07 July 2019

Web development for small business

How Should a Small Business Website Look Like?

A successful small business website has to look professional and be of the highest quality. Everything from its design to content optimisation must be well performed. The user has to understand why the website is worth the attention from the first second the of his visit. If the company has a serious attitude to create a representative commercial site and does its best to ensure the visitors’ convenience, it means that it appreciates customers and cares about its business development.

The site should have a good hosting provider as well as an understandable and memorable domain name. The business owner should provide a full and trustworthy information about the company and its location. The overall content should be literate and unique. If you want clients to contact your company through the site, it makes sense to create a feedback form and provide an opportunity to leave comments on published materials.

To maintain the interest of the audience to your business site, do not forget to regularly update the site content by adding new useful materials, relevant information or news. The small business site should always be customer-oriented. It will not only be a trading platform but also a place for interacting with the company’s customers.

How Web development helps in small business?

Do you that the best way to create a website for small business is to use business website builders?
of course you can order a website in some design agency,contact a freelancer or try to learn PHP and CSS by professional SaaS solutions for business which will allow you can create a good small business website within a few hour and without necessity to have any specials skills in web development

The modern work is living online.This means a lot to small business owners whose website is a mandatory attribute to stay successful and demanded on the market . With the help of just one internet resources- a website and services and much more . Even a simple landing page can become the company's online business card and the major promotion tool.

 Where to find a simple ,convenient and inexpensive solution for creating an efficient site for a novice entrepreneur like you? search for a drag_and _drop website builder because one helps even a non-professional in web design and coding create a site intuitively.A variety of templates and tools as well as convenient plugins even allow you to extend  sites's functionality to the level of an online store.finally any builder serves as a content management system that let you fill in and update the sites;s information simpler and faster.

8 Things to know to start your own web development small business

1. Crete a good website:-

This might seem obvious but your website reflects your talents.Show off what you know and what you can do on your own website.your will have more potential clients if your website has the later features. Make sure you stand out in the crowd. there are many website builder out there.Be sure to choose one that suits your needs.Look at your competitions web site and make yours even better.

2. Create your own brand:-

Make sure your website promotes your brand. Design an interesting logo and create a unique colour scheme for your site.If you are not the designing type you can hire a professional to deign your logo.When people see your logo they should think of your website.figure out your target audience and design your website to suit their needs,if you are catering to an older audience, make sure your website is easily venerable. you must have catchy tag line

3. Pricing:-

You should look around at other sites. See what they are charging and offering .Do not plagiarise their sites, but glean information from them web developers need to known how to price the talent. Be sure you are in the right range and are offering all the latest features to your clients.Find a good company to work with to accepts credit card payment. Se who your competitors are using. Of they have been in business for awhile,they have made mistakes and correct them.Use the knowledge to book a great website ,take a look at the examples provided at small business website builder .

Visit the link for small business website builder :- http://www.webbuildersguide.com/website-builder-categories/website-builders-for-business/

4. Education:-

Be sure to mention all your certification you have and any education that pertains to web building .Customer want to use people who have experience and skills.they will feel more comfortable knowing that you have the credentials to back your work.You want your customers to know you are trustworthy and have background skills.

5. Promotion:-

Now that you have your website set up and are ready to roll it is time to promote your new business.in order to build your business you have to promote it. find three or four platforms you can use to promote your business. Platforms like Twitter,YouTube and Google are good platforms to start with. Do not try to promote your businessperson too many platforms or you will not be able to keep up with them.Good promoting skills will help you attracts customers to your website. Finding your niche in social media is a critical tool nowadays

6.Write a newsletter:-

You need clients in order to grow your business.Finding clients can be difficult. One way to find clients is to make a list of potential clients. you can start with family,friends,coworkers,past employers and anyone else you can think of.Gather their email addresses and create a newsletter and tell them what you are doing with a link to your website .

7. Join a community:-

Find Finding clients where your potentials clients hang out. If you are active in these communities you an promote your business directly to potentials customers. The more active you are, the more clients will see you .Get to know them and direct them to your website . if they have suggestions for your site, take them to heart .You potential clients know what they want from a website and they can have good suggestions for boosting your sales

8. Expand:-

Once you have an established clients base you can look into expanding your company You can offers additional services that your customers will find valuable. One thing to remember is to keep the expansion within your means. Do not stretch yourself too thin and above all enjoy what you are doing.

