20 June 2011

Blogging Mantras (Rules)

Blogging has gained a prominent place in WWW. One can define and manage your personal online trademark. Blog is an excellent way for companies and clients to know more about you, outside of your social profiles like G+, LinkedIn, Facebook . Enclosed herewith are few blogging mantras (dos and don'ts ) for your consideration to make it of use to you.

Objective & Clarity: Normally, we initiate a blog without appropriate study or considerate of what we desire to write about or who we want to connect. Your blog as a firm or an individual must have a reason, A strong Dream. Your blog’s goal must be defined and also should be widened to draw attention of a particular segment of your viewers or market that you wish to get actively involved.

Viewer/Guest/Potential Customer: It is the second most important aspect as the people are the social facet of blogging. . Blogging should be a two way communication and you should entice online readers to post their comments either good or bad on your blog. Include Tools of Interaction. Remember the Mantra "Givers Get so start to give away first,  You should permit an individual’s to subscribe to your blog updates while keeping your product and business at the top of their mind. Setting up a newsletter can assist to sustain new links which can be useful for the long run.

Preparation/Readiness: Your initial few blogs are the toughest part to put in writing hence it is very essential for you to map, study, and prepare for these first few articles. This is a significant part of defining your blog’s writing approach and your personal style. You should also take into consideration that when and where your blog is getting published. you can take support of social sites and bookmarkings to promote your blog articles, one can also mail the link to their contact list or publish blog articles in reputed blog sites that invite or welcome articles.

Platform: Its the Foundation The choice to build a blog starts with a decision to choose a suitable blogging platform. I suggest you to engage in recreation with some of the platforms before you finalize your decision. Initially, Try out few Platforms which are free platforms and gradually move on to better one. Type-pad, blogger WordPress to name  a  few.

Popularity: Promote your blog on social networks as it is the handy and useful way to make your blog booming. I advise to make use of social bookmarketing sites like Twitter, Facebook, myspace, Technorati, and LinkedIn Groups to promote your blog. Proper promotion tools help your blog to gain momentum and popularity in short period.

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