23 January 2017

Digital Technology - Effective Branding

In today's digital world, efficient branding is a necessity for all industries. For small businesses, branding has remarkable impact on how the company or business is received and performs at large. Getting things done in small businesses can seem like fighting a losing battle at times, with only so many hours in the day, especially of you are bootstrapping it. Ignore a small detail and the consequences can be severe. Small business need to watch out and avoid branding mistakes at all costs-crucial to ensure that a brad is being built towards a great role.
  A brand personality or identity makes the first impression of any business on new prospective consumers. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression, so it becomes all the more important to make it great. So, what is the appropriate way to make or maintain a brand's identity? Avoiding the six mistakes discussed can enable a brand to achieve great success 
  1. No distinctive element in your brand : The first mistake of marketing is not having a unique brand element- a brand's unique design, logo, symbol, words, or combination of these components employed in creating an image that identifies a product and differentiates it from competitors. It suggests a particular emotion, assures reliability, and serves as the first thought to the clientele. We know how important a first impression can be in life and one cannot afford to miss this opportunity to make a statement.
  2. Not listening to your target audience : The audience is one of the biggest elements in the brand development process. Their feedback at regular intervals can help in understanding the perception of a business/brand in the market and how that compares to the way the organization likes to be seen. Invest in constantly gaining insights on what people have to say, and work towards modifying it to ensure the brand keeps evolving.
  3. Inconsistent messaging : If your brand's identity is not consistent across every channel, it may cause a dent in the reliability quotient. Once you have rolled out your branding, you need to apply it consistently and regulate how others are using it, A great way to manage this is by having a brand strategy that informs everyone in your organisation about the application of the brand identity. Once you have collectively implemented the brand messaging, invest in getting the word out there.
  4. Ignoring social media : Social media is increasingly becoming a power house for brands to build credibility and evangelism. If you are using social media, you are losing out on a huge percentage of potential consumers and in communicating your bran messaging to them. Facebook and Twitter are the new battlegrounds fr managing the reputation of your brand. It is important to invest enough time in building a brand on social media as well as protecting its reputation on it. 
  5. Being forceful : Making everything too apparent or dynamic and having customers believe that the company is desperate is really not a good idea. Change the brand strategy if required, constantly innovating on branding and refreshing the identity can work wonders for any brand. 
  6. Not knowing competitors : Your competition is any brand in your industry or otherwise which grabs the attention of your audience. Knowing and analyzing what the competition or industry is doing or their approaches towards marketing can be a great learning factor in order to modify and improvise on your brand strategy. The key to success for a small businesses is in how well its brands itself and if the people involved are able to stand by what they believe in as an organisation. When your consumers believe in the same principles you set out , they will be your brand evangelists. taking your brand ahead by leaps and bounds.

Overview of mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing is the next generation trend of marketing products and services. People around the world choose mobile devices as their preferred medium to connect with other people through various social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Many businesses are now using various strategies to promote their product and services to reach out their audience. In the present world, mobile marketing is a common technique that almost every company is pursuing some kind of mobile marketing campaign. Through mobile marketing now people are easily ordering their meals from a restaurant, buy and read books/magazines/news and can also find their childhood friend all with a single tap on their smartphones.

“We are seeing a very fundamental shift where increasingly, particularly among the young demographic and in Asian countries, the primary access to the internet is not through the PC, but through mobile devices.”
- Vic Gundotra, Google’s VP of Engineering

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22 January 2017

Indian Pharma sales Growth in Digital era

The past of Indian Pharmaceutical industry:  It has started growing form last decade as many foreign players started understanding the importance of their existence in the Indian market. By the entry of foreign players, it has also helped Indian players be more aggressive and to use digital tools for the purpose generating more sales volume.
With TAB PHARMA sales are more effective 

 In the early twenties, Indian companies were more focused on manual marketing tools and orthodox methods of selling their products but thanks to the forging players that they started using digital tools for the sales and other analytical things.

First, we have to understand the challenges  and limitation faced by Indian companies by their manual  sales tools, when  a medical representative used to visit their customers for sales call they used to carry folder called as visual Aid some class also used to call it the prescription generator as it helped them in generating more and more prescription . but this tool has many limitations as it was made of cardboard so it weighted a heavier .so many people used to complain a lot. Because of the bigger size,it also used to occupy a lot of space secondly explaining a  graph was not a task every sales person was able to do. and most important was to grab an attention of the customer to the visual aid . as the pharmaceutical customers are visited by many numbers of sales peoples in many of the cases the number of sales persons  visiting the same customer was more 50 in a day with that high number grabbing the customer attention was a very tough task .

