22 June 2018

How Artificial Intelligence is going to impact education?

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How Artificial Intelligence is going to impact education?

Artificial intelligence has become a big part of our lives, from buying and selling to entertainment to everything. Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. AI is making its impact everywhere and progresses into education is remarkable.
Artificial Intelligence enhances the quality of classroom instruction. Over the last few years, there are several updates in the education system by artificial intelligence. The combination of education and Artificial Intelligence is making its way to the top list for enhancing skills. Whereas, education is a means to develop minds capable of leveraging the knowledge pool, while Artificial Intelligence provides tools for developing a more accurate and detailed picture of how everything works.

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Classroom:

AI is in the mind of the education industry, as it begins to find its way into the classroom. For the past decade, we have seen tremendous changes in our classrooms. Here the big question arrives can AI replace teachers? Everyone is like what is going to happen to the teachers if AI came to the classroom.

Here is the catch Artificial Intelligence is not something that can replace what humans do. AI in the classroom is not going to replace teachers but it will be a helping hand to the teachers in increasing the efficiency of teaching. 
  • Human teachers make a core contribution to the classroom.
  • Teachers help students analyze, synthesize and apply knowledge
  • Teachers help students develop cognitive skills like critical thinking and problem solving
  • Teachers model behavioral norms that have instructive and corrective benefits
  • Economists concluded that top teachers make the lifelong contribution
  • Top teachers improve test scores and college attendance rates
Teachers can never be replaced because what they do is to connect on a personal level with the students to understand what the students perspective is and to handle them with care. In an ideal world, teachers and AI will create an immersive learning experience for students, together. The best use of AI education may be to supplement and extend the abilities of teachers freeing teachers from time-consuming activities creates more time for students.
  • New digital resources enhance the classroom 
  • High-quality instructional videos
  • Crowdsourced lesson plans
  • Blended learning describes classrooms where instruction is augmented by digital resources
  • Most current AI education technologies enhance the effectiveness of the teachers
  • AI teaching systems use machine learning to provide real-time feedback and lessons
  • AI advancements are happening in the area of student emotional development
  • Meta-cognition is student awareness of how well they are learning
  • This is where AI in education makes the leap from learning supplement to stand alone an instructor
  • Future AI systems would be able to analyze a student emotional state 

The focus has to be in learning experience and not on the development of the technology physical classroom virtual classroom everything has to be stimulated it should have case study room, live class, interaction, student should be able to do what he does in the class or college, learning should be measurable how much studied how much understood, how much not understood, human and machine together should solve problem.