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Here is what Steve Jobs spoke on future of Recession free job profiles at an Apple press conference after pulling up his sleeves.

COMPETITION!!! YES…this is the exact syllable array that keeps resonating in all of us right from dusk to dawn. We are all always competing at every time instant of our life.

Now since  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE also being an active member of the game, the competition is even cut-throat, isn't it?

Now lets talk about SURVIVAL.Which group of professionals can actually justify CHARLES DARWIN THEORY in this case? First of all, can there be any professional group that can actually be RECESSION PROOF at least for now? The answer to which is YES!

 With the passage of time, the demand for smart working professionals have increased and corporate are no exception in this case.

SMART working professional is any professional who is very much aware of the CHANGE and is willing to upgrade itself as per the demand.

Even  RECESSION  cannot gulp these professionals. So,  if curious to join in the fleet of these professionals, which we are sure YOU are...  then below is the list of 5 jobs that you should go for in order to be RECESSION PROOF! at least for now. 

If you are a professional then you might give a thought for profile change and if you are a fresher you can directly jump into these profiles!


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What does it take to be a GAME DEVELOPER?

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1.Ability to code and translate the game vision into reality by writing clean codes.
2.Must be able to generate Game scripts and story boards.
3.Must love to animate objects as per the character.

How this profile is RECESSION PROOF??

1.It is in direct relation with children as a target group who are sensitive points of their parents.

2.A particular game can fail but that cannot stop the game development process e.g. Angry bird, Counter strike.



What does it take to be a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER?

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1.Ability and fluency to code as per requirement.
2.Passionately passionate about coding.
3. Ability to fix the reported bug in the least time possible.

How this profile is RECESSION PROOF??

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1.Software development is a challenging process in itself so automating it will be equally challenging.

2.Customers keep varying their requirement so creating an automated software which can code as per customers changing demands is again challenging.

3.Integrating front end and back end coding ability in a single frame software is again very challenging.



What does it take to be a BUSINESS ANALYST?


1.Ability to prepare an effective and profit earning Business Acumen.
2.Identifying the gaps in the analysis cycle.
3.Suggesting counter plans to fill those identified gaps.

How this profile is RECESSION PROOF??

1.No automation software can create a counter plan for the gaps analyzed, human intervention is a must in this scenario.

2. The software can be developed for generating  analysis report but being a Business Analyst has more additional elements to it.

3. Automating software  can not have the intellect to generate profit for the firm, a Business  Analyst possess that skill too !



What does it take to be appointed as a cyber security professional?


1.Ability to responsibly manage organization system security.
2.Responsible for installation & overseeing of software programs for computer network protection.
3.Recommending new security measures to enhance network security of the organization.

How this profile is RECESSION PROOF??

1.The software will keep upgrading and so is the  demand for its security.

2.New networks keep getting installed as per new protocols to increase productivity.


Now, this holds an exception in the case of freshers so they can jump in on the above 4 opportunities.

What does it take to be CAREER COACH?

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1.Ability to assist a client to identify PERSONAL goals.
2.Help them develop LEADERSHIP qualities.
3.Help them plan CAREER MOVES.

How this profile is RECESSION PROOF??

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1.This profile is independent of any domain (for e.g. Banking, finance), it mostly deals with human science.

2.Every professional being a human requires motivation & counter plans for their problems.

With that being said so let me ask dear SMART PROFESSIONALS  out there, which profile do you want to take as a career option and transit yourself one level above the competitive game?


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