26 December 2016

"कमाल karne ke liye bhi कमाल karna hota hai"
My this blog is about "Demonetisation". We are at more than a month's time of changed notes in our country.And many of us are like following sheep one behind another just following the media as it is taking us for a ride of demonetisation.I am not against the decision which have been taken by Honurable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The decision is well appreciated by International Gaints. My focus is on the following Points which all of us can give view on this.
1.Many of the students which have went for higer studies away from home which stays in as paying guest etc are been forcefully asked to give rent in cash.Which had resulted them to be in ques outside the bank missing thier classes, thier fustration are on another level!
2.For every raid which police have raided they have founded more than 2cr new notes individually,And from ministers and big gaints amount is not less than 150cr of new notes. if there is Limit for Cash tranctions how come this People have this much cash with them?
3.More then 50% of our population does not have electricity how this people can go cashless?
4.We talk about Make in India concept but all small scale industries are struggling for Cash as their daily transctions are on cash only. They think in someday it all will get alright but dont know in how much time it will get to be normal situations for business.
5.Now question has risen in overseas. Foriegn invester are thinking   weather to invest or take all the money invested to another market where there are not such government intervention.
6.Prime Minister Narendra Modi's move to curb black money wiped out 86% of the money in circulation. While those in cities could queue-up to exchange/deposit their old notes at banks, for villagers, mainly farmers living miles away from banks, money could be tight for Month.

An study shows that after demonetisation India is not good for investment. Now my question remains for how much time it would take for everything to normalise still aam aadmi only are outside banks in ques.

My View on this is the decision was Bold and Good but it was not designed well.
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