01 March 2021

Learn Video Marketing with IDM

We do need to do a video marketing course to succeed and grow. Videos speak louder than mere words. A video marketing course is as necessary as a basic degree now. For the world is now digital. Videos are indeed necessary. It is the new mode of communication. Doing a course in a video marketing institute in Mumbai through a video marketing training in Mumbai itself does add a lot of value. Why Mumbai? Well, this is because it is both a premier business and entertainment hub. It has been proven that videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. Hence, videos attract the audience fast and increase the traffic. They also help in strengthening the emotional connection with the audience and stand as marketing initiatives for the businesses. Video marketing is a digital marketing tool used by businesses to promote their products or services mainly on the internet. It helps promoting the brand of the company. Videos deliver the content and serve as a medium to both current and potential customers. It answers all the queries people may have. This is a skill that one needs to work on and develop. There are even videos that provide instructions. Videos generally provide a lot of value to the marketers from various channels. Video marketing takes place on different social media platforms, as most of the social media platforms incorporate video in it. Video marketing is pacing rapidly on the upward trajectory due to its popularity. A marketer must know all the inside outs of all the platforms where video can be marketed. Like in all areas of marketing and life itself, only then we can get the best possible outcomes. In order to create a good video marketing strategy it’s vital to stay on top with the advances, statistics and technologies. To understand video marketing, we must know and understand YouTube, one of the premier channels. This is a video Social Networking site. Today, It is the 2nd most popular search site on the Internet after Google, who owns YouTube. Actually, YouTube video watching is a significant activity on the Internet. It has over 1 billion visits to YouTube daily and over 100 million videos watched daily. We teach all the aspects on how to do video marketing through YouTube and otherwise.
Videos can be short and simple. For marketing ourselves, we need to decide on a goal for our main activity. Some themes that are prevalent are customer support, educational, product instructions, customer interviews, employee interviews, event videos, and professional produced videos. Content Marketing is also very essential for the same. Creating good and valuable content for your targeted audience is also equally necessary for creating videos. Good content and knowledgeable videos tend to go viral much faster compared to videos with less content and no targeted people. Just like any Social Media, we need to create an account. Just posting once does not have a great impact. Creating a series of videos, will result in increased search optimization and followers of our channel. We provide certification and knowing it is difficult to reach everyone, we teach it online too.
Video marketing is not only growing at a much faster speed but with the contribution of AI in this field creating and promoting videos are now better and have enhanced features which is powered by AI and is helping people create better and more optimized videos. We help you understand these tools and software’s and will teach you how to use it in video creation and promotion. The course also helps you to learn video marketing on various other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and also LinkedIn as these are also the main platforms where short 10-15 seconds of videos can be created as per the targeted audience and promoted online. We not only help you to learn and grow in video marketing but help you develop personal skills that will help you create better videos and will also help you grow personally into a brand. Storytelling is a very important factor in video marketing as a story is a way of engaging people into the video and develops curiosity in viewers mind to keep watching it till the end. The course is designed as per every individual’s personal needs in terms of the subject. Proper books and course material is provided in advance. The course is followed by an Action Learning based program and will be taught on practical basis to help you learn and inculcate real world experiences. Competing with the competitors is the main goal of advertising and we shall train you on how to do this professionally through video. Join Institute of Digital Marketing to grow yourself into the digital World that will help you develop professional video marketing skills to enhance your overall marketing campaigns with video promotions.

29 January 2021

We can succeed in Organic Search and content marketing with the right strategy

If we have a presentation with a very powerful message about the mission of our brand, we are qualified to speak on the subject matter because we are passionate about it — and our audience cares, because what we do makes a difference in their lives.


Image Source : marketingland.com

This is the scenario brands face today while working online is getting the right message in front of the right people. This is why organic search presents one of the greatest opportunities to find those with whom our message will resonate best.


