How to implement content marketing strategy?

How to implement content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is marketing focused on creating and distributing valuable,relevant and consistent content to attract and retain targeted audience,generate leads and creating brand for profitable action.

Implementation of content marketing

                                             Creation    →     Valuable content
                                                      ↓                 Relevant content
                                            Distribution   →  Right Time
                                                                          Right Place 
                                                                          Right People 

In content marketing research is most important to know which social channel are running , what is our target group, how much the budget for content marketing,the competitors . 

In content marketing content is the core and effective part of marketing. In creation part content should be valuable and relevant to the product or service.
content always should be effective which can                                                                                     easily attract the customer or engaged to                                                                                           customer. 
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Example: Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew have a tag line = daar ke aage jeet hai
In this content adventure this emotions are connected those who love adventure are easily attract.


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In Distribution need to plan what are our target group, which channel we have to plan for distribution the content marketing planning.
for better content marketing result we have make sure at the time of distribution it will be right content at right time, right place to right people for better result.

Content marketing offend used by business to:

1. Attract new target audience
2. Retain existing customer
3. Create brand awareness and increase brand value