21 June 2011

Web traffic Explosion

The Trinity:    Blog...website....Social media

It is essential for every organization to look for latest ideas and impel extra traffic via all existing social media feeds. Still many companies overlook some simple techniques which could be responsible to increase conversion rates for the traffic they already have. Hence I am sharing few strategies which would lead to an increase in conversion rates and income from social media channels and lift them above rivals and assist them to stay there.

Know your client:

Organization should always act according to customer behavior and for that purpose they should exhibit relevant campaigns, offers and contents according to their customer’s preference on their website. Keep an eye on what they search and what they look at, not just what they purchase. Also it has been observed that the vendors who promote their product according to brand preferences see a tremendous growth in their business.

Informative online content:

Contents on our website should imitate recent events or other aspects, such as informing abroad clients about discount in international shipping because that can help to influence them to buy a product. Your webpage should be informative and at the same time it should be relevant too. Relevance includes adjusting site content to reflect where a consumer comes from. It is possible that the customer may come from social networking sites like twitter or a Google group. Hence according to their sources of arrival their buying habits may or may not be different. You should use analytics to know more about their buying habits to take a decision.

Importance of offline data:

It is a responsibility of a firm to accumulate a lot of information about their customers. For example, managers of Tractor Company know that people prefers local brand rather than a foreign brand. On many occasion, the brand preference changes from region to region or one state to another. Hence it is always desirable to use geographical information to target online traffic.
If Mumbai customers prefer Nike to Adidas, highlight Nike to online traffic from Mumbai. The results will be improved conversion rates and higher average order values.

Continuous Push:

People who joined or visit your webpage from other channels like Twitter or Facebook will convert as your eternal customer only if you would able to inform or message them continuously about your new services and offerings. For example if you declared an offer such as “facebook fans receive 15% discount” then it should be mentioned not only on the landing page but also on each page that the visitor sees until they sign out. In short your prime motto should be to catch the consumer’s attention in the first place through a continuous push.

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  1. thanks for sharing, i'm looking for the ways how to increase the traffic for my web sit, it is helpful to me.thank you very much


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