Some simple steps we could follow are


1. Define a Keyword List

It’s unreasonable to assume that we will pull top rank in Google for every keyword relating to our industry. Our goal should be to secure high organic rankings for our most desired keywords. This is an exercise that will take the effort of both marketing and management. Think about how people would search for our products and services, make a list of these keywords, and check the traffic and competition for each term with a tool like BrightEdge or Google’s Keyword Planner. Keywords with high volume and low to medium competition are the best— they have high traffic potential and are easier to aim for.

2. Good Content Will Win in Organic Rankings

Before we dig into some of the more technical aspects, we must , always remember that writing high-quality content is what attracts interest and compels visitors to share it and link back to it. Good content has the best chance of becoming viral content, and Google rewards content virality heavily in its rankings algorithm.

3. Create Key Pages

If we have 10 pages relating to the same set of keywords, Google will have a hard time determining which page is relevant. Instead, we could merge our content into a single key page. With one authoritative key page on a specific topic, there is no SEO confusion, and we should rank higher.

4. Work Keywords and Related Variants in Page Content

The best way to rank for a keyword is using iy. We should include these early in our page titles, headlines, and body text, since early placement can be a signal of relevance. We should use our focus keywords often throughout our content — but never at the expense of good writing. We should be wary of “keyword stuffing” as even Google penalizes pages that use keywords excessively, in ways that interfere with the reading experience. 

5. Optimize our Page Titles

The <title> HTML tag defines a web page’s title and is meant to be a concise description of the page’s content. It is the first line of hyperlinked text Google displays in their organic search results, and it is what appears in the top frame of most web browsers for that page and in tabs. This is considered a crucial on-page SEO element. When  we write our page titles, keep them less than 70 characters, since any text beyond that will be cut off when listed in Google’s organic results. We should include our important keywords in the title, preferably in the beginning. If we have extra space, we could consider including our company at the end to increase brand awareness.

6. Write Meta Descriptions that Drive Clicks

The <meta name= description content= > HTML tag is meant to be a concise explanation of the content. The meta description beneath the page title in their organic results by Google. Their function is to drive clicks from users. People read descriptions as a preview of the page and use it to determine if our content is worth visiting. Therefore, we need to provide a clear value proposition about what they’ll gain by visiting our page and reading your content. We could consider using words that inspire action like “learn more,” “find out,” or “get…” 

We should keep our meta descriptions 150 characters since Google won’t display text beyond that.  We should also include keywords in our text, since any words matching a user’s search query will be displayed in bold.

7. Use Keyword Variations as  Text for Internal Linking in Anchor Text

The text is the visible text that hyperlinks display when linking to another page is called anchor text. Using descriptive and relevant text here helps Google determine what the page being linked to is about. When we use internal links (links on web pages that point to other pages on the same web site), we should use anchor text that is a close variation of our  keywords for that page, instead of phrases like “click here” or “download here”. Using close variations will help us improve our organic Google rankings for more keywords.

8. Don’t Forget ALT Tags

ALT tags are HTML elements used to specify alternative text to display when the elements (such as images) can’t be rendered. ALT tags are a signal for Google’s ranking algorithm, so when we have images and other elements on your web pages, we always use a descriptive ALT tag with  keywords for that page.

9.  URLs Matter

Search engines prefer URLs that are readable for humans, so we must keep ours relevant to the page.  We must avoid blocks of numbers and special characters. Shorter URLs perform better in search rankings than longer ones, we must keep it to a minimum. We could also include keywords in our URL names, and try to place them closer to our domain name.

10. Make it Mobile friendly

 All search engines, including Google have been gradually increasing the importance of mobile friendliness in its rankings

11. Adhere to Google’s EAT Guidelines

 EAT is one of the top three factors for gauging page quality. The acronym means:

Expertise : The website must show expertise in the field it is about. This is especially relevant to the medical, financial, and legal industries. We can establish expertise by providing clear, accurate information and citing reputable sources in your content.

