19 December 2016

Introduction to Public Relations

                                Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is the way organisations, companies and individuals communicate with the public and media. A PR specialist communicates with the target audience directly or indirectly through media with an aim to create and maintain a positive image and create a strong relationship with the audience. Which can include press releases, newsletters, public appearances, and now a days  utilization of the world wide web.

Need For Public Relations:-

There were many early forms of public influence and communications management in history. Basil Clarke is considered the founder of the public relations profession in Britain with his establishment of Editorial Services in 1924. Academic Noel Turnball points out that systematic PR was employed in Britain first by religious evangelicals and Victorian reformers, especially opponents of slavery. In each case the early promoters focused on their particular movement and were not for hire more generally.
Propaganda was used by both sides to rally domestic support and demonize enemies during the First World War. PR activists entered the private sector in the 1920s. Public relations became established first in the US by Ivy Lee or Edward Bernays, then spread internationally.

Public relations is not only used by the organisations but also by the celebrities to build relationship with the audience. Public relations are important to create a positive image in the target audience mind to get recognized. It helps to build the brand equity for the organisation / celebrity. Celebrities use Public Relations to make their target audience to recognize them and to get more work for them self. 
eg. B-town PR etc
Organisations use public relations to make public to get aware of their decisions and to maintain a brand equity or brand awareness, and to get competitive advantage than the competitors.PR can range from employee social media, such as a blog, to an internal newsletter highlighting employee affairs. External PR for corporations can be vaster and include numerous messages to various public's. organisations can use PR to show their CSR activities to audience.
eg. Orion PR.

Basil Clarke

Activities that a PR department Operate:-
  • Media relationship-building
  • Social networking
  • Event planning
  • Crisis prevention
  • Crisis recovery
  • Press release writing
  • Brand development
  • Internal communication, such as company newsletters
  • Speech writing and booking
  • Award entry and nominations