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Social Media Marketing

Although the Social Media Marketing is rapidly progressing in the way of achieving new horizon, many of the traders and marketers are still struggling with it. They frequently worried about their organizations performance, whether they do things right, even if they involved in social media at all. This confusion is partly due to some misunderstanding about marketing is still a social media. Since the objective of social media is easier than you think to demystify social media marketing, therefore this is an attempt to eradicate the myth of information technology specified. Social Media Marketing is too risky: This anxiety is most common in health care, financial services and other industries regulated. There are certainly cases in which the company should be little more careful regarding social issues and content. You should be aware and should understand the regulatory environment and the necessary precautions. We should also keep a close eye on our potential customers, analysts, jour…


Ad war in cyberspace

Shivani Shinde & Priyanka Joshi / Mumbai May 09, 2011, 0:39 IST

Yahoo remains the leader in digital advertising, but Google is catching up fast The race for leadership in the digital advertising space is getting fiercer. While Yahoo is still the leader in the display space, Google has stepped on the gas.
The first evidence of Google’s resolve came when the Mountain View-headquartered firm gave out its revenue break-up – something it has never done before. Google said that the contribution from ads — from DoubleClick, Adsense and YouTube – was $2.5 billion. The intention was clear: Google wants to let the world know that it has achieved a critical mass in advertising.

Closer home, the appointment of Shailesh Rao as managing director of the media business for the Asia Pacific region was another indication of Google’s game plan. Add to this the recent launch of its campaign ‘Watch this space’. The reason for the search giant’s enthusiasm is obvious. The Indian online a…

Free Learning

Evaluation of the Institute's Learning Management System (LMS) is a Complex and Tedious task as the requirements of the four pillars of the Users are varied. Four Pillars are namely
1. Students
2. Faculty
3. Administration staff
4. Director or Head of Business Operation or Owner.

A. The Communication or Front end Tool of LMS

B. course tools or Material Preparation Tools
1. Tasks
2. Group Work
3. Assignments
4. Integration
5. Appointment/Scheduler
6. Calendar

Numerous LMS Vendors are coming up with Exciting Products in the Marketplace namely

Sakai-by rSmart

Internet is transcending from a Data/Information center to knowledge Motives, at every ones finger tips Globally. Enclosed are some of the websites. Clusty – This unique search engine sorts results into clusters of related information so that it is easier to sort out the relevant from the irrelevant. Schoolr – Schoolr is a fully-customizable search engin…