Let's review best business website builder and learn more about their pros and cons for small business owners,as well as compare the main features and price for some paid resources

1. Wix -Editor choice


Wix is always at the top of the best website builders and not for vain. The most Wix capabilities surpass its competitors not to say the builder is free and has no time limits the project exits since 2006 and throughout this period ,Wix did a great job creating a powerful tool for website development and yet kept one simple and easy to use. Wix uses HTML 5 and has one of the most advanced web deitor, user-friendly interface and the largest selection of web template from all site builder.All of this allows you to create truly beautiful and functional sites,in particular bright , memorable and high-quality business cards.Th builder has a nice and functionally well though out control panel with a largw number of available settings


  • Large selection of moderns and stylish templates;
  • the site mobile version editing mode;
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Various add-nos that provide unlimited opportunities for your business project development


  • No option for redesigning and exiting site-only customising;
  • No HTML/CSS editing;
  • Own domain name and having an online store are paid option;
  • limitations on the website downloading

Videos Tutorials- How to build a free website on wix ? step by step guide 

Web node-Best for Multilingual Websites

Web node is a multipurpose free we site builder software originated from Czech Republic in 2008 and helped to launch over 20 million sites. This HTML 5 site constructor provides a large collection of free and high-quality templates,not to say one is easy to learn even for newbies.Among the major free Features of Web node is the ability to create multilingual websites. Perhaps its;s the best free platform for creating website in 20 different languages versions!the obvious web node advantage is the face that the service free plan offers to set the sites;s mobile version,while other well_known builders would charge you a fee.the latest


  • More than 200 fully-adaptive templates;
  • Convenient Drag-and Drop editor;
  • Free automatic mobile version;
  • The ability to make changes to CSS


  • No the best functionality;
  • No additional application and widgets

Shopify-Best for online store

Shopify is beyond doubt on of the best website builders for developing eCommerce stores.Claiming itself as a tool for online sales; Shopify allows users to create online stores of any complexity.No wonder why more 200,000 eCommerce project around the world are based on shopify.

Shopify has a free test period for 14 days; so afterwards you'll be offered to choose one of the paid packages.One of its advantages is a powerful visual editor and wide functionally opportunities,in particular,a large collection of additional free and paid apps and paid premium templates.


  • Broad functionality
  • High-quality free and paid templates
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • The hosting for any package
  • Excellent website indexation
  • Using the platform via your mobile device
  • Educational materials and video lessons included


  • High price;
  • Additional paid app and templates are charged separately
  • Commission sales-from 0.5 to 2% depending on the chosen plan

Site123- simple and high quality

Thanks to a great functionality set Site123 can definitely compete with the other top-end platforms for being the best website builder for small business. Only $10.80/month and you''ll get everything necessary to create a good business card site,blog or landing, get 10 of of space for storing option. Site123 offers a different approach to a page customisation that other mentioned small business website builder.the build-in templates have an adaptive design that helps you to get a beautiful and relatively unique design.


  • large set of modules with individual setting;
  • flexible and simple customising means;
  • Integration with many social service;
  • Sub domain switch;convenient SEO settings;
  • Convenient templates switching through a small panel in the site setting;
  • The ability to create a new project from scratch super fast and develop one into a large multi pages website


  • Domain is available only at a paid rate;
  • The page editor is also quite truncate-no size,font colour etc;
  • The necessity to save text when editing the site;
  • Small set of templates although of a high-quality

Bigcommerce - Old but gold

Big Commerce is one of the most powerful and oldest SaaS platforms for oldest SaaS platforms for online sales. Big Commerce is founded back in 2003 but still remains to be popular in more than 70 countries. The total number of customers is slightly less than that of shopify,but also impressive-more than 27,000 operating online stores, some of t=which have a total annual turnover of more than 27,000 operating online stores , some of which have total annual turnover of more than $100 millions!Big Commerce offers a broad functionality ,including many option for online store customisation etc


