07 January 2017

Pheonix Rises

Phoenix rises:
Hello and goodmorning everyone today i am going to share a story of how can we create an opportunity even if we are currently facing a worst situation in our life.
There was a family staying in pune. At the family runs a small business of garments and saree. But due to some accident the shop gets burned completely and the family losses 40 lakhs of stock and kantilal the owner of the shop also had a debt of rs.1crore.
The family did not have any source of income left,so kantilal decided to work in a garment shop but in another city, as we was not educated enough do get a job in another field. So kantilal went to satara for work, the salary which he used to get from the job he used to send it to his family but the income was too low to meet there expenses and also the family had a burden of recovering the debt.
Therefore kantilal's wife manjiri decided to support her husband financially but she was just 10th pass and an introvert, she never stepped out of the house and interacted in the market.
Manjiri's neighbour's suggested her that she should start a small business of selling a supari i.e. a mouthfreshner. Manjiri was expert in making mouthfreshner. So she decided to give a try. Manjiri had only a 10 rupee note and she purchased the required ingredients from that 10 rupee. She made the supari but there was no proper packaging for the product, she then asked her neighbour's to give her used milk plastic bags, she then washed the bags and blow dry the plastic bags.
After few days of sell manjiri found that her supari is making a profit in the market, hence manjiri started making supari in a huge quantity.
After knowing manjiri's business is making a good amount of profit,kantilal came from satara and helped manjiri with selling the product outside the city.
After that kantilal opened a small factory in the outskirts of pune and therr they not only made supari but ready to eat idli and dosa batter. But her supari became so popular that she had nri customers too.
They named there factory shiv foods. Now manjiri and kantilals children were grown up and were qualified from school to college.
Things were going very smoothly till one day kantilal died due to massive heart attack. The entire family was shocked to hear the news, manjiri thought she has lost a support, but then manjiri decided not to look back, on 15th day manjiri went to factory but today she was alone. Manjiri used to get up at 4 am in the morning and completed her household courses and would reach at 7 in factory, she never compromised with quality and so she made the products on her own.
Thus manjiri opened a new factory which was near her house and now her kids were also there to support her in the business
Hence this is how manjiri like a Phoenix who was previously stuck in a fire has took such a high that she has reached success. So there are opportunities even in worst conditions but we should find it and should not fear whatever the situation may be..we should fight for it.