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Success!!!! It is every one’s dream. It cannot be achieved with short cuts.  We have to do real hard work and good practice to gain it. If one wants to succeed in life, he will have to set his goal and need to work hard to achieve it.  For setting a goal he will have to think first and then act. As you all know, no game ends before it starts.  Therefore, before something is started never think about when it is going to get over.  Just go on doing it, no matter what will be the end result. No Successful person in this world had directly reached his goal. Success is not like, something you would like from a local store, just go, demand from a shopkeeper and get it.  Different individuals have different ways of looking at it.  And, if you think success is something which is very easy to get, then I am also in a queue before you. There are some bad moments and some good moments in life, you have learn good things from your past experience, implement it in your present and carry them as your strong baggage by skipping bad experiences to make better future.
People want success by doing nothing. If life is so easy, then everyone will become successful in life. Specially, today’s youth expect everything to become very easy and they want to have it with no hard work. They want to simply enjoy their life with whatever earned by their parent with zero value addition. It is like climbing 100 steps.  If you want to reach the 100th step, naturally you have to start from 1st.
If Successful people like Sachin Tendulkar (Cricketer), Amitabh Bachchan(Actor), Lata Mangeshkar(Playback Singer), and Bill Gates(Business Man) etc. think like today’s youth, then you will not be able to see such people on top. The only thing they practice is hard work and dedication to ultimately reach towards their goal.


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