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16 January 2012


The ICT initiative (information and communication technology) e-Choupal is the largest technology fabricated to improve competence in the rural Indian agriculture sector, leverage greater exchange of information and provides substitute market structure. However, weak ICT infrastructure and poor literacy rate dominates in the rural India, better information about the alternative markets and its policies provided by the initiative to the farmers will reduce rural depression and poverty by creating transparency hub. This would in turn help the farmers to improve their productivity and income.

Agriculture is important to India; as 23% of its GDP and 66% of employs are still dependent on this sector.  India has achieved a successful stage over the period of time in farming which build the country self-sufficient and also a net exporter in quantity of food grains. Though, most of the Indian farmers are still living in poverty due to antiquated agriculture system based on small landholding, meagre regulations and inadequate market composition.

In countries such as United States well established agriculture economies support the farmers to acquire market information and benefits of vertical market integration. Unfortunately, farming in India is characterized by fragmented landscape, pitiable infrastructure and presence of countless intermediaries.  Here, structure of the system can be explain as, farmer sold the crops to small traders who then act as an agent to sold  them to the corporate buyers at government authorized place called mandi.  Due to lack of information farmers have to sell their crops at the price offer to them and thus the benefits are consumed by the traders alone.

India rural farmers are abide due to illiteracy and poverty, they need a mechanism to access information regarding marketing policies and education on improved techniques of farming to seize the price of their hard work.  Little knowledge regarding the digital marketing technology can support them to realize the real price of their effort.  

Internet centres are set up under the e-Choupal project where the rural farmers easily gather real-time information via internet.  Other than this, e-Choupal portal offer information in local languages for the ease of the farmers, here they get every answer of their question including weather forecast, learn better techniques of farming and risk management as well as knowledge about the better quality farm inputs. Even with this e-network they can mail or consult with the agronomist for the assistance of their problems.

Learning about the basics of digital marketing can benefit the farmers a lot. Besides accessing information from various such assisting portals they can also create their own websites for crop selling purpose to increase their business.

Areas of IT convergence
  1. Economic development of agricultural producers;
  2. Community development;
  3. Research and education;
  4. Small and medium enterprises development; and
  5. Media networks.

                            Some agricultural development services that can be provided in the developing world, using ICT, are:
  • Online services for information, education and training, monitoring and consultation, diagnosis and monitoring, and transaction and processing;
  • E-commerce via direct linkages between local producers- traders-retailers-suppliers;
  • Interaction Facility amongst  Researchers, extension (knowledge) workers, and farmers;
  • Q&A  services where experts respond to queries on specialized subjects 
  • Up-to-date information, supplied to farmers as early as possible, about subjects such as packages of practices, market information, weather forecasting, input supplies, credit availability, etc.; 
  • Creation of databases with details of the resources of local villages and villagers, site-specific information systems, expert systems, etc.;
  • Provision of early warning systems about disease/ pest problems, information regarding rural development programmes and crop insurances, postharvest technology, etc.;
  • Facilitation of land records and online registration services;
  • Improved marketing of milk and milk products;
  • Services providing information to farmers regarding farm business and management;
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of cooperative societies through the computer communication network and the latest Satellite  technology;
  • web-education for farmers in Regional Languages

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Internet has become the most reliable platform for entrepreneurs to access or to reach their target audience at slightest point of time which eventually helps them to develop and grow their business more effectively. Before starting any new venture entrepreneur search for the common business factors like market, opportunities, competitors, contacts, distributors, representatives etc.  With digital media they can recover such information easily and save their time to invest in other business related projects. That is how digital market can support entrepreneurs by providing them unlimited information which they can utilize for their trading purpose.

Many entrepreneurs begin their business with small investment but for marketing they can’t restrict their budgets that can be the main constraint for the beginners. No doubt there is lot of time and money invested in the traditional form of marketing and results are also not so immediate or pleasing. Thankfully, technology of digital marketing has given businessmen a probability to maximize their opportunities in the market at lower cost as compare to conventional medium.

