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Small Packaged Products - A convenient innovation for customers

During their vacations, everybody likes to travel to various places along with their friends and family. Choosing the most exotic destination, most stunning locations, most incredible landscapes etc so that they can capture some special moments which can be cherished forever. However, one interesting fact about travelling is that no matter where and how you travel, one of the most important product "packaging" innovation are the smaller packaged products. The small packaged products are a great innovation for not only travelers but also a great convenient option for the hospitality sectors., artzenter
People travelling find it easier to carry smaller packs of toiletries like toothpaste, smaller brushes, sachets of bath gel, shampoos etc. Infact even small tubes of skin care creams, sun screen lotions, moisturizers etc find a very useful place for travelers. And considering that the number of people travelling around the global keep on increasing every year owing to better travel infrastructure and higher spending power, the potential for FMCG companies to grow in this segment is tremendous.

Beauty products like lipstick, make-up kits etc also are packaged in smaller versions so that it adds to the convenience of travelers. Soaps, soap strips, sachets of hair-oils, small lotion bottles, perfumes, deodorants etc are all examples of having small packaged products having the same branding and extensive availability.

Infact, these products are a boon for the hospitality sector. Considering that new tourists arrive every 3-4 days, it would be impossible for hotels and lodges to provide such toiletries on an everyday basis. In would be highly expensive for hotels to maintain consistency in purchasing bigger packs for customers, who anyways would leave in a few days time. Having smaller versions of branded products gives a good sense of customer experience as every time housekeeping deck up the rooms, they ensure that the new smaller products are placed. This gives the customers also a sense of comfort and experience as they feel that their needs are being looked into even without mentioning it.

Smaller packaged products are limited not only to toiletries but also to food and beverages. Travelers prefer carrying small pouches of ready-mix soups, coffee, tea etc with helps them prepare beverages simply by adding hot water. Also, packaged ready-to-eat food products like noodles are also an extremely convenient option as travelers can have it at ease as per the time available. Smaller boxes and pouches of snacks, chips, cookies etc are also a similar innovation. Not only are these good for instant use, but since they are small, they can be consumed quickly, they are economical and they can be disposed off easily without any issues.

FMCG companies that the smaller packaged products are available at strategic locations like airports, railway stations, metro stations, popular tourist destinations, convenient stores etc. Most of these products are bought spontaneously by the customers as the customer feels that economy packs can easily be value for money for fulfilling their needs instantly.

Small packages are not only a good option for travelers but also a huge target audience which it caters to is students and bachelors who stay alone. Staying independently in hostels, PGs, self-rooms etc can often cause an issue especially in having meals. Hence, such options give a lot of flexibility to the people and customers can easily utilize such products as per their requirement saving a lot of time and money.

Smaller packs of chocolates can also be apt for gifting to someone. Instead of having bigger chocolates, mini-bars and small chocolates can be given as an assorted pack.

FMCG companies constantly look into more options to penetrate into the market by adding more innovative products into their portfolio. They constantly study the customer behavior and try and launch newer products. However, one thing that has the potential to grow without changing the product concept, is to have smaller variable packs, sachets and pouches of products because such "tiny innovations" have a tremendous potential to make a huge impact.

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