Authoritativeness: This is shown through credentials, positive reviews, and  testimonials. We can highlight this information throughout our website.

Trustworthiness: To make sure users feel safe on our site, its important to have an HTTPS site and an SSL certificate, especially if we accept any monetary transactions online. 

12. Avoid Black Hat Techniques

Black hat refers to the practice of trying to trick search engines into giving us higher rankings by using unethical tactics, such as buying links. With this, one shall be wiped out sooner or later altogether.

13. Increase Social Presence

Social signals are impacting organic search engine rankings 

We need to setup some social media pages such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, and start engaging with our audience there.

14. Use a Strategy for building links

This is the practice of acquiring new links to our site from external domains. Beyond creating great content people want to share. Inviting guests to blog nd asking webmasters from authoritative sites relevant to our business to link back to our pages are great ways to build links. 

15. Track Visitors

To prove our value and optimize our results, it’s important to measure the impact of your efforts on web site traffic and lead/sales generation. We could use tools like Google Analytics to help us here.

In Conclusion

The marketing industry is still converging to marry more traditional marketing with digital channels. By following the above steps, we shall surely be winners in the digital game. Let us begin soon.

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21 January 2021

To move forward in education, let us understand but not succumb to the Veblen effect to zoom towards success

Image Source : Deccan Herald

There is a class of goods where there exists an inverse relationship between the price of a good or service and the quantity demanded of that good or service.  These goods are called Veblen goods and violate the law of demand after prices have risen above a certain level.


The Veblen Effect

The Veblen Effect is about the impact of a higher price of a commodity on the quantity demanded of that commodity. 

It is named after  its creator, Thorstein Veblen, an economist and sociologist who studied the phenomenon of conspicuous consumption in the late 19th century.

He observed how the higher class whom he called the leisure class, would spend anything just to be seen as having arrived at a higher level. It is also called a kind of snobbishness for paying a higher price.

Reasons for the Veblen Effect


1. Perception of quality

In Veblen’s analysis of conspicuous consumption, it was noted that for certain luxury goods and services, a higher price was often associated with the perception of higher quality. Therefore, an increase in price was seen as evidence of the producer improving quality.

For example, the demand for a designer handbag often increased with a high price. The price increase was viewed by consumers as evidence that the producer of the designer handbag has improved the quality of the handbag.


2. Positional goods

These goods are often positional goods. The quantity demanded of a positional good depends on how this is distributed in society. Veblen goods often exhibit a negative positional effect, i.e., the quantity demanded of a Veblen good increases with a reduction in the distribution of the good. It occurs because the utility gained by a consumer from holding such a good arises purely from the fact that few other consumers hold it.

For example, the utility gained by a consumer from owning a diamond-encrusted handbag might arise primarily from the fact that few other people in society can afford to own such an object. Thus, the diamond-encrusted handbag acts as a positional good.


The effect on education

Very often, people go to higher priced schools and colleges to be considered elite. Fortunately, with the digital world making education accessible to all, wherever they may be, the Veblen effect is losing its effectiveness.

While getting admission in Ivy League schools or institutions like IIMs in India requires excellent grades and scores and only a few can make the cut, most universities know that students do not mind paying high fees because of its perceived value.

Instead, we could connect to a well reputed institute ourselves that does give value even when the prices being affordable.


The Veblen effect is definitely not applicable to learning and education. We need to be aware of course but not succumb to its effect. In education, we could definitely ignore the Veblen effect and learn to  be innovative and successful.

We at IDM have ensured we give quality education at reasonable rates for we want all to study and never make education just for the richer classes so the Veblen effect is definitely not something we subscribe to.

15 January 2021

Use Digital Sales to move ahead and succeed

 Customers today have changed more than we realize.  Everyone access to information via social and digital channels, Hence, they use these channels to empower their decision making.  
The erstwhile days of sales professionals being gatekeepers of information are no longer relevant.