How to access tools of Digital Marketing?
The instruments of digital marketing are not only support entrepreneurs initially but also facilitate them to accomplish their goal in no time. Spread the wings and experience global presence of the business with the assistant of-

Website- Beginner can generate best possible information from their competitor’s website and can also build their own company’s site online contradictory to the opponents. This can be the first step to begin the online presence. Company’s website is the face of its business. It is essential to create an influencing website as millions of users just come across too many links and if website is unable to grab their attention they may lose their prospective customer.

Blogs – This has become another superficial marketing tool. Beside, accessing countless information about business tactics it can also help the entrepreneurs to launch their myriad marketing strategies by promoting their products or services through blogs.

Social networking – To maintain the space in web world a businessman needs to increase his volume on it. What could be better than social networking sites like facebook,linkedln,twitter etc. to interact and boost the existence of business online. Linkedin profile, Linkedin company page, Facebook and Google plus profiles+ pages etc

eNewsletter – The subscriber can choose topics of his interest and get information on daily basis which can be used for business purpose both as to obtain data and facts about the current ongoing in particular field or sector for personal use or even could be utilize as a medium to provide desire information to existing clients through email.

eMail Marketing – is the enhancing model of e-newsletter and can be used for direct marketing purpose also to transcend the information to both existing and prospective clients.

eCRM- On personal ground it becomes unmanageable to interact with customers and additionally more time and money involves in it. But with the use of IT technology, now businesses can utilize this form of marketing easily to fulfil their customer needs by organizing their internal-external marketing strategies based on eCRM which in turn can reduce the cost of selling.

Beside internet, digital media offers several other options to entrepreneurs like SMS, MMS, Podcast, webinars etc. The advance marketing technologies not only assist marketers but also maximize their possibilities to generate or gain plethora of information just with a click.

India is one of the largest internet market in the world and is growing extensively; presently it counts 23 million active users.  Ultimately, this gives rise to a demanding career option in the industry of digital marketing. The online media has already spread his wings from metros to cities to towns. 

Beside metropolitans like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad the demand and presence of     e-marketing or internet marketing is also proceeding in the cities like Chandigarh, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, Indore etc. is gradually growing as Prosperity and Know-how is shifting Gradually to tier-2 cities in India. BPO & KPO's are too growing in Web related domains be it SEO,SEM,SMM , Content writing etc

Currently various opportunities in digital media are popping for job seekers in marketing agencies &  all other Industries segments wherein  each company wants to have atleast one Digital marketing employee in their Team and/or Department  .  

Digital marketing has actually started getting global in reach and penetration as well, though distinct from traditional marketing but however one can feel the gradual shift happening.  Unlike conventional marketing, internet provides wider scope to oversee electronic customer relationship systems and digital customer data. E-marketing reaches across target audience at definite point of time and offers flexibility to measure results based on facts and data which can be truly termed as ‘Precise Marketing. 

The internet marketing industry requires creative and technical potential to successfully construct and maintain websites. Strength of digital marketing depends on awareness and technical knowledge about the: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, Display advertising and Web 2.0 Marketing. (these are the sub-categories 

E-commerce or e-business companies or agencies are recruiting for in-house media and digital marketing related jobs.  They search for particular expertise beside common eligibilities like firmed attitude, focussed mind and hard work. For deep and clear understanding of digital marketing, professional training courses are imbibed by the institutes to pursue career in internet media. Digital marketing institute teaches various complexities and practical approach in specially designed  courses like; Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Marketing etc.

The digital industry is growing at fast pace, so one need be dynamic and alert about the happenings and innovations of the web world.  Thorough awareness about the internet marketing tools and execution and implementation of the concept is necessarily required to overcome the challenges of this industry. 

Today, every company is willing to launch websites or blogs to promote its products and services. For successful attempt they need to build a perfect network connection without any complication. That means to get the attention of the viewers or customers who are not able to touch or feel their product due to digital promotion needs something attractive to initiate their concentration. To avoid such barriers the understanding about the online or digital campaign and then its launching need to be learned. Students or professionals want to flourish their career in digital marketing must learn and acknowledge the basic aspects of e-marketing to think and practice logically and analytically rather than technically.  

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