18 October 2011

Growth Action Plan

Purpose: What is your Intention for Having the Website. Popularity, sale (of product or Service), Information etc.  establish specific goals and targets for the site along with Budgets and Timeline e.g. Completion of online forms, newsletter sign-ups, products sold, etc. what are your success measurements.

Research: whats your Target Market, who and where they are.... Keyword research, competition analysis will Impact your site’s Efficacy. What you have in your Head and Heart needs to be communicated with the design team to guide the concept and expedite design process.

Concept: Home page, interior pages, conversion pages, what you want your Visitors to do....calls to action, etc.  concepts are illustrated and agreed upon.

Design: The new site design takes shape and one to three website mockups are created and presented. Your brand is well represented and space for  content and Internet marketing elements.

Web Construction: different platforms and software's are used in the making of websites. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to bring your design to life. Images and text meet your website’s functionality. Themes, sections, and pages are created while interactive elements are developed.

Content: Content is king . It includes copy, images, videos, and all other content your visitors will find, learn about, and interact with.Proper care has to be taken for choosing the Right mix of words that enhances website Rankings too

Testing: Prior to the Launch its mandatory recommendation to look for missing links if any. each element tag is clicked and tested, forms filled out and ensure that all the things are working as per our Requirements. Browser Compatibility andn in its diff versions, resolution etc.

Make website LIVE: We update your links for the live URL, execute all the redirects, validate the website against errors, and launch your website to the public.

Marketing: Your site is live now and marketing is initiated through word of mouth or all of your Marketing Literature i.e. Visiting Cards, Brochures, Letter heads, envelopes. You can Choose to have email marketing, Hiring a SEO consultant or freelancer/Employee, PPC  i.e pay per click advertising, link building, tracking, Social Media marketing via Facebook, linkedin, G+and testing to start achieving your business objectives.

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