Hence, the primary query now if buyers have become more digital and sophisticated in their research and engagement capabilities, have sales people also accordingly become modernized?

For, if sales doesn’t become more digital, the people simply won’t be able to compete in the market today.  For, those who have access to information can make better and faster decisions.

So, what’s digital sales? It is using the digital media to scale relationship building using social and digital channels.  In addition to what you are doing, it complements it digitally.

Isn’t that what we all want for our business and sales teams? All we need to do is understand the new world and how it works, This is not all difficult. All one needs is passion and interest. The customer is after digital now so we need to understand him in the digital world.

Outcomes of the Digital world
We must realise outcomes improve with Digital Sales
Did you know that sales professionals that use digital strategies achieve sixty six% higher quota attainment than peers that don’t? (Source:  CSO Insights)

Deal sizes increase by twenty seven% compared to only traditional approaches. (Source:  IDC Research)

And most notably, sellers becoming digital generate forty five% more sales opportunities! (Source:  LinkedIn).

This mode of sales is easier and even more cost effective than traditional sales.

Digital skills are now needed by all to succeed in the world now as the world is completely digital!

The digital world is growing at a remarkably fast, It was just about 0% in 2005, then became 40% in 2020. Now, this type of marketing has become an integral part of marketing budgets and will soon overtake all other traditional channels of marketing.
Skills in the digital marketing sector are now in short supply. Our program bridges that gap and creates industry-ready candidates.
In our program, we start with the basics. After this, our students go further, with a level that includes current updates about digital technology. 

These skills are required by everyone all over the world. There are huge opportunities, and enormous requirement for such skills to drive the success of an economy. The internet penetration in the Indian online user base is larger than the U.S.
Our students are taught everything in digital marketing with our skill based practical approach. Our digital marketing course makes our students know everything about marketing in the new age by working on live projects. We give a WRITTEN ASSURANCE of job guarantee, as our clients are looking for such skills.

It is said when the world changes, we need to change ourselves accordingly. The world is indeed digital now so we must know what Digital Sales are all about.

Reinvent yourself. Joining us, the Digital Marketing experts now !

03 November 2020

What success lessons can we learn from Amul, the most favorite brand of Indians ?


Amul Products

From last 7 decades Amul has been in the homes of almost all the Indians. Amul, a small union of milkmen from a village called Kaira in Gujarat started to sell milk in Gujarat and Bombay Government now known as Mumbai, is one of the leading milk providers in India. Amul has grown into a very big industry with time that, now they not only supply milk but also provides a variety of products in the market such as butter, cheese, paneer, curd, bread spread, Ghee, ice cream, milk beverages, chocolates, fresh cream and many types of dairy products. It is not only their products but also the trust that they have built with the people is a huge factor of their success. Today I will be unfolding the success path of Amul that helped it become the most trusted brand in India.


Amul was founded in 1946 by Tribhuvandas Patel under the guidance of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel which was later taken over by Dr. Verghese Kurien in 1949 who changed the whole perspective of Amul in the market. He is also regarded as the ‘Milk Man of India’. Acronym of AMUL is ( Anand Milk Union Limited) Anand is the place in Kaira District where all this started. Amul’s slogan “ Amul – The Taste of India” is a not only a slogan but is a promise to provide the best quality of milk and hygiene to all the people in this country which is still true and tested. All this revolution started when farmers and milkmen were brutally exploited by the middleman and it was only being a profitable business for these middlemen and the milkmen were hardly getting paid. At this time people decided to start a revolution against these middlemen. With the help of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel a new union of milkmen was established at Anand village in Kaira district of Gujarat which is now proudly know as Amul. It is not only the product that is selling in the market it is also the trust that Amul has created in the hearts of people in India. Along with the product Amul has always worked on promoting its products  by advertising and running various marketing campaigns. The success of these advertises and jargons made Amul a precious and demanded brand in the market.

DR. Verghese Kurien

How did  Amul Become A Brand ?