  • Wide functionality for online stores; 
  • Fully adaptive templates;the ability to tract sales statistics order details ,
  • Visitor actions and much more;
  • Drag-and -drop editor;No limit on the number of products and downloads;no limits on bandwidth,;
  • No sales commissions;
  • Integration with eBay,Amazon,Facebook,Google shopping,etc
  • Ability to mange an materials and video lesson
  • High price
  • Not the easiest web builder
  • Not possible to pay monthly_only annual subscription;
  • Each plan has a limit on the maximum amount of current assets

Weebly- Powerful builder

Weebly is one of the oldest and most popular free website website constructors that already exists for almost 11 years on the marketability helps to develops all kind of website,from business card sites and blog to online stores. Weebly is truly a convenient and easy-to-use tool offering templates that users can easily edit and modernise to their own taste.Aside from colourful templates,Weebly has a powerful Drap-and-drop editor , which simplifies and fasten the site creation process in times.Also , users are open to large selection of application in the App Market allowing you to improve the site's capabilities and keep it up to date. Weebly offers several more great options,one of which is an opportunity to download your own templates-and the ability to make changes to the HTML code


  • High-quality templates;
  • Fully adaptive templates;
  • Extensive option for editing templates;
  • Functions; and intuitive interface;convenient Drag-and -drop editor;
  • Excellent website indexation;ability to download your templates; ability to edit HTML/CSS;
  • Possibility to transfer a Weebly site to another hosting (paid plans only);
  • Google Ads $100 bonus for any paid plan;
  • Only 100 available web templates ;
  • Creating an online store is available only for paid plan;
  • High price for a plan allowing you to develop an online store; sale commission -3%for online stores;

GoDaddy - site builder +hosting provider

Godaddy business website builder is a fairly popular American constructor for small business with the opportunity to connect domain,hosting and create a corporate email.It's a suitable option for business solution and online stores development where you can use various templates divining into 20 categories.the possibilities expand depending on which your chosen plan;Personal,Business and Business Plus.All the plans are expensive ,starting from $167.99 for a personal one and going up to $749.99 per month.Still,you can always "start for free".


  • Simple and convenient interfaces;
  • Technical support;
  • A plenty of interesting features;
  • Powerful marketing tools


  • Expensive pricing and no free plans
  • Difficulty in combining with the browser
  • The site promotion and updating will cost you a fortune

visit this link for more small business website:-


Why Modern Small Business Cant't Exist Without a Modern Website 

Nowadays,both novice and experienced entrepreneurs understand the necessity of having their own small business site.The World Wide Network is the place for potential customer to search for products and services read reviews.learn opinion of friends from social networks thinks etc.
Bills Gates once said " If your business is not on the internet ,then your business is not the internet,then your business will be out of business" was indeed right
If there your website represents your current business but it's unattractive potentials customers will hardly trust you and would rather turn to alternative services with a strong online presence. In case your website has no effect on your business growth, there is a high chance your webpage is outmoded and contains irrelevant content.

Below are 6 more reasons why having a modern website is a must-have for every small business owner:

  • Saves you money.
  • If you want to run and maintain the site, you don’t need to make any significant investments, especially if you use cheap or free website builders;
  • Helps achieve a broader market; Available 24/7
  • Convenient platform for demonstrating a product or service;
  • Helps keep in touch with old customers and attract new ones; Helps build a solid brand
How Should a Small Business Website Look Like? 

A successful small business website has to look professional and be of the highest quality. Everything from its design to content optimisation must be well performed. The user has to understand why the website is worth the attention from the first second the of his visit. If the company has a serious attitude to create a representative commercial site and does its best to ensure the visitors’ convenience, it means that it appreciates customers and cares about its business development.

The site should have a good hosting provider as well as an understandable and memorable domain name. The business owner should provide a full and trustworthy information about the company and its location. The overall content should be literate and unique. If you want clients to contact your company through the site, it makes sense to create a feedback form and provide an opportunity to leave comments on published materials.

To maintain the interest of the audience to your business site, do not forget to regularly update the site content by adding new useful materials, relevant information or news. The small business site should always be customer-oriented. It will not only be a trading platform but also a place for interacting with the company’s customers.



