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Why Content is KING !!!

When it comes to Content marketing , we always focus on creating a new content.. Many webmaster & business owners have wasted ample of money in creating new content , but have either succeeded or failed in creating an impression.. Inspite of this we still follow the traditional method of creating a new content , wasting money on it & many a times failing to achieve.. So why dont we Update the old content & save in our time , energy & money instead of creating a new one ? This may not be applicable for latest news , so you will have create a new stuff.. but what in case of an evergreen content that leads to maximum number of social shares &backlinks? Such content gives you an oppurtunity to make yourself stand apart from your competitors & also such content never grows old. So, in 2015 what will be your call , work smartly or work trationally?

I would suggest to go for 60:40 ratio , 60% invest on new content but 40% on updating the old one. Wikipedia would be …

Top SEO Softwares & their Benefits

When you decide to increase  online presence of your business, you should look for a premium SEO software. You can attract huge traffic to your website without doing tedious work. SEO software packages come equipped with useful tools to help you streamline the process of developing your SEO program.
Below mentioned are some specific reasons why you should invest in a good SEO softwares.

1.saves lot of time.
2.Increased lead generation
3.Tracking & Testing
4.The ability to stay up-to-date with the search engines
5.Many Different Features.

According to following are the top 10 SEO softwares:

1.Web CEO Desktop Edition: Web CEO is one of the best software options because it offers a broad range of SEO tools to help you monitor your company's SEO campaign's progress and timelines.

2.Advanced Web Ranking Enterprise: Advanced Web Ranking has tools to help you optimize your SEO campaign, including a beautifully in-depth set of reporting tools that allow you to track you …

The future of SEO

SEO is an exciting thing.It can literally break or make your online presence in this digital era.
Google has made tremendous changes in their algorithms in past few years.Google wants to reward great content. They constantly want to improve the search experience of users & make searchers happy and also they don't want their users should use any other search engine.
Referring to the future of SEO Marcus Sheridan of the Sales Lion says “ I feel the day will come when search engines will be a better judge of content than humans themselves will be”.

What will Keep SEO going forward :
Exclusive content will become more and more important.Search engines will reward the content that has the potential or goal to satisfy what user / reader / searcher wants and not to the content which is trying to look good & which will be not in context of what user wants.
Following are some of the significant SEO factors to look for in coming years.

Time on Site: Time is Precious. It’s also going to be…