Initially the milkmen in Gujarat were dominated by the Polson Dairy which had the agreement with Bombay government to supply milk. But the people at Polson dairy used middlemen to deal with these people to buy milk from them. The company made huge profits but the middlemen started to exploit the milkmen by giving them very less money for their milk. This lead all the farmers and middle men to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who was an activist working for the betterment of farmers back then. Under the guidance of Vallabhbhai Patel, Tribhuvandas Patel started a union of milkmen from Anand district to supply milk. Amul was formed by him and was later taken over by Dr. Verghese Kurien which designed the whole brand of Amul. Amul is taken from a Sanskrit word ‘Amulya’  which means precious.

Today Amul is managed by Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing federation Ltd.(GCMMF). Amul is jointly owned and run by almost 36 lac farmers and milkmen who come from around 18000 different villages and 17 unions to come together and supply the best quality of Milk. Amul has promised to buy all the milk brought into the collection centers by the milkmen at the highest possible rates. 18 million liters of  milk is processed every single day in their plant. Amul also launched new range of products in the market with time to encounter other MNC’s in India. Almost 80% of the amount earned by the company is returned back to the farmers and milkmen to encourage them for producing the best quality of milk every time.

Amul is also the winner of International Dairy federation Marketing Award in 2007. Amul not only is selling the best quality of the products but is also has an excellent marketing strategy with ad campaigns and jargons. In 2017  Amul made an annual turnover of Rs.23000 crore with a production rate of 28 million liters a day. It is estimated that by 2020 Amul will be supplying 38  million liters of milk each day which will be having a turnover of Rs.50000 crore. There is also a success story based on Amul’s success known as Manthan.

Amul logo


Amul’s Growth Strategy

Amul is one of the leading Dairy product manufacturer in the World and is operating and selling in almost 40  countries across the globe. An innovative marketing approach and quality control measure has helped Amul to be on the top from last 3 decades. Amul is using some great strategies to dominate and grow in market such as :

1.   Mass production

From the beginning of Amul, Dr. Verghese Kurien has focused on mass production of the milk. He has a doctorate in dairy farming from USA and wanted to help Indian milk producing farmers to learn how they can produce more high quality milk by feeding organic things to their cattle and how hygiene can be maintained while doing all these procedures. He Encouraged farmers to sell their daily collected milk to Amul so that the farmers can be paid the highest rate for milk per liter. With this small initiative in the Anand District within no time the collection of milk started to increase and now more than 3.6 million farmers are associated with Amul to provide with best quality of milk. Amul utilized this milk to produce variety of milk products and grow their market dominance  not only in India, but also around the world.

Amul production Line


2.    Powerful Supply Chain

The core reason why Amul was formed is due to the lack of supply chain management. In 1946 Polson Dairy was dominating the market and was purchasing milk from local farmers. But the farmers were not paid the right price for their milk as most of the money was taken away by the middlemen and farmers were hardly earning any money. That is when this union of Amul was formed which eliminated the work of middlemen. Amul decided to purchase the milk direct from the farmers by providing them the high rates for milk which motivated the farmers to produce good quality milk at good rates. Amul was established for the welfare of these milkmen who were exploited by the middle person in the supply chain.


3.    Low-Cost Marketing

One of the most powerful strategies of Amul till date is its marketing.  Amul uses low cost marketing tactics in which it applies umbrella Marketing strategy. Umbrella marketing is uses the idea of selling all the products under one brands name like, Amul Milk, Amul butter, Amul chocolates etc. This helps in reducing the marketing cost of their products. According to Amul’s current managing director (MD)  Mr. R. S Sodhi the total marketing expenditure of Amul is just 0.8% which is very less compared to their top competitors in the market. This strategy is beneficial to the farmers and customers as farmers are paid high rates for their milk and customers are provided with the best quality of products at affordable prices.


