30 January 2017

Pro's of Mobile Marketing


1.User's always carry their cell phones for 24/7 in hand, which means they receive mails or messages in every moment. Even though they switch off the phone for sometimes, once they on it they receive instant messages or mails. Eventually mobile marketing leads to the fastest mode of marketing technique.

2.The mobile phones always keep the user updated with the latest version of applications as well as the latest news around the world.

3.It also gives user an advantage of Geo-location and sending location specific messages to the receiver.

4.After demonetization mobile payment is convenient for the users today. This means now users wallet has now became their mobile phones.  

5.The mobile platform interacts directly with users on their mobile phones. This allows for personalized interaction to a large extent. Using this benefit, marketers can even start a direct dialogue with the user, getting instant feedback through messages.

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