21 November 2011

Effective Landing pages

When we envisage the Marketing funnel for Business activity right from  Identifying the Target Group , Market o Lead generation and then stages for Conversion, our sole Objective is to get the visitors to do what WE want them to do.so when the Conversion is not happening the Source can be the Landing page.

1. Generic, confusing Weak Headline
Online Visitor on Arrival of your landing page should feel at home yet be Curious and Excited  headline, which tells them that they have come to the right place and that doing business with you will be beneficial to them. The headline is what is going to get the visitors to read on. You only have three seconds to catch their attention before they leave your website. If the headline is unclear or lacks a benefit, most visitors will leave your website instantly.

2. Get Related-Enhance Your Trust
Human Beings are skeptical in general, we tend to be cautious and move slowly gradually at first instance. Trust word does not exist in the mind of online customer but Hoe effectively and efficiently we get related is the Secret, our number one priority is to build that trust, so make sure you include customer testimonials, guarantee satisfaction and offer a good return policy. This will help you build that trust that you need to convert your visitors.

3.  Call to Action...Designed & Execution.
How can you expect your visitors to know what to do next if you don't tell them? This may lead them to leave your website. I would suggest that you have a call to action on every page they view so they know what to do next.

4. Offer Chinese Buffet not Indian.
customers don't want options, they just want things to be simple for them. Having options can actually overwhelm your potential customers, which causes them to take no action at all. I would recommend that you only have one option for them, which will eliminate them being overwhelmed. Having two options (e.g. two different packages of a product/service) is acceptable, but avoid any more options.

5.  Visitors Don't Scroll Down The Page
 put the most important benefits and your call to action right at the top of the page so they know what you're offering and what they need to do next.

6. Conversion....not Confusion
The purpose of a landing page is to convert your visitors into customers. So why do you put links on your landing page to distract them? Get rid of those links, no leaks are allowed. Have them focus on one thing only, and that is to get them converted.

7. ZERO Moment of Truth.....The Sales Copy is Difficult to Read
our sales copy needs to be  clear and easy to read. Use bulleted/numbered lists, subheadings, short paragraphs and bold phrases throughout your sales copy.
Finally, the key to continuously increasing your conversion rate on your landing page is to always keep testing.  Never stop tweaking your landing page as there are always ways to improve your landing page and increase your conversion rate. The moment you stop testing/experimenting is the moment when you stop your business' future growth.

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