28 September 2011

The Digital Innovation Playbook -Nicholas Webb

How to ensure Success and Growth on our digital media platform?

This new Book that has hit the stands  The Digital Innovation Playbook: Creating a Transformative Customer Experience,

emphasis is given on "Listening" The trick is How to Listen to the Customer when on Digital Platform. Easy said than done. we can have all the User Experiences and Analytics done but all those are the aftermaths.

 The Author is enumerating just to follow the Successful Business Strategies of the Global Leaders coupled to his Insights and  wisdom, Results are easy to get in minimal time tells the Author.

A very good success story mentioned in the book he Digital Innovation Playbook is of SPIGIT.  They harness the wisdom of crowds to capture the best ideas amid the digital noise. Using a variety of techniques to create social triggers, including analytics, game theory, behavioral economics, and other tools, they help companies identify relevant content, and essentially include the customer in their internal discussions. 

Whats important are we present there to Listen to them. also what the Author tells its Our Learning at Others Cost. (Imitate-Listen-Adapt)

So the Question comes to our Minds is what innovators do ???

  Innovators just  listen…all the time...Continually they have got the knack of  how to listen to customers.
They have the Ability...the Patience and all the necessary skills coupled with the Tools.

lastly   “It’s not frequency and loudness that wins the innovation race; it’s relevance to your innovation platform that matters.”
The Digital Innovation Playbook can help you master the art of authentic conversation and concludes with an innovation game plan and an online training module. Quick Response codes in each chapter give you immediate access to online components, videos, and webinars.
It’s not too late to create a genuine digital culture and become a true digital enterprise.

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