YES!!unfortunately this is the scenario of start-ups in india for 2016-2017.for the very fine statement as quickly new start-ups are born in new ecosystem many more shut their shop  and gradually erased from public memory.
Although success and failure go hand in hand,start-ups shutting down within two years of commencing operation is highly frustrating and intriguing.
one of the great industry person sucharita eashwar,founder  and CEO of catalyst for  women entrepreneurs,stated that "On strategy and execution or overlapping of skills in founding team which leads to stepping on each others toes.another reason is that lack of clearly articulated and realistic strategy and a go - to market plan".
Innovation and disruption is the main way forward to start-up world.most of our start-ups influenced by silicon valley culture.but still our ecosystem is not that mature to facilitate entrepreneurs with easy access to market,funding,mentor ships.
Nasscom estimates predict that india will have 10500 start-ups by 2020.Although starting new venture a startup is very easy.....but to sustain and stabilize and keep it growing is very difficult.patience is the main key but along with that agile and humbleness will b require to become successful.
But on a positive note why to scare of failure...its a part of life..and competition.Failed entrepreneurs make for the best hires for leadership positions or even as corporate employees.CEO of catalyst Sucharita  Eashwar significantly stated,"In silicon valley, such entrepreneurs are sought after hires because the lesson they have learnt can be truly valuable.it is important for the founding team to seat together and look at what went wrong and what they can do differently in any enterprise that they start next!!!".
And then one fine day i will become an entrepreneur.....millionaire..!!

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