Neem Coated Urea

Ø  Benefits:
1] Outer coating regulated the nitrogen release rate and protected the inner coating from damage.
2] Water retention property of the product was also investigated.
3] The result also showed that the product not only had a good slow-release property but also excellent water-retention property, which would effectively improve utilization of fertilizer and water resources.

Ø  Government Initiative:
Our Government gives subsidy on urea which is used for the agriculture uses. But company which produces urea are selling the urea to other chemical company (which use urea in manufacturing of product) on the name of agriculture uses for get more subsidy. It is a loss for the Government. So our Government decided to coating urea with Neem seed oil.
 Because, After coating urea with Neem  seed oil, urea company can’t sell the urea on the subsidy to the chemical company.