Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a process of gaining traffic through social media sites. It wasn't so long ago that social media was a completely new thing. Most of the people were not aware of this  technique. Social media sites were being used as a connectivity tool for two different location people. But now a days, it has become a necessity for all small, large, local and global business. The most prominent social media sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. Facebook alone has 1.28 billion active users and various other social media sites have hundreds of millions of active users as well.

www.digitalmarketing, Important elements of a social media strategy:

According to the Social Media Examiner online magazine, in 2013, 86% of marketers considered social media sites to be essential for their business with 49% of marketers choosing Facebook as their primary social media platform.”

Important elements of a social media strategy:

1)      Identify Business Goals
2)      Set Marketing Objectives
3)      Identify Ideal Customers
4)      Research Competition
5)      Choose Channels and Tactics
6)      Create a Content Strategy
7)      Allocate Budget and Resources

Some of the key ways in which social media can help you connect with your targeted audience:

. It generates awareness of your product and company.
. It generate leads through your social networking connections.
. Draw in visitors to the website.

Gone are the days when people used social media sites as an entertainment, now a days it is being used for business purpose. Every company wants to promote their product and social media marketing has been proved a very fruitful way of promotion. This has also given job opportunity in different sectors. People who are addicted to social media sites can utilize this opportunity as a way of earning money. Several new companies are being set up on a daily basis and they will use this platform to promote their business.