16 December 2016

History...way to your Future

Hello Everyone,
Today i am going to share my views on do we really need to know about history before moving to the future?..so my answer is Yes because until and unless you don't know about the history you cannot think of a future. For example if you want to debate about a particular topic you should know about the topic very well, its past history and the detailed analysis of the topic, unless and until you don't know about the topic very well and you share the halfhearted knowledge people may make fool of you.
Reading books is a must.. whether it may be a novel or a historical story. Historical Stories or books written on religions may now be found illogical to many but at that situation they were perfect. The religious books often tell us respect your elders or you should eat before sunset or many such things which are now impossible for us to do due to our work and lifestyle. You may have experienced our elders do tell us don't do this or don't do that and we often ask the question Why?...and as usual they have a common answer our elders have thought us the same thing.
The answers to this questions are written in this book and their are scientific reasons behind it. I don't say that we should have the entire knowledge of our past history or we need to follow what are ancestors were doing in the past. But maintaining our culture and some good habits is obviously a road to future and also which we can share to our upcoming generation.
a article on why study history

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