20 February 2017

Google...Friend , Spy or Detective

Google Declaration on information

Google's Walk the Talk on Vital Information 

Google Like several other Companies Globally is coming out in open and Educating Users t on how numerous Laws  (Different Countries & its  States) coupled with its set of Complex policies are affecting Internet users
and How is the flow of information online( stages)

SOURCE: http://www.webnews.it/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/sorveglianza-650x245.jpg

It has become a precedence for several Countries (read its Government ) to requests for removal  of  content from Websites. Search Engines and Social Media face the maximum Heat

Requests for information about our users

 governments frequently Requests  to hand over user data and account information of its Citizens and/or Info originating or consumed in that country.  As the World is consuming heavy online info there is acute increase in Govt seeking this Vital info.

Requests by copyright owners to remove search results

Detailed information on requests by copyright owners or their representatives to remove web pages from Google search results.

Google product traffic

The real-time availability of Google products around the world, historic traffic patterns since 2008, and a historic archive of disruptions to Google products.

Encryption of email in transit

A report on how much email exchanged between Gmail and other providers is protected from snooping while it crosses the Internet
source: business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/indian-government-second-in-user-account-info-requests

Safe Browsing

Statistics on how many malware and phishing websites we detect per week, how many users we warn, and which networks around the world host malware sites