24 June 2019

Job Opportunities in Cyber Security

  • Cyber crimes are very trending issues these days. There have been many complaints regarding hacking and less security on the sites which lead to all these problems. There are some Jobs that might help people in saving their online data and transactions from these threats.

  • Here are some of the Jobs you might be interested in:

1. Security Software Developer :- 

Security Software Developers build security software and integrate security into applications software during the design and development process. 

2. Security Consultant :- 

A security consultant is a catch-all cyber security expert. They evaluate cyber security threats, risks, problems, and give possible solutions for different organizations and guide them in protecting and securing their physical capital and data.

3. Information Security Analyst :-

Information Security Analysts are the front-line defense of networks.

4. Ethical Hackers :-

Ethical hackers normally hold a CEH certificate and are given license by their employers to try and infiltrate the security of their system. The idea is that they use the same techniques as malicious black hat hackers to test existing security protocols; if they are successful, upgrades can then be developed and implemented.

5. Computer Forensics Analysts :-

Forensics analysts focus on cyber-crime, an ever-growing phenomenon. It includes works like :

 >  Recovering deleted files

>  Interpreting data linked to crime

>  Analyzing mobile phone records

>  Pursuing data trails

6. Security System Administrator :-

A security systems administrator’s responsibility is a bit similar to many cyber security jobs i.e., installing, administering, maintaining and troubleshooting computer, network and data security systems. 

  • Some Helpful Videos : (links to them are given below)
  1. http://www.freshersworld.com?src=Youtube
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxH8P6Ciw68

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