21 November 2011

Timing is Crucial in the Virtual World

Internet Marketing Experts are struggling with the notion as to when to Hit with the news they intend to declare to their Fans, Customers, Friends etc.

for some it has to be early Monday morning others say people tend to be busy early morning as they have enough work load.
Fridays is avoided as again people are in weekend mood so they do not pay any attention to it.

Smart ones think of sending it on Wednesday afternoon thinking its a balance of median wee time.

Numerous Theories are flooded in the Virtual world each trying to prove his point and giving Justification for the same.

Some of the key things that need consideration are
Categorizing Your Target market into various class of people, Your experience about them, Country, Class of people, Gender, Age group whether Business, Professionals, Students etc.

what are the best days and times to Tweet, update blog, send email(s), update Facebook pages or personal postings etc.

  • When should you be sending your emails
  • When is the best time to publish blog posts

  • How frequently should we update your Facebook status?
  • for some its daily for others its once a week.

  • When is the best time to post new tweets
Generally some people prefer bad news should be released at 4pm on a Friday afternoon so that no will notice it ever and one gets sadistic feeling of declaring/publishing it.
You do this to ensure it appears in the Saturday news when no one is paying attention. You never sent anything of value out over the weekend with the understanding that

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