Amul Marketing  Moto

4.    Advertizes and Jargons

Amul’s  one of the most successful running campaigns till date is the Amul butter which is also registered in the Gunnies Book of World Record  which is been running from last 36 years. The slogan “Utterly butterly delicious Amul”  made a huge breakthrough in the industry which is still loved by all the people in the country. Amul has been creatively making banners and jargons every year for its variety of products for each and every occasion. Amul also keeps in mind the part of human emotion which is the key for building trust with their customers. Amul creates various slogans for different people according to their sentimental requirements. For instance Amul Milk advertizes for general people is “ the taste of India” but for mothers it is “ the proper nourishment for your child” this creates a message of trust for all the mothers across the globe that we have the top quality milk for your children.


Amul Advertising

Why Amul is an effective brand ?


Amul is known for starting the white revolution in India. It is not only the largest producer of milk products in India but also in the entire Asia. It is a movement that freed the farmers from the exploitations of middlemen. The way Amul started its journey and the level of response it has achieved in last 74 years is outstanding. Amul is the biggest supplier of milk and dairy products in India and when it reached this mark, Amul decided to grow and establish itself as a brand by spreading out in different countries across the globe. Today Amul is producing 38 Million liters of milk every day. It is not only focused on selling the milk but is also enriching the lives of its supplier and farmers who are willing to provide a good quality of milk and is helping many people to start a way of earning. Till date Amul has been the favorite of millions of people in India and brand that is made in the home country since the independence has developed a trust among the people that makes it the most effective brand.

What we can learn from Amul

We all can surely be successful with team work, brand building and continuity. This is  the major message that Amul gives us

26 October 2020

Google My Business Complete Learning Experience with IDM for Success and Growth !


The internet has changed the way we all work and even live.  Google is one of the best and most used search engines in this world. Any sort of data and statistics can be uploaded and downloaded from Google within seconds. This is why everyone needs to understand Google to move forward in the internet world. It is now a necessity to do well in the digital world.

In fact, Google has now become even a kind of a verb in the English language. It signifies everything about search engines. Google has become a knowledge hub for all age groups. But what more do we know about Google rather than just being a search engine ? Google has expanded its boundaries beyond just being a search tool. Google provides mutiple services and products with a dyanamic range of content to create, advertize and sell at the same time. Google ads, google maps, google analytics, and much more services from creating a website upto marketing your products online, everything thing can be done via google if you have the correct training and guidance to know and learn about it. 

 Google My Business(GMB) is one of these features offered by Google to grow your business online. GMB is a very useful tool offered by Google to develop and grow the presence of your business online to most possible people. It is a free tool which can be used by any person around the globe to promote its business. GMB provides website link, map location of the business, products and service catalogues. Google My Business also gives the insights on the posts which are shared on GMB account which can help to create better ads and target the customers as per the views and market trends. I got to know how powerful tools google has to offer which common people are not even aware off. 

Institute of Digital Marketing(IDM) helped me with exploring and learning more about these tools. The learning and teaching process is completely different at IDM when compared to our schools and colleges. IDM focuses on Action. With their experience, they give many examples of real life cases also.

This enables learning rather than just explaining the content. While I was taught GMB At IDM they not only focused on the theory of the subject but also pushed me to perform and learn it practically. They helped me learn from the mistakes that were found while working on different taks and how experimental learning has helped me to overcome all those barriers. 

Under the proper guidance and teaching of IDM I was successfully able to pass Google My Business certificate Examination. IDM helped me in thinking bigger and outside the box. I am glad that I joined IDM to study and learn more about the Google tools for Digital Marketing. The world has now changed, so we need to change to keep pace with the change and move forward. This is what will be required by everyone soon and we need to be in the group of achievers and not losers in the digital world. 

24 October 2020

Why Is Apple the most successful company in this world !!

