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Balancing Marketing+ Management
The MBA graduates today are much more challenged though they are in the midst the SEA of Opportunities. Information some years back was a prominent strength. Digital technologies have brought forth Information at the finger tips so all information is out in the open. MBA-Marketing Graduates need to know the critical job of effectively balancing Technology with Marketing principles to have the Results.

digital marketing: Internships, Live-Projects, summer projects are now becoming much more rigrous and compulsory in the curriculum. As the Digital technologies are improving at much faster pace than we Imagine is presents a dilemma to Students, Faculty and the Think-tank of Management Education to keep themselves abreast of these Developments and Understanding the Depth of Penetration, Use of those Tools and lastly the Impact. 

Every layman world over will agree that Marketing is continually advancing with Digital developments. SO-LO-MO social local and Mobile …

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