Web development

What is Web Development?

Web Development is a work involved in Developing a Web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an Intranet (a private network). Web Development can range from developing simple pages of plain text to the complex web-based Internet application(Web pages),Electronics Business and social Network Services .A more Comprehensive list of tasks to which Web Development commonly refer may include Web Engineering web design, web content development , client Liaison,Client-Side/Server-side Scripting , Web Server ,and Network Security configuration and E-Commerce Development.

What does Web Developer do?

Web Developer is a specialised type of Computer Programming focus on Website and Web Application though often used interchanged , Web Development and Web Designer in key area.
Web Design Deals with the Front and Back end of the Site and Concerns itself with the appearance and user experience while Web development deals with Building technical Front-end and or back- End ode that informs sites function.

Nature of the Employment:-

Web developer are found working in various type of origination including large Co-Operation and government small and medium -sized companies or alone as freelancers
Some Web Developer work for one Organisation as a permanent full-time Employee, while other may work as independent consultant or as contractors for an Employment agency. web developers typically handle both  server-side and front-end logic this usually involves implementing all the visual elements  that users see and use in the Web Application , as well as all the Web services and APIs that are necessary to power the front-end . Salaries vary depending on the type of development work, location , and level of seniority.

Web Developer Skills and Responsibility:-

  • Are fluent in the ore Web Development Scripting languages: HTML,CSS,JavaScript.
  • Should known one or more server side programming language such as java, php, .net.
  • Use search engine optimisation (SEO) to develop a Website that ranks high in google ,bing,etc
  • Test Web Pages and Web Apps in multiple browsers eg: chrome Firefox and Internet and explore

Web Developer Jobs:-

  • Application Developer
  • Multimedia programmer
  • Multimedia specialist
  • SEO specialist
  • UX designer
  • UX researcher
  • Web content manger

Duties of web developer:-

  • Among Web Professional " Web Development" usually refer to the main non design aspect of the building web site: Writing Markup and coding
  • Web Development may use the content Management system (CMS) to make a comment change easier and available with basic technical skills
  • Web Development may works exclusiveness on the Front and back end code and modern jobs also require overlap into web design

Future of Web Development

It is the backbone of many industries. Since e-commerce has become the dominating factor in the present millennium, the need for websites has increased and clients are emphasising more on websites, web apps, mobile apps, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence etc..
Demand for developers have been sky high with lucrative compensation. There is huge scope of this field in both India and abroad.
Some of the industries where developers have made their permanent mark are:
  • Mobile Development Companies
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Medical and Healthcare Industry
  • Banking Sector
  • Insurance Companies
  • Govt. Organisations etc.

Videos related to web development:-

Website marketing

        Best way to do Website Marketing

Using SEO To Improve Rank In Search Engine

  Perform keyword search based on marketing goals. This is important step to start your web marketing strategy get  to know where you reside in the competition and having a unique plan to increase web traffic.

 Make creative website banners 

 Banner is the effective way to capture eyes and add visual cohesiveness you can use consistent banner image for all post and web page it will help to create intensive impact on customer the banner image should be related to topic.

Update your content on regular basis 

Contents gets outdated eventually you are indeed a powerhouse of content on the website makes the greater impact on the visitors to the website so its very important to have updated content on regular basis so that the visitors will have something new to gather from your website content is the major rode in website marketing.   

Effectively use of the social media marketing 

In website marketing the major role is of social media  marketing because nowadays social media is the best platform to promote your brand and to increase the traffic to your website. Most of the well known company use this strategy to improve their client site as well to increase the branding of the product. Give social media buttons on the website allow the visitors to find our social marketing.

Effective use of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the effective way for communication as well as for promotion. If you have small business and if you want to make your name then this is the effective way to do that through Email-Marketing we can also send the small demo pg our website that will help to build the trust factor of the customer.


Some Reference Video to get to know fast about Web Marketing

Website marketing for small business

            Website Marketing for small business

Benefits of website Marketing

Improve Business Credibility

 A simple way to view a website is that it it your online business address. this is where your customers, clients and associates go to find you on the internet. It validate your business and improves your credibility it gives your business n identify and in virtual proof that it exists.

