30 January 2017

Where Would You Be Today Without Social Media Tools?

Where Would You Be Today Without Social Media Tools?

Social media is becoming completely integrated in our lives. It has altered the way we communicate as human beings and changed the way we do business. It has flattened corporate hierarchies and tightened our relationships. Of course, traditional ways of networking and messaging still hold true, such as text messaging, email, phone calls and in-person “meetups” (tweetups in the social media world). The greatest part about this technological alteration is that you get to choose which social networks you want to participate in, how much time you spend per week engaging with others and what your career aspirations are (and how these tools can get you from point A to B). The decision is yours and the power is in your hands. From a business standpoint, social media tools are free advertising and allow you to target and measure the impact of marketing programs. From the individual perspective, these tools can literally regulate your day-to-day operations and routines.

What social media tools are there?

There is a social media tool to satisfy every type of person. Of course, there are the industry titans such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and YouTube. There are others that are still commonly used and well-known, such as Delicious, Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, and Flickr. These tools can help you regulate your life if they are paired together. Our habits have changed because of the social revolution/evolution. In some ways, social media has made us lazier, yet it has made us more productive simultaneously. If you have a question you want answered, all it takes it one tweet.  Twitter has become the ultimate customer service machine.

What the experts are saying?

After speaking to a diverse group of social media experts, major conclusion is that social media has enabled us to connect to many people across the world, without much effort. Without that level of connectivity, it’s harder to make new friends and keep in touch with previous acquaintances.
Also, the feelings and emotions that these bloggers get from participating in social media keeps them active. When you take away these social tools, it hurts productivity and it simply makes life a lot more dull. Your life is made up of relationships that you grow like plants and when they blossom, new opportunities surface. Social media tools create an environment where you can develop more relationships, with people who have common interests.

    “A social media free Web would be quieter and less fun – more about finding information than it would be about gaining and nurturing relationships, forcing us to find digital connections, instead of personal connections, to achieve our goal.”

    Now it’s your turn!

    It’s your turn to think hard about what social media tools have done for you. How might life be different right now without them?  Could you live without your Facebook profile and friends?  What would you resort to?  Would you be sending more emails or calling your friends more?