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18 January 2020

Hubspot is a great tool for all in the area of digital marketing. This is a marketing, sales, and service software that helps  business grow without compromise. They do believe that good for the business” also means “good for the customer.”
We can start with the free tools they offer and upgrade when we grow.
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Full stack of tools and options
This tool offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core.
They’re quite good alone — but even better when used together.
This gives all tools we need to organize, track, and build better relationships with leads and customers. It is also 100% free forever.

Popular Features here are

·         Contact Insights
·         Deals
·         Tasks
Marketing Hub
It is a marketing software that helps us grow traffic, convert more visitors, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale

Popular Features here are 
·         Lead Generation
·         Marketing Automation
·         Analytics
Sales Hub
Their time-saving sales software that helps you get deeper insights into prospects, automate the tasks you hate, and close more deals faster.

Popular features here are :-
·         Email Tracking
·         Meeting Scheduling
·         Email Automation
Service Hub
This customer service software to help you connect with customers, exceed expectations, and turn them into promoters that grow your business.

Popular features here are :
·         Tickets
·         Customer Feedback
·         Knowledge Base
    Get started

Ultimately, this software helps us all to get started in all areas and ensure success in digital marketing process. Embrace it now before its too late. This is why we include this in our course too.
The jobs that our students take up are
1. SEO specialist
2. Digital marketing executive
3. PPC executive
4. Digital advertising expert
We are aware that students are constantly on the move and are active all the time. To make sure our course progresses well, we ensure that we offer 24/7 support to all our students. To  ensure that students remember all that they have learnt, we give all our students are given free course material that have been meticulously developed by us. 
Further, we give
• Non-biased career guidance
• Counselling based on your skills and preference
• No repetitive calls, only as per convenience
• Rigorous curriculum designed by industry experts
• Completion of program while working
We have a wide network. With this, we help all our students get placed suitably. With all this, our students keep recommending us to all. With all that has taken place, we can say that we are truly proud to be playing a role in the digital success story that is emerging in India.
We know that the digital world is something we do need to master, else we shall indeed be left behind. This is why we teach all the required skills and then offer a 100% guarantee.

Don’t wait till you get left behind. Enter the new year with a new outlook.
Join us  to be digitally successful in the new digital era !

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12 January 2020


With video now a crucial  part  of how we market our business in an engaging way. The question is ‘What type of video are engaging?’ We share some ideas on this here   

1. One could host a video contest and publish the best video. This can generate a lot of interest.

2.     One could do a a remix of a popular video.

3.     One could upload a few video testimonials. This shall surely add a lot of value to one’s product or service, for sure.

4.     One could do a how-to video series. This would definitely make one an expert in the domain.

5.     One could demonstrate a product. It can either be one’s own or someone else’s. Demonstrate it via Google Hangout Live and then share it in blog posts and via one’s You Tube Channel.

6.     One could answer common questions. It could be one question or a bunch of questions in one video

7.     Address common points in taking action. Find out what the excuses of people and tackle them head on in a video.

8.     One could record an inspirational speech on video. This surely helps as people in general love inspiration.

9.     One could subtitle an existing video. One quick way to get a lot of views is to reproduce a popular video with subtitles. Here, of course one should ensure that there are no copyright issues.

10. Recite a story visually. One could use a storyboard to walk through story that has a lesson in the end.

11. Create a stop-motion graphic. These are quite difficult to create, but usually go viral when they’re done well.

12. If one has  the visuals and do not wish to use one’s personal voice, one could get someone from Fiverr to do the voiceover for  just $5.

13. Get someone well known in one’s industry teach on camera.

14. Create a slideshow video using Powerpoint.

15. One can guide someone through an experience. For example, one could do a guided meditation or a writing exercise.

16. Create  a membership that ships a video through a newsletter or otherwise every month.

17. Use video on one’s sales page and squeeze page. One usually gets higher conversions through video landing pages than any other kind of landing page.

18. Showcase the behind the scenes of one’s business. People love seeing these.

19. Introduce one’s team. Share details of all the other people do.

20. Perform a publicity stunt. Do something gutsy in public and film it.

21. Do a video on a popular current topic. For example, one could do video on elections during the elections.

22. Do a screencast.  Recording oneself while demonstrating something or  teaching a new skill is  always a winner.

23. Share a story from one’s own life.

24. Record a random thought or rant. Keep it spontaneous and uncut.

25. Take an uncommon stance  on something controversial on video.

26. Use a video camera and let it film for a long time, then condense it all into a few minutes.

27. Prove or disprove a myth on video.

28. Pose a puzzle or question on video. Answer the question in a later video. This adds involvement.

29. Show one’s tools. For example, if one is teaching how to create video, one must do a video specifically on all the different kinds of software, tools and equipment.

