09 July 2011

Google Plus....the mantra of success in the digital world!

Image Source : Google
Google Plus can surely make us succeed as that its aim. We need to know all about it so that we can make complete use of it. 

People say it is the Facebook killer, or an answer to the mighty Facebook, so on and so forth. Whatever the opinions,  it has managed to create quite a buzz. This is because it does have many great features as it knows what people are looking for. Google after all has even become a verb in the English language now so it is a leader of sorts in the digital world.

Let`s take a look at see what it has in store for all of us, whats new and whats different.

This is called a Plus project because Google wants users to know that it is adding a social layer to ALL Google products (search, photos, YouTube, etc.) rather than creating a stand-alone social application like Facebook.

One of the main features are that it lets users categorize their connections into "circles" -- such as business contacts, friends and family -- and share different information with each circle, as in real life.

Facebook attempted to do this with lists, but the process there is time-consuming and burdensome. Google Plus circles are easier to create and use. Further, we don't have to accept all "friends" into one large network and share information that at times may be irrelevant to many of them.

We can also create niche circles for specific purposes -- a "Media" circle to connect with the press, for instance, or an "Industry" circle to share information that will help establish your organization's reputation as a thought leader in your field.

One interesting feature is the "sparks" feature which searches information using Google search engine to Google Plus. This make it easy for people to find interesting information to share with their circles.

It also filters information, providing us relevant content about our interests. As it is within the platform, its ease of sharing encourages users to share information with relevant circles. An example is  an organization,uses this feature to find new information on Google Plus and then starts an conversation about how that news or information affects its business or the industry altogether.

The "hangouts" feature of this platform allows us to video chat with up to 10 people at once. Unlike Facebook, this platform lets tell specific people (or entire circles) we are "hanging out" and invite them to join you for a face-to-face chat. This also fosters group video chats, and therefore collaboration.

This is surely an exciting project -- one that is clearly just beginning. For marketers, this provides a fresh opportunity to have relevant conversations with our brand activists.

This is surely very relevant in an era where people wish to connect and yet are concerned about their security and privacy. Knowing how to use it well could surely add value to our lives and business. As it is said, the digital world keeps moving and we need to move with it.

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