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Why Digital-Abundance?
Encash on the Global Opportunities!!! India is on the path of becoming second largest Economy in the World by 2030, Indian government is fully Marching into Digital economy with Velocity and its a Major growth enabler, This has presented us with numerous Global Opportunities in the Digital domain, join Hands for Symbiotic Growth get Quality, Relevant Leads for YOUR Business
by being part of Digital Abundance Neeti generating 50,000+ quality business leads FREE..... 😃
Business Growth = Action Learning + Wisdom Networking
What is Digital Abundance? Get Potential Business Leads @ Your Doorsteps.
How does Digital Abundance function? Voluntary Group, Anyone can start it.

What are the advantages of Digital Abundance meets? Learning, Networking and Growing......Inviting You All to Experience How
How do I become a member of Digital Abundance Group? Just Google it out and join on Linkedin, facebook, Google plus,  twitter, Letzgain etc

LSI Keywords Importance in Google Ranking

LSI Keywords Simple Yet Very Powerful:

What Are LSI Keywords?This is just a SEO term for related, similar or synonyms words. Before this term has came into picture the only thing to determine relevancy of article was keyword density. Which means if your post is about “abc” and you have used it 10 times throughout the article than your competitor needs to use it 11 time to beat your position in Google search, but let me ask you, is it fair?? Same Thing applies for search engine, instead of taking high keyword density into consideration, search engine bot looks for related keywords (Latent semantic indexing keywords) throughout the article. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t maintain keyword density for target keyword in our article, but over optimization can cause issues. I usually keep it between 1- 3 %. LSI makes a lot of sense too.For example– Search engine discovers a page with the word “Apple” on it, how does it differentiate whether the Apple is a fruit, Apple is a brand or Apple is…

5 Keys To Rank #1 On LinkedIn

5 Keys To Rank #1 On 

This is a simple process to rank on the first page of search results in the “people search” section on LinkedIn.  Although this doesn’t work every time, it works most of the time and I’ve seen it well over 100 times happen for people in real time.  There are five places you need to put your keywords when you use this strategy: 1.  Headline Your headline is the first thing people see when they go to your LinkedIn profile, therefore (in my mind) it’s the most important or most relevant part.  If your headline doesn’t have your keywords in it, then you are missing the biggest section of the equation. 2.  Current Work Experience Your current work experience is the next most relevant thing because it is what you are currently doing in business. 3.  Past Work Experience You start to notice that this works in the top to bottom approach within your profile.  Start from the top, and working your way through your profile to the bottom. 4.  Summary Your summary is the meat o…