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Digital Marketing in the Light of Demonetization

Effect of Demonetization-

On November 8, 2016, India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, declared that all 500- and 1,000-rupee notes, making up 86% of the cash circulation in India, could no longer be used. This demonetization initiative caused a sudden breakdown in India’s commercial ecosystem. Trade across all sector of the economy was disrupted with this demonetization. The aim of this demonetization was to eradicate the black money which was in three forms: Money that is stashed in abroad.Money that is in the country but in higher value currencies i.e Dollar, Pounds, etcMoney stashed under the mattress or somewhere else to avoid tax. Demonetization will likely result in people adopting virtual wallets such as Paytm, Ola Money, BHIM, UPI etc. With this new policy, people have started going cashless. Paytm, BHIM, UPI, Ola Money and other similar apps are on the rise. Use of these apps is increasing significantly over time. This behavioral change is a game changer for India in the world …

Is Sanskrit relevant in Digital Economy?

Is Sanskrit relevant in Digital Economy? 
• Sanskrit has the highest number of vocabularies than any other language in the world. • 102 arab 78 crore 50 lakh words have been used till now in Sanskrit. If it will be used in computers & technology, then more these number of words will be used in next 100 years. • Sanskrit has the power to say a sentence in a minimum number of words than any other language. • America has a University dedicated to Sanskrit and the NASA too has a department in it to research on Sanskrit manuscripts. • Sanskrit is the best computer friendly language.(Ref: Forbes Magazine July 1987). • Sanskrit is a highly regularized language. In fact, NASA declared it to be the “only unambiguous spoken language on the planet” – and very suitable for computer comprehension. • Sanskrit is an official language of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. • There is a report by a NASA scientist that America is creating 6th and 7th generation super computers based on Sanskrit langua…

How to increase Facebook Engagement?

How to increase Facebook engagement?                                                                               fit=575%2C314

Facebook engagement help you to determine the success or failure of your page. It helps you to build your image in the market, make a brand in the market.

Wondering How you can better engage with your fans????

1. Make personality:
Social media is just showing your image. Everything you post for your business on Facebook it shows your personality. for that your post should reflect your objective, it should relevant to your business.
the first impression is the last impression that's why for more engagement the important part is to develop your personality on Facebook

2. Content should be relevant and consistent:
your content should be relevant to your objective, fresh, new, eye catchy, innovative. which help to attract Facebook traffic.…