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16 November 2010

What is Digital Marketing?

why there is so much fuss about it? is it a Hype or is it REAL?
So much of Mystery surrounded around this word that a novice gets confused and puzzled into the complex wired Mystical Digital marketing world, there are others who go blindly into it doing things like putting up expensive websites and blogs and social media marketing activities etc but all these do not deliver the results they intended. just get present to the fact that How the world would be without Internet and Mobile and you will get Proof for yourself. It does not need any Rocket science Technology to Get it.

Whats Missing?
Creating Awareness for ones Product or service in digital media has to be done with good amount of home work and preparation. the sales pipeline has to be integrated with a good system to cater to the demands of customers. Its not beneficial for select category of people.

Digital marketing is known for the most cost effective and targeted focussed initiative amongst all other medias. Its a Great Opportunity made available for all of us to grow globally. Most important is all the visitor activity is measurable. online visitors can be categorized and reviewed at regular intervals.

So Explore the Digital Marketing world to exploit the latent hidden talents you have to expand into the amazing and enchanting WWW.

Lastly its the Cheapest mode of Marketing and Its Pull not Push (except email marketing that receiver can mark as spam). Its Clean Marketing as no need of Brochures and posters. Its Green Marketing for one does not waste Paper, travel, mass media.

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