 Training a medical representative by using only pictorial presentation was not enough. it requires a lot to make a person understand the science behind the product.
TO take over these challenges Their was a no better option than to taking help of digital sales or a sales using Digital tools for example tablets.

Because of its compact size tablets started gaining more popularity over paper materials and tablets also weighted a lot lighter. so many companies started using tablets. explaining any graph with tablets was a lot easier and lot more fun so it becomes more popular in sales persons.  with the help of tablets grabbing customer, attention is also the lot easier .
Tablets solved many problems faced by pharma field force. for training team using videos to training, salespeople have proven effective way.

Using digital tools has benefited a the industry a lot and with coming years and challenges Digital tools are the best option available


19 January 2017

5 keys to a charming personality

Personality is the summation of one's inner and outer traits. It is singular entity exclusive to a particular individual. It comprises body language, intuitive intellect and confidence, the pivotal points that aid in differentiating one person from another. The inner traits are qualities imbibed throughut one's life span. Aspects such as confidence and intuitive development form the base of one's personality. Our appearence, body language and diction, further add more dimensions to it. Together they form an indestructible team.

Personality development is the overall development of thinking, perception, attitude, nature, mood, behaviour and activities thsat work in an individualistic nature. It is a tool to bring out one's innate abilities for self recognition and instill confidence to face the outside world. Personality greatly impacts one's career.

One needs a sound mindset to self introspect and weed out the toxic aspects. Also, there are multiple characteristics which need to be developed keeping in mind one's personality. Here are five important points for one to create a charming personality.

1. Accept yourself
The first step in perosnality development is to accept yourself the way you are. Unfortunately, we are forever engaged in a battle with ourselves. In today's competitive world even the smallest of misstep or failure, leave us feeling lost and vulnerable. We tend to lose track and get waylaid. We start to think low of oursleves and spend days striving to achieve that perfection. Perfect personality is a myth that should be busted immediately.Do not waste time in chasing that utopia but do not remain in a stagnant state either. It is not necessary to be good in everything. Instead enahnce what is already insisde you. That can be only done if you accept yourself the way you are.

2. Channelise your energy
Modern era has given rise to a free world. We live in that illusion where all of us can express themselves freely but in reality, there are times when it is quite difficult to do that. Being emotional is not encouraged. We are always advised to wear a mask of nonchalance and not led others read our real emotions. This makes us bitter and cynical. But instead of releasing the built up energy, you are asked to remain peaceful and respectful. This happens on a daily basis resulting in the accumukatuon of all the emotions. It is quite important to release that energy by indulging in physical activities or anything that helps you to relieve the stress. Remember, it is essential to let go and once you do, you will find yourself a lot more relaxed and in tune with your environment.

3. Don't let opinions rule you
Humans are social beings. We tend to go around in groups with people having similar tastes and outlooks. We seek acceptance to be a functional part of the society. In this tryst, getting too concerned about what others say or think about our personality, becomes a habit. Trying to understand their point of view is good, but overdoing this goodness can lead to loss of individuality. You need a little space to be yourself, to live your dreams, to fulfil your desires, to live a life that is worth living.
So be good to others, but make a rule to live your life the way you find suitable.

4. Fortify your strong points
We all are a mix of our strengths and weaknesses. They help us shape the direction of our life. Yet, we focus too much on working on our weaknesses and hence, leave our strong points unattended. Enhancing your strong points is instrumental for constant growth. Knowing where you are strong and where there is need for assistance can help you nurtutre your professional interactions and enhance your intution. Self-knowledge is a powerful tool that you disregard due to self-criticising ability. Please don't do that!!

5. Kill the negativity
In today's age we come across various situations that bring up a plethora of emotions. It is the frame of our mind that acts as a blueprint to how we cope with them. Hence, having a positive outlook, with a balanced consciousness is instrumental to progress. We strive to live a positive life but there are always negative influences which try to pull us down. It is up to you to cope up to such situations and make it work for the betterment.

It takes enormous effort to develop a magnetic personality. The concessions are substantial but the benefits are on a grander scale.
So one should work on his/her personality till it becomes a habit.

Article inspired from Alka Gupta.