Build your Business 

  • Share your Story : A  website is a great way to share your story tell audience why you started this business goals and what you hope to accomplish with it.
  • Get Clients : It's not enough to have a rockstar online profile . 36% of clients prefer to deal with business that have websites. A website gives you platform to highlight your experience and expertise.

Build a Strong relationship with your market  

  • Let the market know "Who You Are" : Outside the home and about us pages, you can set up a blog page where you can share your thoughts and ideas with your audience.
  • Address the needs of your market : Invite your audience to engage you by encouraging them to post comments on our blog.
  • Educate the Market of your Business : Utilize the 80-20 rule; 80% of your content should be usable or relevant to needs of your audience while 20% should educate them about your business.

Efficient Way to promote your business 

  • Social Media -Of the 3.5 Billion people online everyday, 2.34 Billion or 67% are on social media.
  • Blogging - Companies that blogged 16 times a month received 4.5 times more leads than those that blogged 0-4 posts per month.
  • Email Marketing- Email marketing is 40 times more efficient in acquiring customer than facebook.

Application of Website Marketing

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Website Design & Development 
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Custom Digital Marketing Service
  5. Social Media marketing
  6. Content Marketing

Small Business Marketing Tactics

  • Create  Shareable Content
  • Optimize For both Mobile & Desktop Marketing
  • Focus on Organic Social Media 
  • Host Value Packed Webinars
  • Build a Targeted Email List 

  • Leverage the Power of Social Proof
 Note  https://www.lyfemarketing.com/blog/small-business-digital-marketing/

Why Internet Marketing is Important for Small Business?

When it comes to the success of your business , internet marketing plays a key role . To market yourself and to promote your products and services, you need the support of internet marketing . If you are planning to start a business or you are on your way and want to improve your business you can hire an online marketing agency which takes care of all activities from designing the website for your business to implementing various marketing techniques including internet marketing.

5 reasons why it is important

  • To increase visibility of your Business
  • To connect with the customer
  • To Cope up with the competition
  • It is good for research and development 
  • Legitimate yourself

Best Small Business Websites Examples


Email : Komalsingh0127@gmail.com 

 Videos that may help in marketing 


24 June 2019

Facebook Marketing 

Facebook Marketing :-

Basic Facebook Features :-

  • news feed
  • timeline(profile)
  • graph search

Social Density of Audience is Magnified :-

  • facebook is largest repository of deeply personal information
  • facebook geared to maximizing connections between users

Image result for facebook marketing

Targeted Marketing :-

  • location(within_ miles of a certain city)
  • age, gender
  • language, education, workplace
  • interests
  • connections
  • celebrating their birthday
  • relationship status

                        Related image

Facebook Marketing Tools :-

  • like button
  • brand pages
  • news feed page post ads
  • right- hand column sidebar ads 
  • mobile ads
  • faebook exchange(FBX)
Image result for Facebook Marketing Tools

How to Create Facebook Business Page in 6 Simple Steps :-

  • fill out your basic business info
  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/creation/
  • add a profile photo and cover photo
  • fill out your page information completely
  • customize your page
  • add collaborators to your page 
  • publish your first post

Image result for How to Create Facebook Business Page in 6 Simple Steps

Market With Facebook Page :-

  • don't use facebook for the 'hard sell'
  • have a clear goal and strategy
  • create a human voice for your business
  • post regularly
  • encourage comments and reply quickly
  • use pictures and videos
  • nurture your relationships
  • promote your facebook page
Related image

How to Build Your Own Active Facebook Group :-

  • create a group 
  • keep your group active
  • promote your group
  • keep your group spam - free
Related image

How to Use Facebook Marketplace for Business :-

  • increase awareness & 'discoverability'
  • build trust prior top
  • conduct market research to see what sells 
  • test sales sequences for automating follow - up 
  • sell more products

Related image

Types of Ads :-

  • photo ads
  • video ads
  • lead ads
  • carousel ads
  • slideshow ads
  • collection ads
  • dynamic ads
  • messenger ads
Image result for Types of Ads

How to Advertise on Facebook :-

  • choose your objective
  • name your campaign
  • set up your ad account
  • target your audience
  • choose your facebook ad placements
  • set your budget and schedule
  • create your ad
Related image

Facebook Marketing For Small Business

Why Online Marketing?