Apple Headquaters

Did you know which company first touched the $2 Trillion mark on this planet?  Yes Apple Inc. is the world’s first company to have a market cap of $2 trillion by its name. The journey which started in a garage on 1st April 1976 by Steve Jobs and his partner Steve Wozniak now owns a headquarters worth $5 Billion. It’s not only about how user friendly products are designed by them but its key factor is that the way Apple markets its products via all possible marketing platforms is just mind-boggling. Read this blog to know about the amazing marketing strategies applied by apple which makes it different from all the competitors in the race.

From initially selling IPods and computers now apple has a wide range of products to be offered along with many services. It includes Mobile phones, Laptops, IPods, Computers, IPads, Ear pods, Cell Phone cases and all other Tech accessories. There is no doubt that the technology in these products is outstanding but the bigger part is the unparalleled marketing strategies used by apple which is like spellbind to the customers that makes them want to buy their latest products as soon as it is launched. Apple is not only doing marketing but is also selling a premium experience to use and feel the latest technology which is so promising that once you buy it you won’t be bored of it because of constant system updates provided by them. It knows what their customers are really looking for in a product.


Apple quote by Steve Jobs

Every year around September apple tends to launch its new product range. The new range of products is always introduced with a new feature or design which is better and faster than the previous ones. For instance in 2018 Apple launched its IPhone XS with Dual in built camera to click portrait shots along with top notch display refreshment rate but in 2019, Apple launched IPhone 11Pro with Triple in built camera to capture not only portraits but all wide angle photographs with better screen resolution. This phone is the best product in market compared to the phones of all leading competitors. “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” was quoted by Steve Jobs which says that ever be satisfied with same things and always keep pushing forward to your limits.


Apple Store Interior Design

When you enter an Apple store the first thing that catches your eyes are the interiors of each and every store. Every store that apple owns has a standardized color scheme and interiors. The White color is so appealing and clean that you won’t be able to resist yourself from entering the store. This color strategy and naked windows are an attraction plan from the apple to show how luxurious the experience can be when you enter the Apple store. Every small thing inside the store is set in an appealing manner that is nearly impossible to ignore and pass by.




Specialist helping Customers in store

Apple customer executives are trained on the principles of enriching the lives of their customers. They focus more on providing the customers with greatest buying experience that they have ever lived. Apple calls their employees as specialists which makes them different from other sales employees. These specialists gives you a personal warm welcome whenever you enter the store and start developing a communication with you to know completely about your needs and specifications about the product you are looking for so that, they can provide you with the best possible solution which you can take back home and be satisfied about. If you are facing any sort of issues or concerns regarding the purchased product they offer you a complete assistance to resolve the issues and when the doubts are cleared they offer an invitation to return again anytime if you are facing new problems, they are happy to help customers anytime. These services tactics offered by Apple is inspired from the luxury hotel The Ritz-Carlton where the guests are treated like Gods. They also have a section called as Apple genius bar where top techies teach you about the latest technology in their products. They believe that communication is the key for selling products. These people at Apple have a magnetic and friendly personality which takes the buying and selling experience to greater heights.


Advertize of new phone launch

”People do judge a book by its cover… you may have the best product; but if you present them poorly, they will be perceived poorly; if you present them in a creative manner it will impute the desired qualities.”  This is the mantra followed by Mike Markkula that makes Apple so creative with their advertising. Empathy, Focus and Impute are the basis of advertising the products that is still used by Apple. Apple focuses on people empathy that creates a better impact on the person viewing the ads. Rather than explaining the overall features of the products Apple shows that how the products give a premium feel in their hands and how better the design is compared to other competitors. Apple also focused on creating and advertising limited range of products rather than creating multiple product line with same features. Apple brainstorms the ads in the peoples mind by the way it is presented, for example; if the ad says that the camera processor is purely designed to make and captures best pictures then people do believe it without having any second thoughts because of the way it is presented to their audience. Advertizes include how luxurious the build quality is so that you can flaunt it proudly in public places and how elite you can look when using an Apple device. Apple also considers human emotions as a plus point when creating an advertisement to connect directly and instantly with the viewers. Apple as created a mindset that their products are a Status symbol and not just any ordinary device.


