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Selecting Suitable Digital Marketing Channel

Although there are too many digital marketing channels are available to promote business and acquire new customers but choosing right one is always a challenging task for the novice internet marketers and even for traditional marketing veterans. However, it can be made little simpler by following a scientific approach by considering parameters like business goal, marketing budget and availability of resources. Here is the process and list of parameters that can help you in choosing right digital marketing channel for your business.

Step 1: Get an overview of different digital marketing channels available viz. SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Banner Advertising & Mobile Advertising etc.
Step 2:Define your primary objective and business goal for the marketing campaign viz. Branding, Education, Traffic, Lead/Sales, Reputation Building
Step3:Make a marketing budget and divide into three parts viz. for tactical resources, set-up cost and maintenance cost. Make sure you define a specific amount a…

Importance of Conversion rate optimization- Rishiraj Singh

Conversion rate optimization is the art and science of improving the conversion rate by clearing all obstacles in the conversion process and providing a great user experience. It focuses on the topics like easy navigation, clear call of action, benefits oriented headlines and content, building credibility by design & e-seals to convert visitors into customers. It also involves experimenting with website design, layout, headline, content and images present on the website and tracking effective conversion rate for each experiment. This process is widely known as multivariate testing. If you find it difficult to understand then in simple words CRO means finding out why visitors aren’t converting and fixing it.

Why do we need CRO ? What for ? Conversion rate optimization can help your digital marketing plan to perform better and increase your ROI that means with the same marketing budget you can generate more business. It also fixes most of the issues faced by the potential customer dur…

Web Metrics: Key Performance Indicators for Websites

(Image Source: KPM Review)

Why do Analysis: When we are in the virtual World whats Imperative is Where we are Now ( as a business entity)  and Where are we heading towards...i.e. are we moving in the Right direction? that we decided and at the speed we intended?

The Fuss about & of KPI's:
We get across numerous people who waste time in locating the right KPI's the joke for them is

 " Too much of Analysis causes Paralysis"

The problem most of web analysts face today is presenting raw technical data available from Analytics software to the top management in way such that they Understand it in the Business Language that they like most. One of the best method that is been found is by using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), in simple words Classify, summarize the raw technical data/information/reports into ratios, percentages, highlight the pattern and focus on parameter that can help in business-critical action. It’s very important that all the key performance indicator…

Effective Digital-Channels

Search Engine Marketing:Though a costly affair but one can start making their presence felt in the virtual world. One has to balance between the amount to be spent for online promotion v/s the results they will be getting out of it. so far Google, Yahoo and Bing are the leaders for SEM.SEO: The process to use various methods to improve a web site’s ranking in the organic results of search engines to attract more visitors to website. It’s a lengthy process and involves optimization of website content, structural changes in website and link building.PPC: It is the process to bid for keywords for placement in sponsored listing of search engines to attract more visitors to website. It involves keyword research, creating textual ads, bidding for keywords and optimizing ad copy and landing page for good quality score.Contextual Advertising: It is form of targeted advertising that relates directly to the content of the webpage on which it is served that is ads are in context with the webpage…

Growth Action Plan

Purpose: What is your Intention for Having the Website. Popularity, sale (of product or Service), Information etc.  establish specific goals and targets for the site along with Budgets and Timeline e.g. Completion of online forms, newsletter sign-ups, products sold, etc. what are your success measurements.

Research: whats your Target Market, who and where they are.... Keyword research, competition analysis will Impact your site’s Efficacy. What you have in your Head and Heart needs to be communicated with the design team to guide the concept and expedite design process.

Concept: Home page, interior pages, conversion pages, what you want your Visitors to do....calls to action, etc.  concepts are illustrated and agreed upon.

Design: The new site design takes shape and one to three website mockups are created and presented. Your brand is well represented and space for  content and Internet marketing elements.

Web Construction: different platforms and software's are used in the making of …

Business Growth

Every Business Exist to fulfill some NEED/WANT of the outside World. Business entity can sustain and Grow only when IT makes Profit. In business selling of products or services is depend upon marketing skill and to make it happen it is essential to consider all factors that matter. The Challenge is how one can be Effective with Freedom and Ease when it comes to Business. A Natural way of Life.......!!!

Digital marketing is increasingly becoming crucial part of marketing mix to support business to reach target customers and look after exiting clients. Moreover, digital marketing is the fastest and economical mode to remain ahead in business.

The main idea of doing marketing for any business is to acknowledge target audience and build strong strategies to impress them. Due to immense competition it also becomes important to reach them in the slightest possible time. This is why businesses should go for digital marketing for the promotion of their products and services in lighting fast spe…

Future of Digital Marketing education

Business depends upon effectual marketing for its success. Digital marketing a new concept requires expertise to develop this marketing skill in the best possible manner. Many institutes are launching helpful learning courses in digital selling. These courses not only educate students but are also open
for the professionals who seek information and knowledge about digital media working.

When we talk about digital promotion, it seems an easy job. But if you look into it, this requires lot of knowledge and learning. To maximize the value and ensure continual growth in business be it a product or service awareness about the emerging technologies in digital marketing is must. Digital
world is thrash pit of dotcom and e-commerce; SMS, MMS, e-mail, social networking sites, and blogs are common marketing tools. 

If you are into business or in marketing profession it is essential to
comprehend them most effectively. For instance, creating website is not enough to generate business until; it has tr…

Agri-Business Impact via Internet & Mobile

Agribusiness in Western countries is far more different than in Developing and Third world Countries
However Internet and Mobile Tech has come as a big boon for the masses. It has brought the latest news and all relevant information to the doorsteps of Farmer.

There are numerous Success stories on How Technology has Impacted Agri-Business(es)

The ICT initiative (information and communication technology) e-Choupal is the largest technology
fabricated to improve competence in the rural Indian agriculture sector, leverage greater exchange
of information and provides substitute market structure. However, weak ICT infrastructure and poor
literacy rate dominates in the rural India, better information about the alternative markets and its
policies provided by the initiative to the farmers will reduce rural depression and poverty by creating
transparency hub. This would in turn help the farmers to improve their productivity and income.

Agriculture is important to India; as 23% of its GDP and 66% of em…

Digital-Marketing for SME's

Internet has become the most reliable platform for entrepreneurs to access or to reach their target audience at slightest point of time which eventually helps them to develop and grow their business more effectively. Before starting any new venture entrepreneur search for the common business factors like market, opportunities, competitors, contacts, distributors, representatives etc. With digital media they can recover such information easily and save their time to invest in other business related projects. That is how digital market can support entrepreneurs by providing them unlimited information which they can utilize for their trading purpose.

Many entrepreneurs begin their business with small investment but for marketing they can’t
restrict their budgets that can be the main constraint for the beginners. No doubt there is lot of
time and money invested in the traditional form of marketing and results are also not so immediate or pleasing. Thankfully, technology of digital marketing …

Building Social Business

Sandy Carter- what social business is, how to build a social strategy, measuring a successful campaign, and more.

How do you define “social business”?
Ten years ago there was a significant shift in the way people interacted with each other: the web came to the workplace and became a serious business tool for organizations in industries of every kind. Today, the evolution continues with the coming of age of Social Business as social computing, policies, governance and cultures are integrated into enterprise design and organizations are focused on socially-enabling business processes.

A Social Business isn’t a company that just has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Social Business means that every department, from HR to marketing to product development to customer service to sales, uses social media the way it uses any other tool and channel to do its job. It’s an organization that uses social networking tools fluently to communicate with people inside and outside the company. 


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