19 October 2011

Selecting Suitable Digital Marketing Channel

Although there are too many digital marketing channels are available to promote business and acquire new customers but choosing right one is always a challenging task for the novice internet marketers and even for traditional marketing veterans.
However, it can be made little simpler by following a scientific approach by considering parameters like business goal, marketing budget and availability of resources. Here is the process and list of parameters that can help you in choosing right digital marketing channel for your business.

Step 1: Get an overview of different digital marketing channels available viz. SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Banner Advertising & Mobile Advertising etc.

Step 2:Define your primary objective and business goal for the marketing campaign viz. Branding, Education, Traffic, Lead/Sales, Reputation Building

Step3:Make a marketing budget and divide into three parts viz. for tactical resources, set-up cost and maintenance cost. Make sure you define a specific amount and set aside for your marketing campaign.

Step4: Pool your tactical resources and list down their skill set viz designer, developer, copyrighter, search marketer, analyst and active social networker.

Step5: Set-up timeline and expected outcome for each marketing channel.

Step6: Now based on the business goal, marketing budget and available resources select the appropriate digital marketing channels. You may use the following table as ready reckoner  to make your job simple.

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