30. Talk about a mistake one saw someone make. Show others how to avoid that mistake for themselves.

31. Do a video on a public poll and film it. Go into the public and ask people their opinions on a certain topic and then show it.

32. Ask employees of distributors specific questions. For example, if one has a fishing site, call up the fishing rod manufacturer and ask them questions about the rods.

33. Host a competition and put that on video. For example, one could have a fishing contest, interview the winner and put the whole thing on video.

34. Ask people to submit videos on a particular challenge. For example, one could challenge the audience to do something using one’s products. Award a prize to the best.

35. Give advice to one’s own self from when one started on video.

36. Explain the theory behind something making it clear.

37. Talk about the emotional difficulties one’s potential clients may face on their journey.

38. Do something ridiculous on video so that people connect through comedy.

39. Post a response on video. This might get a lot of views.

40. Explain the laws around one’s industry.

41. Cover an even like a live seminar, conference or trade show.

42. Have people hold up cards with statements and say something using which one can make a good video.

43. Blog one’s entire day on video to show people what your day is like.

44. Impersonate someone significant.  For example, if one is a piano teacher, one can try dressing up like Lady Gaga or Elvis for a lesson.

45. Unpack or unbox a new product while explaining exactly what makes it special. This is always popular with die-hard fans

46. Do a hidden camera video of something people like. For example, one could go behind the curtains at a concert and show people what that’s really like.

47. Introduce oneself completely on video, including one’s likes and what one cares about.

48. Make a list video, like 25 tips on how to do X.

49. Work on co-ordination with other successful video producers. This way, both will  get more reach.

Why did we stop here? There are surely many more. Let us all work to make one’s video memorable and in the process, also make one’s product or service more memorable too. The digital world itself is after all, mainly about innovation.

Happy video-ing.

11 January 2020

AI, SEO and digital marketing must integrate to succeed in today’s digital world.
Not so long ago, AI was associated with robots, machinery, and seemed almost like science fiction.

Now, AI and SEO are highly integrated. Improvements e now like deep learning and natural language processing have resulted in search engines becoming smarter and more human-friendly. 
This is now totally changing the landscape of marketing.
AI has now become a crucial component in how search engines rank pages. Here, it is important to understand AI when optimizing for search.

Search engines have now become better at identifying keyword stuffing, irrelevant backlinks, and quality content for users. Due to this, marketers have had to use AI to meet the requirements of search engines.
While playing by the rules of SEO is necessary, using AI for SEO success gives us more opportunity to enhance page rankings. Further, this allows us to develop more cohesive strategies and better content.
So, why else do we need AI for SEO success in 2019 and beyond?
This technology creates more opportunities to reach audiences, and it requires us to think of how to bring together these opportunities into an effective strategy.
Many times, when it comes to creating cohesive content strategies that can lead to SEO wins, we need to look at the data.
We must know that using AI to collect valuable data and customer insights can lead to overall SEO success.
One company that used this approach effectively was Kia Motors.
This car company partnered with Influential, an influencer marketplace that uses AI to suggest relevant influencers to companies.
From this, we can learn that when it comes to collecting the right insights, AI can help you find the data you need to create a strategy around the best channels for your messaging.
Personalisation and AI
Nothing captivates a customer more than knowing that a brand put thought into personalised messages.
The fact is consumers want to feel as if companies care enough to produce content that zeros in on their individual needs and concerns.
So, personalization is crucial for customer success.
Data shows that 79 percent of organizations that have a clear personalization strategy  have exceeded revenue goals.
Further, smart personalization engines enable digital businesses to increase their profits by up to 15 percent.
In other words, personalization is becoming crucial to customer success.
This is surely made easier to do in the digital age.
For, one of the best ways to add personalization to implement AI and automation-based marketing methods.
Starbucks is one company that has truly capitalized on this trend. Through  mobile app data, it collects customer data to provide personalized menu recommendations on smartphones as customers approach stores.
The company uses over 90 million transactions per week to inform their decisions regarding product recommendations, the locations of new stores, and new products that they should offer to customers.
Alibaba, the online marketplace giant, uses data to make product recommendations and create attractive digital-storefronts.
Consumers want companies to pay attention to what they do online, and add convenience to the online shopping process. AI and data analysis allows us to create personalized dynamic experiences that appeal to these individuals.  
Specifically, regarding content, AI allows us to provide:

  1. ·       Special landing pages.
  2. ·        Dynamic content.
  3. ·        Unique user experiences based on data and analysis
   These three things that can also lead to SEO success.
All this can help us leverage all of AI to expand our digital market and reach out to the entire world.

