27 December 2016


Here is one topic which is bothering me from long time....which direct selling....you can say network marketing.direct selling industry which is one of India's most fastest growing industry these days.which is non-store retail formats.Recording a double-digit growth in the post-reform period, it offers self-employment opportunities to a large number of people in the country. However, there is a lack of clarity on the legislation governing this vital sector.
Direct selling refers to the selling of goods and services to the consumers away from a fixed retail outlet, generally in their homes, workplace, etc through explanation and demonstration of the product by direct sellers. With direct selling, distributors sell and encourage their buyers to join the network to avail oneself of a commission based on the worth of a product sold.
The growing Indian market has attracted a large number of Indian and foreign direct selling companies.
Company engaged in direct selling business must be registered under Companies Act:
1.These companies should have all necessary licenses and authorisation.
2.Payments must tied directly to product sales.
3.Under direct selling new recruits must have the ability to move up in the sales system.
4.Companies must repurchase any unsold inventory.
5.Customer should be given opportunity to return the product etc.
"The scope is good and the numbers are humongous. 50% of India is below 35 and a large part of that is even younger - this means in the next 25 years these people will graduate, marry, buy everything from homes to talk time and therefore create a bigger money economy. Already many personal products are sold thru the network marketing model and in the future many others will be added in this model as it slashes marketing, distribution and selling costs yet generating more wealth more distributed in the hands of more people. So it will be great for the next 25 years"