understand your information, so they are a great way to get readers engaged. It is also very easy to share infographics on Pinterest and Facebook, making it more likely that your readers will share your content with others.