Reference : Search engine journal

02 January 2020


Advancements in AI are set to make engagements between humans and computers truly intelligent, enabling them to be more natural and satisfying, whether they are between person-to-technology, person-to-business or person-to-person.

This is what shall happen from 2020 onwards. We shall see :-
1) Data will become the new software
We’ve all gotten accustomed to seeing tailored ads on our Instagram feeds, and studies have shown they are quite effective in increasing engagement.
This is all driven by cultivated data that powers the system and creates an optimized experience for you.
In 2020, the world will begin to acknowledge that for AI to deliver on the promise of true personalization it needs access to relevant data.
Through increased collaborations, partnerships, and open platforms without silos, data can begin to move across industries and enable AI to cater to an individual’s needs.
This means that – with your permission – your data can be used to create a better, more convenient experience for you.
For example, data from your patient chart will sync with your pharmacy, and with the map function in your car to ensure that you are on the fastest route and can arrive in time to pick up your prescription before the shop closes.
Similarly, digital payment functionalities enabled by banks will be embedded in your car, eliminating the need for automated pay stations in parking garages and tolls, and with biometric authentication, you’ll be able to pay your bills with simple voice commands on your commute home.
2) Specialized AI expertise will be critical in breaking new ground
With new tools democratizing access to powerful computing, we’ll see the knowledge gap on baseline AI start to close in 2020.
Researchers will move from focusing efforts on “common knowledge problems,” to “uncommon knowledge,” from large horizontal problems to deep, complex specializations, and this will spur the next wave of innovation in customer experience.
Empowering diverse workforces with varied and true perspectives will be necessary to combat top-down cultures that have an inflated understanding of their expertise, and will be imperative to building systems that are free from bias.
3) Conversational AI will play a key role
2019 kicked off with high hopes for the new, opportunistic conversational AI tools flooding the market that promised to change the heavily manual process of virtual assistant development.
Through the year many realized that, while conversations might be easy, conversational AI design is hard.
It takes expertise and experience solving difficult enterprise grade problems to deliver a great automated conversational experience.
In 2020, we’ll see organisations re-visit their approach, where they combine cutting-edge tools with expert services.
Conversational interfaces will begin to enable deeper interactions between human beings.
AI technology makes it possible for humans to have a natural dialogue with computers. So, computers will begin to understand how humans feel during an interaction and know when it is time to handoff to another human to take over.
With this, computers will understand what one wants or needs, shall talk back to you to ask for relevant details and then take action on your intent.
All this will make interactions between humans and machines more effective and convenient and, as a result, we’ll see adoption continue to grow and more and more organisations gravitate toward AI-driven technology.
4) Regulations and security will catch up with innovation
As we come through the trough of disillusionment with AI and move toward a cloud-first ecosystem, a new era will arise where industries and governing bodies will start to draw bolder lines around ethics and proper application of machine learning for problem solving.
Those looking to reap the benefits of AI will need to focus firmly on security, especially in industries where individuals’ information is being captured and stored for personalization.
While always a priority, as machine-led conversational experiences become more commonplace, it will be impossible to ignore the need to foster trust.
This pressure will open up investment and opportunity for innovative new ways of protection including through biometric and behavioral factors.
5) Humans always have a role
Today’s AI is like a child learning the very basics of engagement.
Therefore, replacement is not something to worry about. Instead, we should be realistic and consider AI as a tool enabling us to enhance our own capabilities.
For example, the call agent that relies on AI to help them assist a client and give that individual a positive experience will earn better client satisfaction scores and thereby generate more revenue.
The bank that relies on AI-based voice biometrics will have lower fraud rates and enable their customers to access their details without having to run through the same ten security questions each time, creating a better experience.
Essentially, the companies that embrace AI will rise above the companies that do not.
We have seen this which is why we offer a course in this area that offers a job guarantee.
We make our students experts in the field of digital marketing with our skill based practical approach that includes AI. Our digital marketing course makes our students digitally empowered in digital marketing by working on live projects. We give our students WRITTEN job guarantee, a rare assurance indeed.
Jobs and placements
The jobs that our students would be ready for are
1. SEO specialist
2. Digital marketing executive
3. PPC executive
4. Digital advertising expert
We know that that students are constantly on the move and are active all the time. This is why we ensure that we offer 24/7 support to all our students.
We ensure that students remember all that they have learnt. We give all our students are given free course material that have been meticulously developed by us.
With our wide network, we help all our students get placed suitably. 

This is why our students keep recommending us to all. With this, we can say that we are truly proud to be playing a role in the digital success story of India.

Don’t wait till you get left behind. Enter the new year with a new outlook.
Join us  to be digitally successful and master AI.

in the new digital era !

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