Marketing philosphy of Apple

Despite of Apple being one of the most expensive products in the market, it is also the leading companies in the world with highest market cap ever. So what makes Apple so sure about selling the products constantly even at higher prices?? They create a mysterious hype about their upcoming products on social media platforms. Apple’s main expenditure in marketing is advertising the product on media channels. To sell a product this confidently it is very important to have a marketing story that will engage people in listening and creating a powerful impact on the audiences mind. Psychology plays an important role in building marketing strategies. The introduction of Apple’s new product launch is always in a video format and this video leaves you blown away like what master piece they have created this time. This sets the audience in a mood when you watch the ads.

It makes you curious to know more about the product. Apple is not just a company but with time it has evolved into a Brand that is considered as Status Quo. Evolving into a Brand has helped Apple to establish its reputation in the market.

Rather than explaining you the whole specification keynote Apple focuses on comparing the new product with the earlier ones. For example, if the previous phone was having X performance rate then this new product is having 3X performance that is 1:3 times better in running latest applications. This helps the people to understand is quicker rather than going into deep technological terms compared to its competitors. Visual storytelling helps Apple to make you think that how easy and relaxed your life can get by using this latest technology. What makes Apple’s marketing so unique is that the tap into the customers mind with their story and makes people think more about the product by leaving certain gaps to be explored by people themselves. This creates crazy hype in the market and is the main reason why people talk a lot about Apple’s latest products and keynotes. Apple is bringing people to come together and think about the products impact in their life. In short Apple plays with the psychology of human emotions and forces them to believe in themselves and that, Nothing is impossible and if you have the will to change this world you are a superhero.


Privacy is Apple's best feature 

Apple had developed its own running software known as IOS which is smoother than any Operating System in the market. The main feature of Apple is that they have continued to establish a great privacy record which is not at all easy to be cracked. This gives the IOS user a safer experience compared to Android which can be easily accessed by as viruses and defects. Apple has a very safe and secure user data policy which won’t sell out your details to data buyers at any cost. Apple also has its own userface, hardware, OS and various applications which can do each and every possible task that other applications can do which needs to be downloaded and charges heavy money. Apple has its own cloud server which makes it super easy to upload and offload files of any size and is safely protected from hackers. This helps to save your data and increases storage space on your device. The build quality and the latest designs are a key factor when buy a product. The designs are unbeatable till date and are still durable with long life. The color saturation in the camera, flowing and user friendly interface, top notch display quality, self owned entertainment applications all these things makes  Apple different and unique from all the competitors in market.

7 . What we can learn From Apple ?

Message to people


What you can learn from Apple is, How to grow your business or company into a well established brand. You should know what your customers are looking for and what is the best you can provide to them. Doing market research is necessary to develop the best product with latest technologies and let your product speak for itself. Next we can see is how the deal with customers. People are not only looking for a product they want to buy the product from a person whom they feel they can trust. Try to provide a great hospitality experience. Let this be their happiest and satisfied purchase which will make them come back to you next time. Learn how to make the perfect Advertizes to target your customers. Tell people about your product in such a way that make them think more about what new the product can offer. Build up hype before launching a new product or services by proper advertising. Develop a story that engages people in it and makes them believe to trust you. Don’t just sell the product make a bond with your customers.

At last I would conclude that Apple is not only the leading technological researcher and manufacturer but is also the best marketing planner for selling its products. Apple has inspired people to think differently and think bigger. Apple has covered all the spectrum of being a successful Brand in the market. It has become an example of pride and status by its design and built quality that, many competitors are trying to level up their products quality as good as Apple and copying the designs as well. But as it is said it’s not only about the product it’s about the entire experience of building a fan base and giving a hope to your customers that no matter what happens you have us standing behind and helping you come over all your problems and making your life a better picture than you could imagine. “Think Different to make a Difference”.


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