  • building the brand trust, affinity, authority.
  • engaging with customer-word of mount marketing.
  • customer service-answering questions, demonstrating the product in action.
  • crowdsourcing  ideas- getting innovative ideas.
  • marketing optimization-google  analytics, determine what terms people are searching and from what sites they are coming from.
  • attract and educate new customers- driving traffic.
  • increasing sales.
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 Is Facebook Just a Fad ?

  • 945 million monthly active users who  used facebook mobile product as of December 31, 2013.
  • 757 million daily active users on average in December 2013.
  • approximately 81% of our daily action users are outside the U.S and Canada.
  • 1.23 billion monthly active  users as of December 31, 2013 .

source : http://newsroom.fb.com/key-facts
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4 Things You Need To Know

  • facebook cannot cure your own ambivalence about marketing your business.
  • your facebook administrator cannot operate in a silo.
  • if you do not have a website or your website is awful, facebook will not be effective.
  • you get out what you put in - time, resources.

Why Do People Use Facebook ?

  • a 2012 study from boston university found that facebook fulfills two primary human needs :
  •  the need to belong.
  •   the need to for self-presentation. 

  •  it's the place where people go to connect/reconnect with friends ans family.
  • people come to facebook to make personal connections and to have fun.
Image result for Why Do People Use Facebook

Facebook Marketing

marketing strategy that works with facebook :

  • help customers feel more connected to your business.
  • tell them your story.
  • show them who you are as individuals.
  • help them connect to each other.
  • share"behind the scenes" photos and videos.
  • ask questions.
  • share compelling success stories.
  • make it easy , light, fun.
  • include media with all posts - links, photos, videos.

10 Ways To Get More Engagement 

  • add photos to each post.
  • post at the right time of day.
  • ask for interaction.
  • think outside the work week.
  • be relevant, be funny, be helpful.
  • post graphics and memes.
  • give something away.
  • inspire/connect.

Image result for Ways To Get More Engagement  FACEBOOK

More Ideas For Facebook Posts

  • industry blogs, newsletters, websites.
  • google alerts and new york times alerts.
  • competitors, success stories, reached a goal.
  • inspirational quotes, want input on an issue.
  • event, anniversaries, celebrations, birthdays.
  • email newsletter .
  • tie current events to your cause/issue.
  • read everything and follow everyone.
  • figure out what's working for others and adapt it.

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How To Get More Facebook Fans

  • experiment with facebook ads.
  • for more on facebook ads,go to :
  •   http:// www.socialmediaexaminer.com
  •   http://www.jonloomer.com
  • some ideas for facebook contests :
  •  caption contest
  •  photo contest 
  •  video contest
  • fans enter by liking a post, leaving a comment, posting a photo-engaging in some way.

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How Facebook Helps In Small Business ?

there are 3 ways to facebook helps in small business :

  •    building brand awareness.
  •    providing customer service.
  •    establishing expertise.

Image result for How Facebook Helps In Small Business

12 Things To Do To Start a Small Business

  • get clear about your why ? 
  • look at your finances.
  • research the business opportunity, research the market.
  • talk to potential customers.
  • find an available URL and name your business.
  • establish your legal entity .
  • secure an EIN number and business bank account.
  • develop your signature product or service.
  • set your price and start selling.
  • write a business plan.
  • launch while working.

Image result for Things To Do To Start a Small Business


  • http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-know-if-your-social-media-activites-are-working/
  • http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/3-strategies-to-measure-your-social-media/
  • http://www.enterpreneur.com/article/229948
  • google analytics.
  • conversions.
  • website traffic , email sign ups.

 Learn More About Social Media

  • social media breakfast north shore.
  • http://smbnorthshore.org/
  • http://www.facebook.com/groups/smbnorthshore

       To Learn More:

  • www.socialmediaexaminer.com
  • www.hubspot.com
  • www.johnhaydon.com
  • www.jcsocialmarketing.com