13 March 2019

Digital entrpreneurship for professionals

Digital entrepreneurship is a relevant socio-economic and technological phenomenon. It can be considered as the traditional entrepreneurship  leveraging new digital technologies. It is a way of doing business in digital era using social media, mobile, analytics, cloud and cyber-solution.

We are witnessing a peak of initiatives across the world. To foster the acceleration of digital entrepreneurial activity. It relates with the development of “digital start-ups”, with the growth for scaling business.

It can be defined as embracing new ventures and the transformation of existing business by using digital technologies. Digital enterprises are characterized by a high intensity of use of new digital technologies. Particularly social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions. It improves business operations, invent new (digital) business models and sharpens business intelligence. It also engages with customers and stakeholders through new channels. It is important to clear that there is a difference between digital entrepreneurship and digital business.

Become a digital entrepreneur and transform your business ideas into a business success story:-
Digital innovation plays a key role in shaping the success of digital economy. To accomplish, entrepreneurs need a team of digital leaders. With the perception and skills to help turn their business idea into a business success story. 

As participant in digital technology, you have the opportunity to design and innovate. You shall get access to one of these game-changing teams. You will have a unique opportunity to tap into the capabilities of a team of digital skills participants. To progress the digital innovation required of market leaders in the digital economy.

How does this work?
You have the convenience to submit your business idea as an Entrepreneurial Project.
·         A panel of Digital Skills mentors review the submissions. And shortlist the projects that will test and inspire participants.
·         Each project owner has to develop a 2-minute pitch video for the disciple of participants to vote on.
·         Participants then vote on the pitch videos. And the projects that collects the required votes move on to the main project phase.
·         In the project phase, an international cross-functional team of participants work. With the idea owner to develop their contemporary digital solution.

Benefits :-
·         Access to free of charge digital innovation projects outside of budget lines.
·         Receive industry-optimized digital solutions addressed in a quality and IP-controlled environment.
·         It tests your idea, prototype, design. And builds a leading digital solution for your business.
·         Tap into the knowledge and experience of skilled and motivated professionals. From top-tiered organisations across the world.

Key Features
·         All projects are undertaken by a cross-functional team. Including Project Managers, Developers, Data Analysts, Digital Marketers and Content/ UX Designers.
·         All Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in the project belong to the idea owner
·         All projects covered by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Project Types
· Apps for Mobile and IOT Devices
· Website Services
· Software Development
· Prototype Development
· Process Digitization
· New Solutions Design and Process Design
· Digital Marketing and Social Media Campaigns
· Bespoke Digital Services 

We reflected on what entrepreneurial characteristics we have. And which ones we would like to work on having by asking for help. And setting learning and personal development goals. We identified goal-setting as the second step for gaining confidence.

As part of setting goals, some of you may have completed the optional learning materials. That begins the process of starting your own business with a mind map. Mind maps for business enable you to describe your business, goals, or dream job look like.

After this, we continue with choosing the right business model for an online business.

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