01 April 2017

How to increase Facebook Engagement?

How to increase Facebook engagement?

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Facebook engagement help you to determine the success or failure of your page. It help you to build your image in market, make a brand in market.

Wondering How you can better engage with your fans????

1. Make personality:
Social media is just show your image. Everything you post for your business on Facebook it show your personality. for that your post should be reflect your objective, it should relevant to your business.
first impression is last impression that's why for more engagement the important part is to develop your personality on Facebook

2. Content should be relevant and consistent:
your content should be relevant to your objective,fresh,new,eye catchy,innovative. which help to attract Facebook traffic. The post should consistently post.


3. Post on Right place and Right time:
Right Place and right people: Your target should be clear for that you should connect with right people who are our target at right place means where you want to grow.
Right time: When you want post something on Facebook you should see the right time when your audience are online.
Right People: If you want to do promotion for female shoe then you can not post meal picture.
Right Time: At 3.00 am you can not post because it is sleeping time.

4. Use some images and videos:
World becoming more faster people don't have time, so use more images and videos to express your objective. It should eye catchy which helps you to engage people.


5. Ask Questions:
To make your post attract ask some question which will related there experience,emotions or which will related to there like or comments.
Example: If your product related to adventure the question will be
1. What is your favourite adventure place?
2. Who like adventure? Just like it.