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Can Students be Taught to Think like Entrepreneurs? Dennis Pierce

Teaching students the skills they need to become leaders and innovators is more important than everWhen you think of imparting entrepreneurship skills to students, most educators will likely go the obvious route — how can we teach students to build successful businesses that will help them in their post-graduation careers. But there are also a host of skills that successful business leaders use every day that can help students no matter what path they choose.“Most schools that are working with this topic are teaching students to conceptualize new ideas and build business plans around those ideas—or to actually go out and create a company,” said Cheryl Lemke, who is president of the Metiri Group, an education technology research firm. “We think that’s a great idea for a subset of kids, but you’re probably not going to reach every child by doing that.”In her many years of studying 21st century skills, researcher Lemke has identified five key skills that are essential to becoming a succe…

Education Redesign for Digital Economy

Rana Kapoor:: The author is MD & CEO, Yes Bank, and chairman, Yes InstituteRBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, in an interview post the latest monetary policy review, said, “…India could be on the verge of a revolution, a major leap in manufacturing and services … we should allow our enterprises to find their way…”India’s favourable demographics could undoubtedly lift the economy from a low-income status to that of a mid- to high-income one, with stupendous increase in living standards and raising millions of people out of poverty in the process. This would, however, require a great effort in building a knowledge-intensive human capital for powering the new-age economy.The world is driven by high-tech industries such as IT, the Internet of Things and specialised high-skill manufacturing. There is hardly any business that is not getting transformed through technology advancement. Businesses and society at large are closely connected through ever faster communication channels and means of …