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Digital Marketing & Agriculture

The ICT initiative (information and communication technology) e-Choupal is the largest technology fabricated to improve competence in the rural Indian agriculture sector, leverage greater exchange of information and provides substitute market structure. However, weak ICT infrastructure and poor literacy rate dominates in the rural India, better information about the alternative markets and its policies provided by the initiative to the farmers will reduce rural depression and poverty by creating transparency hub. This would in turn help the farmers to improve their productivity and income.

Agriculture is important to India; as 23% of its GDP and 66% of employs are still dependent on this sector.  India has achieved a successful stage over the period of time in farming which build the country self-sufficient and also a net exporter in quantity of food grains. Though, most of the Indian farmers are still living in poverty due to antiquated agriculture system based on small landholding, m…

How can Digital Marketing benefit SME entrepreneurs?

Internet has become the most reliable platform for entrepreneurs to access or to reach their target audience at slightest point of time which eventually helps them to develop and grow their business more effectively. Before starting any new venture entrepreneur search for the common business factors like market, opportunities, competitors, contacts, distributors, representatives etc.  With digital media they can recover such information easily and save their time to invest in other business related projects. That is how digital market can support entrepreneurs by providing them unlimited information which they can utilize for their trading purpose.

Many entrepreneurs begin their business with small investment but for marketing they can’t restrict their budgets that can be the main constraint for the beginners. No doubt there is lot of time and money invested in the traditional form of marketing and results are also not so immediate or pleasing. Thankfully, technology of digital market…

Why to Learn Digital marketing?

India is one of the largest internet market in the world and is growing extensively; presently it counts 23 million active users.  Ultimately, this gives rise to a demanding career option in the industry of digital marketing. The online media has already spread his wings from metros to cities to towns. 
Beside metropolitans like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad the demand and presence of     e-marketing or internet marketing is also proceeding in the cities like Chandigarh, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, Indore etc. is gradually growing as Prosperity and Know-how is shifting Gradually to tier-2 cities in India. BPO & KPO's are too growing in Web related domains be it SEO,SEM,SMM , Content writing etc
Currently various opportunities in digital media are popping for job seekers in marketing agencies &  all other Industries segments wherein  each company wants to have atleast one Digital marketing employee in their Team and/or Department  .  
Digital mar…