14 June 2018

Social Media Marketing For Business Growth (SMM)

Social Media Marketing : Grow your Business!

Social media marketing (SMM) is the powerful tool to grow your business. Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool. Social media marketing has become one of the most important part of marketing strategy. The aim of Social media marketing is to create content that users will publish/promote on their social networking sites to help a company increase brand exposure and audience.

According to a HubSpot report, 92% of all marketers confirmed that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their online store. On the other hand, around 80% of them said that social media efforts increased traffic of their company sites  
ref: www.digitalvidya.com/blog/benefits-of-social-media-marketing/ 

For every business most important thing is to know their customers. Social media marketing helps a company to get direct feedback from customers. You can always interact with your client online and build a strong relationship. This aspect of Social media marketing is called customer relationship management.  

Social media marketing became more common with many popular websites available nowadays such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and much more. Social networking sites are the cost-effective way to promote your brand with little time investment. Also, these platform gives you many advance and affordable options to target audience with demographics, keywords, and interest 

social media platform

It is very easy to market your brand/business online. It requires creative content with the touch of powerful Keywords and Hashtags.

Content can be anything. A blog, digital artwork, video or a PDF related to your business. Content should be simple yet meaningful. Try to develop content which simply passes the message and make aware of your brand/services. People often choose compact things, so your content should be small but impactful. Hashtag (#) is more commonly known has become an integral part of social media. It’s a label of content that enables people to find related data online. Creating hashtags is very simple. It is this symbol #+topicname. Make your hashtag unique and use it several times in your content. A simple tip: use the most popular hashtag for your content.

Once you are ready with your content, you can promote it on various social media sites. There are many popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on..

Facebook is one of the most powerful tool available for marketing. You can run campaigns on Facebook. Campaigns can be for brand awareness, reach the audience, lead generation etc. this is the paid feature of Facebook where you can do the marketing as per your goal and create/select demographics and audience as per your requirements. You can create multiple campaigns for your products/services and you can select the duration of your campaigns.  Here you get the complete control of your campaigns. You can do the unpaid promotion as well. You can simply share and distribute your content free on your social media profiles. You can also ask your friends and family to share your post on their social media platforms.
Twitter is a short message communication tool that allows you to send up to 140 characters long message to people. It is also a commonly used social media platform. Twitter is very easy to use. You can twit related your business using popular hashtags.
Instagram is one of the most popular social app which used over 500 million active monthly used which generate more than 95 million creative content every day. Hashtags are the most popular thing on Instagram. It also has a business feature where you can actually analyse statistics and performance of your post.
LinkedIn its choice of many corporate profiles nowadays. You can make a business profile on LinkedIn. You can easily build a strong relationship with other clients or brand who shares the same in your industry.

Benefits of social marketing
- Brand Building

- Interaction with Customers

- Gain Quality Traffic

- Target Audience & Geo targeting

- Cost-Effective & Better Customer Satisfaction

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