09 May 2011

Free Learning

Evaluation of the Institute's Learning Management System (LMS) is a Complex and Tedious task as the requirements of the four pillars of the Users are varied. Four Pillars are namely
1. Students
2. Faculty
3. Administration staff
4. Director or Head of Business Operation or Owner.

A. The Communication or Front end Tool of LMS

B. course tools or Material Preparation Tools
2. Group Work
3. Assignments
4. Integration
5. Appointment/Scheduler
6. Calendar

Numerous LMS Vendors are coming up with Exciting Products in the Marketplace namely

Sakai-by rSmart

Internet is transcending from a Data/Information center to knowledge Motives, at every ones finger tips Globally. Enclosed are some of the websites.
Clusty – This unique search engine sorts results into clusters of related information so that it is easier to sort out the relevant from the irrelevant.
Schoolr – Schoolr is a fully-customizable search engine that can be used to search Google, Wikipedia, and other popular sites. It can also be used to translate text, convert units, and cite sources.
MyStickies – This site offers an alternative to bookmarking. Instead of saving URLs and page titles, MyStickies allows you to place digital sticky notes with annotations around the web so that you can retrieve previously viewed pages and understand immediately why they are important.
Diigo is a handy research tool that can be used to highlight and annotate pages on the web. Anything that is marked with Diigo can be accessed later on from any PC.
Internet Public Library – The IPL is a free public library for the Internet community. Resources include books, magazines, reference materials, subject collections, a physical library locator, and an “Ask the Librarian” section.
RefDesk – This award-winning, family-friendly website is a great place to find reference materials online. RefDesk also offers one of the best fact checkers on the Internet.
SparkNotes – SparkNotes is an incredibly useful resource. In addition to an enormous literature section, the site also offers study guides and discussion forums for a wide range of academic subjects.
OpenCourseWare (OCW) Consortium – The OCW Consortium is a collaboration of more than 200 higher education institutions. The Consortium’s website is an excellent place to find free courses and course materials from some of the world’s best colleges and universities.
Lecturefox – Lecturefox is an online directory of free audio, video, and text-based lectures from universities like MIT and Yale.
LearnOutLoud – This Internet catalog contains more than 20,000 free educational materials, including books, videos, audio lectures, and podcasts.
The Online Books Page – The University of Pennsylvania’s Online Books Page is one of the best places to find free unabridged books online. The site lists more than 35,000 books that can be downloaded or viewed at no cost.
The Free Library – Farlex’s Free Library contains more than five million books and articles that can be viewed online for free. The site also allows you to create your own home page with your favorite bookmarks and RSS feeds.
BookMooch – This book swapping site makes it easy to get rid of the books you don’t need and get books you want in exchange. Membership is free and books can be exchanged worldwide.
wePapers – This site is geared toward college students, but it is also an excellent resource for lifelong learners. At wePapers, you can find academic papers, study groups, and a venue to share your knowledge.
Class Marker – At ClassMarker, you can create online quizzes that test your knowledge on any subject. 
Mikogo – This free screen sharing tool  for online meetings, presentations, and collaborative learning.
Bloglines – This web-based tool . It allows you to assemble all of your favorite sites and blogs 
ThinkFree – ThinkFree offers Internet-based file sharing and storage

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